Tuesday, July 31, 2018

20 people missing in Carr Fire

   The Carr Fire has claimed 6 lives that we know of in Shasta County.

   20 others are missing due to the fire.

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Tree removal caused Avery Fire

   A tree removal service was responsible for the Avery Fire on July 30, 2018. A tree they were cutting came into contact with power lines, igniting the fire.

   Fortunately both CalFire and Ebbetts Pass Fire, plus air and Vallecito ground support turned up within minutes and considering all the dead trees in that area, was contained quickly.

Georgia woman arrested in Murphys

  On July 30, 2018 around 11 AM Calaveras Sheriff deputies arrested Regana Carol Beasley (56) of Blue Ridge, Georgia on Six Mile Road

Tractor crushed by oak tree

Photo by Jon
   A big oak tree fell just off Lakemont Drive in Arnold July 31, 2018 during the night and crushed this tractor.

   It isn't blocking the roadway, but it will take a large vehicle to move it.

Two fires on Red Hill Road

   We learned that on July 30, 2018 there were actually two separate fires on Red Hill Road, just off Hwy 4.

   One, they know, was caused by a vehicle pulling into dry grass. The other one is still under investigation. Each was about 2.5 acres in size.

Avery Fire Update: Thank you FIREFIGHTERS

   July 31, 2018 at 7:50 AM:  The Avery Fire was contained last night, but there is still smoke coming from a couple of trees near the roadway this morning.

  No engines or fire crews remained at the scene, however, as far as we could tell. Thank you FIREFIGHTERS!