Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions leads "Lock her UP!"

   Believe it or not, at a high school presentation, the Attorney General of the United States led a group of children in a "Lock her UP " chant, laughing.

   It was as he was saying that children need to be taught to be mature adults. After the chant he said that this group has what it takes.

Calaveras Sheriff has too many SECRETS!!! Crabtree the worst!

     The temporary appointed Sheriff in Calaveras County refuses to make public what it

Calaveras FAKE Town Halls

   Why are Calaveras Supervisors allowed to hold Town Halls, paid for by taxpayer, in order to force propaganda on the voters.

   These are FAKE Town Halls and are pre-set for questions, not spontaneous from the voters live, and so phony they are nothing but political brainwashing.

Assault arrest in Angels Camp

   On July 23, 2018 Angels Camp Police arrested Alberto Bass (61) of Altaville on South Main Street.

   Bass was booked into the Calaveras County Jail

Trump: Take away Security Clearances?

   On July 23, 2018 Trump threatened to take away the Security Clearances of 6 previous