Wednesday, October 10, 2018

DOW dumps 800 points

   Today the DOW average lost 800 points, the most since February.

    Interest rates seem to be one of the reasons for the drop.  Some believe Trump may be part of the cause, due to his lack of focus.

Who's giving land to the Fisher's of Blue Lake Springs

   At the October 8, 2018 Calaveras Supervisor meeting a member of the public came


   Since everyone knows who the BULLY-in-CHIEF of the USA is; DONALD (Duck)

PG&E replies to Cascade Fire charge--Burying lines only way to stop fires!!

   The Cascade Fire began when high wind cause two sagging PG&E power lines to come into contact with

Hathaway Pines man arrested

  On October 9, 2018 Calaveras Sheriff deputies arrested Paul Mitchell Challoner

Hwy 4 is a MESS!!

   Hwy 4 between Hathaway Pines and Arnold is a total mess, with debris on the roadway,