Saturday, August 18, 2018

Can DiBasilio be trusted at all in Calaveras?

I'm just doin' what Kuntz
taught me to do!
   With all the scandals surrounding temporary Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio, does anyone

Our worthless Congressman

McClintock doesn't fit with Californians!
We have values

Alice Montgomery Trump can't shut her mouth

   We've been hearing that desperate Supervisor candidate Oliveira is unable to speak for himself, so he sends Lisa Muetterties

Possible Drowning at Tuttletown Boat Launch

  Fire and Sheriff are responding to a report of a possible drowning near the Tuttletown Boat Launch at New Melones Reservoir.

   Crews are now searching the water for the person missing.

Orange Pres has way too much makeup!

The Orange Pres strikes again!
   Trump needs to tell his makeup man not to overdue the orange face!  When he opens his mouth, the little hole

Donnell Fire Update

   As of 12 Noon on August 18, 2018 the Donnell Fire is 31,743 acres and is now 42% contained.

   USFS is hoping to have this fire contained by September 1, 2018. 54 structures have been destroyed so far.


Pennsylvania not the only problem for Catholics

   Although a Grand Jury investigation into the child sexual abuse