Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Pence just sits, never moves, never speaks

Does Trump give Pence orders not
to speak, just like the religious
husbands order their wives
to be silent? Perhaps!
   Pence never opened his mouth during the exchange between his boss and the Dems

OP-ED: So, Alice Montgomery, tell us about yourself!! NOT right wing???

   During the election campaign for Oliveira and DiBasilio, Alice Montgomery was reputed

Breaking News: PG&E finds bullet holes where Camp Fire started

  PG&E reports that they have discovered bullet holed and broken equipment in the area where the Camp Fire started.

   The company is under scrutiny and financial stress due to the fires in California, including the Camp Fire.

MIchael Cohen gets 3 years!

   Michael Cohen, Trumps fixer for over 10 years, has been working with Mueller to get

Pelosi: Wall is all about Trumps manhood

Pelosi and Schumer left White House WINNERS!!!
Manhood?? Trump has MANHOOD?
    After the phony meeting with Trump where he threw a temper tantrum and says he's closing