Thursday, June 28, 2018

Five dead, many wounded in Newspaper office shooting

  A newspaper office in Annapolis, Maryland now has five confirmed dead and many wounded after a shooting was reported in their news room.

   A white man with a long gun was taken into custody. The motive is still unclear.

Tofanelli tried to stop public comments at end of Supervisor meeting

   Amid the turmoil of the cannabis issue, Dr. Prapanna Smith was upset that Tofanelli tried to adjourn the Board meeting

No Calaveras Board member would 2nd the motion


   Although Supervisor Clapp and Oliveira

Best thing about Calaveras Supervisors meeting..Poor old CLAPP

   Towards the end of the public comments on the so-called marijuana initiative of June 26, 2018 to be placed on the November ballot, someone came into the Board room carrying a sign.

   As he set it down facing the Board at the back of the room, the sign said CLAPP with the CLAPP crossed X'd out. It was placed right where the cameras could pick it up on video.

Marriage Licenses in Calaveras

   Between June 18 and June 27, 2018 the following received marriage licenses:

   Fred James Musser and

Gina Gonzalez LIED????

  An Angels Camp woman named Gina Gonzalez, who is a big time supporter of Dennis Mills, came to the Calaveras Supervisors on June 27, 2018

Community Rally for FAMILIES--Foothills Rising

  On Saturday June 30, 2018 at 9 AM Foothills Rising will hold a community RALLY next to the

CNN's Don Lemon told the TRUTH about Bernie

   Don Lemon told Simone Sanders what she did not want to hear last night on his CNN show, talking about Justice Kennedy's retirement

Thank you Governor Brown and Calaveras residents

   David Sanders, the Calaveras Court Commissioner, has been appointed as the new Superior Court Judge in the county by