Saturday, October 13, 2018

Calaveras' Mills and Clapp want to throw $50,000 in the trash

   When an agenda item came up to move the nearly million dollars owed to cannabis farmers to an account to pay them their $5000 from, Supervisors Mills and Clapp played their klan

Fire on Hwy 49 at the river

UPDATE at 2:25 PM:  Crews have been unable to locate this reported fire. They are

Car through fence in Campo Seco

   October 13, 2018 at 11:30 AM:  A car has gone through a fence an is now down near a pond off Pardee Dam Road and Campo Seco Road in Campo Seco.

   It isn't yet known if there are injuries. A two truck is responding.

YES on Prop 12---FOR THE ANIMALS!!!

The only way to stop animal torture is to pass new laws to protect them!
Vote YES on Prop 12!!!

Traffic collision near Jackson Rancheria

   October 13, 2018 at 10 AM:  A traffic collision has been reported on Ridge Road at New York Ranch Road near Jackson Rancheria.

   An ambulance and two tow trucks are responding to the scene. Be cautious if headed that way.

Most dangerous racist in Ebbetts Pass???

   Who do you think the most dangerous racist is in the Ebbetts Pass area?  The right-wing klans are so violently vicious.

   Could it be an unstable gun thug who