Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Dumb hardware owner

   Dear Editor:

   When I heard the other day that the owner of a dumb local hardware store was threatening to stop donating to various groups

The U.S. Postal Service does it again!!

   Not surprisingly, since the U.S. Postal Service hires more PTSD

Trump plans Internment camps for all Hispanics--just like Japanese

   All space at military bases and other available federal land are being converted by Trump to place Hispanics who cross the border now, but eventually all Hispanics in detention

Calaveras Supervisors tossing money away....

   With a $9.5 million deficit, you wouldn't think that Calaveras Supervisors would be throwing money away, but

How incompetent and corrupt is the Calaveras Board of Supervisors

   The Board Chair of the Calaveras Supervisors placed the most important item before the county at the very end of the last agenda, around number 45 or so.

  This is how corrupt and incompetent this Board and especially the Chair is. Then they tried to get it put off until the next DAY!


There is no such thing as
safe and sane fireworks!

Candyrock Gay Porn KKK Gun Party cancelled???

Phew!  Are the Nazi girlfriends mad!!!
   A big party was planned today at the Candyrock Gay Porn KKK Gun Club. It was one of their annual FAMILY days to celebrate their

The GREAT new BAN coming to Calaveras

   We hear that today is the beginning of a collection of people who will be announcing a GREAT new BAN in Calaveras County.

   This new BAN is to

Happy 4th of July... spite of the lunatic in the White House.

   This too,