Friday, September 21, 2018

City of Angels Camp to appoint new Police Chief

   On Wednesday September 26, 2018 the City of Angels Camp will hold a Special City Council meeting at 5 PM at the Angels Firehouse.

   In Closed Session the agenda lists appointment of a new City Police Chief.  The name of the new Chief is not listed.

Coming to HorseSpeak....

Well, that will probably get him FIRED!

The New York Times reported today that Rob Rosenstein wanted to secretly record Trump, in order to protect the government from his crazy policies and actions.

   If that doesn't get him fired, nothing will!

"Hide those HATS, Stark!"

   When Kuntz died, Greg Stark decided he would run for Sheriff. He ordered hats with Stark

More environmental damage in the neighbors back yard!

And everyone said how bad Kuntz
was as Sheriff!  DiBasilio is
so much worse!  Openly
corrupt? What does his
wife do? Does she like it?
   After reading the phony reports the our phony Sheriff DiBasilio writes to try and convince everyone that cannabis is bad for Dennis Mills, no one in Calaveras County knows what

Two bodies found in Yosemite

   The bodies of two males have been located in Yosemite National Park within a few days of each other.

   One was a hike and the other a ranger at the park.  Causes of death have not been released.

UC Berkeley employee NorCal rapist??

Waller has worked for UC Berkeley
for over 25 years. The crimes were committed
between 1991 and 2006.
   An employee at UC Berkeley, listed as a Health and Safety Specialist, was arrested as he arrived for

51 years ago TODAY....

   As you most likely know from your GOOGLE illustration this morning, it was 51 years ago today

Perk'd UP Trump!

perka perka perka perka
   Trump tweeted last night that " Spain needs to build a wall