Wednesday, September 12, 2018

"#I'm with Kap" jerseys sold out

   The Nike NFL jerseys with " #I'm with Kap" written on them sold out within hours of them becoming available.

   Nike was so

The Conners airs in October

   The new TV show, The Conners, will air beginning October 16, 2018 on ABC, minus Roseanne.

   It is expected to be a big comedy hit, with the entire family, minus the racist!

Fishing with Bears in Alaska

Voters can END daylight savings time FOREVER!!

   This fall could be the  last time residents in California are forced to Spring their clocks forward or Fall them backwards, losing sleep.

   Vote to END Daylight Savings Time in California and we will Fall back one hour FOREVER!! 

Who is Preston's love BITCH this year?

oooh, oooh, that SMELL!!!!!
   We have been told that Preston, well-known for his fluctuations between males and females,