Friday, October 26, 2018

Car vs. motorcycle in Sonora

   A car and a motorcycle have collided on Mono Way in front of Taco Bell in Sonora.

   An ambulance is responding to the scene.

Car vs. pole on Hwy 49

   October 26, 2018 at 2:45 PM:  A car struck a pole on Hwy 49 at Glory Hole and apparently left the scene.

   AT&T has been notified of pole damage.

Fire on Clifton Lane in Angels Camp

   UPDATE:  The fire has been contained. All other engines were


Aww shucks, sugar pie, honey lamb! We all miss ya'!
Please be sure to send your payments on time now, won't ya/!
You be real careful of that motorcycle foot now, ya hear?

Florida Trump supporter arrested

  Cesar Sayoc, an avid Trump supporter, who has an extensive criminal

Another cop commits suicide

   In Amador County we recently saw that an off-duty police officer committed suicide

Write-in campaign for Ed Langan heats up!

  You may notice signs going up around Calaveras District 3 for Ed Langan, who got 24% of the primary vote.

   Calling Oliveira nothing but a RINO, conservative Republicans are gaining more and more support to elect Langan as their new Supervisor.