Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Sentinel of Ebbetts Pass, District 3, Calaveras County is now Supervisor Callaway

   Two meetings so far this year with a new District 3 Supervisor Merita Callaway representing us,

Thank you Supervisor Callaway

   At the January 15, 2019 Calaveras Supervisor meeting, each Supervisor got to request Study

Kinkie Stinkie Rinkie Dink, oh, the hatred, the racism, the TRUMP-cultist

   As always, Kinkie Stinkie Rinkie Dink, who is always trying for her 5 minutes of fame, came before the Calaveras Supervisors to complain what we felt was that "ONE

"Follow the Money" sign at Board of Calaveras Supervisors

  There was a new sign at the back of the Calaveras Supervisor Chambers that we hadn't seen at prior meetings.

   The new sign said "Follow the Money"!

Hello Dolly's Carol Channing dies

Legendary actress Carol Channing has died, just before her
98th birthday, of natural causes