Friday, November 9, 2018

Kaitlyn Jenners home burns down, Kardashians evacuated

Jenner's 3500 ' 4 bedroom home
is gone!
   All of Malibu is under evacuation from the fire in Ventura County today in the 14,000 acre fire.

   Caitlyn Jenner's home has already been destroyed. Other Kardashians have been evacuated.

Springsteen on Broadway a big hit!

   Only 4 shows a week are performed by Springsteen in his Springsteen on

5 Confirmed fatalities in Camp Fire

The Lutheran Church in Paradise
 was destroyed yesterday by the
 Camp Fire in Butte County
   As of November 9, 2018 at 11 AM the Camp Fire in Butte County now has its first official death toll count.  5 have

Figaro, Figaro, FI-GA-RO!!--ADOPTED!!

Adopt Figaro at the Calaveras Animal Shelter
Cat House in San Andreas

Lame Duck Supervisors meet in Calaveras

Squaaaawwwk, Quaaaack! Is this the
correct foot?  Squaawwwk!!
   Two Supervisors who did not get re-elected last Tuesday will likely still show

Chico State closes as fire nears city

  Not willing to take any chances on a fire that grew 70,000 acres in 24 hours, Chico State University has closed it's door for the duration of the Camp Fire.

   It was just reported that the fire is nearing the city limits of Chico.

Fire in Columbia

   UPDATE:  Crews immediately knocked down this fire so it wouldn't spread to the

Butte County Fire now 70,000 acres

Paradise has been nearly destroyed
by the Camp Fire!
  As of November 9, 2018 at 8:35 AM the Camp Fire in Butte County is 70,000 acres with only 5% containment.

   The town of Chico says they are not under an imminent threat at this time.  Thousands of structures have already been destroyed.

Ran them off; now need to keep them OUT!

Short, Racist Trolls and their
creepy women friends need
to climb back under their
bridges and rocks!
Not welcome in D3!
   For four years Ebbetts Pass (Calaveras' District 3) has been dealing with racist scum running our government, destroying our environment and bringing violent RACIST

Camp Fire explodes in Butte County

Now being called firestorms instead of wildfires,
all of California is apparently headed for the
same fate as Butte County, Napa County, etc. 
     As of 8 PM on November 8, 2018 the Camp Fire in Butte County was over 20,000 acres, after