Sunday, August 19, 2018

And the list of Trump's enemies goes on.....

   The list of enemies that Trump blames for all his problems, especially that of the Mueller investigation, is long.

   However, Trump says that John Brennan, former CIA head, is mostly to blame, likely for all his divorces and bankruptcies and why Melania won't sleep with him, AHA!!!

Comedy Central's Trevor Noah says....revoke the Pope?

   The host of Comedy Central Trevor Noah says the evil that is the Catholic Church seems to be "a molesting club with an opening prayer".

   Will the White House be revoking the Security Clearance of the Pope, too?

Ferguson Fire 100% contained

  The Ferguson Fire which started July 21, 2018 burned over 91,000 acres before now

Will new Calaveras Alerts notify us of everything on the police scanner?

   To be an effective and necessary alert center, it needs to send alerts regarding all police and fire scanner 

Cruelty to animals pervasive?

   Police shot a raccoon to end its suffering after a man caught it in a trap, poured gasoline

Michael Browns mom runs for city council

   The mother of Michael Brown, the boy killed by a policeman in

WH Counsil Don McGhan has testified before Mueller

So many rats in the Trump Swamp!!
   Trumps people say they are not worried about Don McGhan testifying in the Russian

Hwy 108 will reopen today...

   Caltrans and the USFS have announced that Hwy 108 will be reopened at 4 PM today to through traffic.

   Evacuations are still in place within the Donnell fire area.

Omarosa: I will not be intimidated..

   Ex-White House Aide Omarosa told an interviewer yesterday that she will NOT

Calaveras District 3 Supervisor sends FAKE emergency campaign ad??

   UPDATE:  We just were able to access and create account. Seems that it is a site to track US instead of to notify

Donnell Fire update

  As of 8:30 AM on August 19, 2018 the Donnell Fire is 31,743 acres and is 49% contained.

    Smoke is visible from Hwy 4 today, as fire personnel continue to battle this fire in Tuolumne and Alpine counties.

Do all FAT Dirty Filthy racist cops also POISON animals?

Giants vs. Reds in Cincinnati

   The SF Giants are in Cincinnati today to play the Reds at 10AM PDT.

   The Giants are 61-62 for the season.