Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Reinke and Mills LOSE BIGLY!!!

   The two Vickies who now run the extremist right wing racist Trump Cult in Calaveras were not successful in their choices for Supervisor or other offices.

   Clapp, their #1 love, lost BIGLY to Stopper in District 5 and neither Langan or Oliveira won anything in District 3.  Perhaps Reinke and Mills should move their operation elsewhere!!

Fire reported in Jamestown

  UPDATE at 2 PM:  The fire is now contained at about 1/3 acre.

Jeff Session resigns

   Forced out by Trump, Jeff Sessions is heading for retirement. Who will be put in that job now?

   Probably someone who will FIRE Mueller???

Injured deer in Mountain Ranch

   November 7, 2018 at 11 AM:  An injured deer has been reported on Railroad Flat Road in Mountain Ranch.

   CHP is responding. Be cautious until roadway is cleared.

Does your crazy Neighbor lady from Hell sic her dogs on you?

And don't forget to report every
incident to the cops!
   Even before Trump Cult Racists came into power, there has been a violent racist neighbor