Saturday, July 21, 2018

So proud of our NFL players...

...especially the ones who KNEEL!!
Screw Trump!!!!! First Amendment RIGHTS!!!

Why do thieves target children's groups?

Most thieves don't really look
like thieves. They start young
and are taught by their parents
to just deny, deny, deny, but
to look normal!

  We all know that there are plenty of low-life common thieves out there, just looking for

True patriots outside the White House

Mr. Cacamacho! Look out for the YELLOW BUILDING!!

   A man named something like Cacamacho ranted at the Planned Development meeting

Ferguson Fire in Yosemite

   The Ferguson Fire in Yosemite was 27,129 acres around 12N today, July 21, 2018, and it is still only 7% contained.

   The fire crossed the Merced River and is now burning in the Stanislaus National Forest as well as the Sierra National Forest.

Details, facts, interviews, newspaper articles!

Chili Cook-off in San Andreas

  On September 8, 2018 the Calaveras Chamber of Commerce will host Pioneer Day at Turner Park between 9 AM and 2 PM.

   A Chili Cook-off will be held.  Get an application at the Chamber of Commerce office or website.

Cohen taped Trump

   The prosecutor has in his possession now a tape that FIXER Cohen made of a conversation with Trump before the 2016 election.

   Apparently, it was about an alleged affair with a Playboy Bunny and how to pay her off.  Every day Trump proves to be even MORE of a scumbag!

Iran-Contra, Drugs for GUNS, Reagan-Bush, Oliver North

  Yes, there were others involved in the Reagan-Bush Iran Contra Drugs for Guns scandal, but Oliver North took the fall and went to prison for the President and VP at the time.

   Over the years, North has been given some easy jobs in media and now he is making