Monday, October 29, 2018

More vehicle thefts in Arnold area

I see nothing!  I hear nothing!
I DO nothing!!!
   Mr. Oliveira and DiBasilio insist that they have solved and ended crime in the Ebbetts Pass area.

   Why, then are we hearing of more vehicle thefts, along with other crimes?

FOX promotes breeding more Republicans-Believe it or not!!

At least his Halloween costume fits!
   On the morning FOX News show, a woman with 8 children came on to promote breeding

Trump says there are " very nice people on both sides?"

   Now that the MAGA Bomber has targeted Trump critics throughout the US, especially Democrats, the MAGA Anti-Semite

Had nice lunch with Ed Langan! Oliveira hides out with racist gun thug buddies!

   While the owner of the Sierra Sentinel does not agree with most of the political positions

Red Sox World Champions

  What a disappointment! Red Sox win the World Series!