Friday, July 27, 2018

VOTE!! Elect Democrats everywhere!

The only way to clean out the sewer that is Trump is to vote Democrat
this fall.  Please do your part!  VOTE!!!

OP-ED!! Water, Water, Water, the gold of the future

    There is no question that the future value of water in California will be worth its weight in gold.

Day 15 of Ferguson Fire at Yosemite

   As of July 27, 2018 the Ferguson Fire is 45,911 acres and is now 29% contained.  Yosemite Valley is

Betsy DeVoss $40 million yacht cut loose

    Not only was one of Betsy DeVoss's 10 $40 million yachts cut loose (AMWAY money) and crashed yesterday, but we hear also that Senator McConnell was actually chased

If your wooooman loves blue tarps, other racist scum and....

Leave my BT's alone!!!!
...spends lots of time barking like the B**** she truly is after stealing from anyone and

Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira not returning calls?

   We have heard numerous complaints that Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira of District 3 is not

Poole Station Road blocked

  UPDATE:  Problem cleared.

City of Angels wants higher sales tax

   The City of Angels Camp is putting Measure C on the ballot in November, to raise the sales tax .5% in substitute

Preston: "SHOOT the N*****!!"


Michael Cohen offers to tell all..

   For years now Trump has been denying that he knew anything about the secret meeting

Once upon a hot midnight dreary....

....a fat white racist who could not see clearly....