Friday, August 3, 2018

Thousands evacuated in Mendocino Complex Fire

   As of August 3, 2018 the River Fire and the Ranch Fire are now considered to be one, the Mendocino Complex Fire. 153.748 acres have been burned and containment is around 30%.

   Thousands more have been evacuated from the area.  41 homes and 47 other structures have been destroyed; many others damaged by the fire. No fatalities are reported.

OP-ED: Greater Arnold Business Association???

   After hearing many complaints and getting many questions about what is going on with GABA (Greater Arnold Business Association) we were told that no

Firefighters responding to hanging in Arnold

   Fire crews and ambulances are responding to a report of someone hanging, but not cut down in the Arnold area.

   We don't have other details at this time. 

Trump intentionally abused children, separating them from parents

If you want to keep your
children, don't come to
   The intent to harm the children Trump had separated from their parents at the Mexican border was shocking. Hundreds are still without their parents.

   Shouldn't Trump be impeached for abusing these children??  They flew them all over the country, supposedly as a way of permanently separating them, never intending to reunite them at all.

Watch for Sharks!!

Now that's scary!!!

Smoke is bad in Ebbetts Pass

  The smoke from the Ferguson Fire is overwhelming Ebbetts Pass today. and it is not really safe for those with breathing difficulties.

   Don't spend more time outdoors than necessary with this much smoke in the air. We are hearing reports of burning eyes and coughing, so if you have to work outside, use a mask.


The 'deplorables' in action, women flipping off CNN for the President!
Sick bunch!!

What is Steve Buis up to now?? Peeping Tom????

   After first moving into our home in Hathaway Pines, we learned that a tiny narrow road had been permitted along with homes

Smokey says....

OP-ED: CCWD press release on fire in Avery

   CCWD issued a press release about the Avery Fire, saying that it could have been bad

Carr Fire Update

   As of August 3, 2018 the Carr Fire in the Redding area is 131,896 acres and is now