Thursday, June 21, 2018

Oliveira still MISSING! Is he being paid???

  While the CAO at Calaveras County is still remaining silent on why Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira is still MISSING,

DiBasilio loves Meth? Is he a USER???

  All the talk around the county lately is that DiBasilio couldn't get 50% of the voters to support

Yes, she is a true Trump!!

Fatal Motorcycle Collision in Bear Valley

  On June 20, 2018 around 1:15 PM Brian Montgomery (48) of Dorrington was driving a 2001 Toyota 4 Runner on Hwy 4

Melanie Trump visits border

  After Mika Brzesnki challenged the First Lady Trump to go to the Mexican border to

Road rage death in Denver

A. Spencer, alleged shooter in road rage killing.
   Apparently a 13 year old boy was shot and killed by an enraged driver in Denver, in front of his mother.

   The alleged shooter was arrested, and police say he has mental health issues.  Also wounded was the mother, a younger brother and a passerby.

Koko dies

   We just learned that Koko the Gorilla died last night, in her sleep.  She learned

While people are still digging through the ashes...

   The Wine Country Fires last Fall were devastating and some are still sifting through the ashes trying to find jewelry,

Summer is officially here!!

Melanie shocked by 'tweet' about Barren

I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you!!
   Melanie Trump got mad this morning, saying she was shocked that anyone would tweet that her son Barren

Trump wants to be called one of the 'ELITE'???

So, f*** you!  I'm more ELITE!!
  We laughed out loud last night when Trumps idiot speech about who is more ELITE