Monday, June 18, 2018

Sierra Sentinel so PROUD to stand up against TRUMP, Racists, Dirty Cops, violent gun thugs

   Yes, we are proud to stand up to Trump and his racists, the dirty cops and violent gun thugs.

   We are the guardians of the Sierra Nevadas and will remain ANTI-Trump until the country is able to rid us of he and his scum 'deplorables' to back under their rocks.

Study of who is 'tipping less' so exraordinarily a waste

   In these times of the KKK, White Supremacy running the White House, and tiny children being locked in dog pens because they are part of what the racists

Take Law Enforcement's advice--Neighbor from Hell # 42

   If you have what you've witnessed as a completely mentally unstable neighbor--one that

Bicycle hazard on Hwy 26

   A child wearing a motorcycle helmet and riding a bicycle was reported in the lanes on Hwy 26 at St Andrews in Rancho Calaveras.

   CHP is responding to the scene, but be cautious if in that area.

Threats after writing about Candyrock Gay Porn and kkk gun club?

   A couple anonymous threats we received after writing about the horrid problems at the Candyrock gay porn and kkk gun club that were hacked are:

   "We're going

Why we should split California into 3 states!! No help for residents!

   If you have EVER tried to get help from a state agency like

Newest Mental Health condition

   The World Health Organization (WHO) has just identified compulsive

Supposed to be a beautiful day today!! Drive carefully and please watch for animals!

  Be kind! Put warning whistles on your front bumpers! They're under $10 and available at most hardware stores.

   Drive carefully and enjoy a beautiful day today.

How to identify a CULT! Drink the Kool-Aid?

  Since the religion surrounding and supporting Trump is now known as a racist CULT, some have asked how to identify if you

We want to thank our newest neighbor!

   We now have a new neighbor behind us, who came to us to ask and explain what has happened,

What happened to the Taco Truck?

   Everyone loved the Mexican food that was served at the Taco Truck in Arnold. A family seemed to live next door and ran it.  It was always busy.  And they had Tamale Tuesdays!

   Does anyone know what happened to them?  They disappeared, leaving the Taco Truck sitting there empty. Did Trump send ICE after them?  If anyone knows, please share!

The Trump kkk Cult will stop at nothing!

   The purpose of the Trump kkk Cult is to prevent more minorities from gaining the ability

Is there a DeAngelo in Calaveras County??

DeAngelo as a cop!
   Could there be a dirty cop like DeAngelo (the Golden State Killer) hiding out in

UPDATE: Adopted!!!!Look at Gorgeous!

Gorgeous is a grey and peach tortoiseshell
who needs a home. She's already spayed
and ready to go home with someone who
will love her. See her at the Calaveras Animal
Services Cat House in San Andreas.

Do all dirty cops abuse animals?

   Recently we have been asked to do a study on how many dirty cops are also