Monday, January 21, 2019

CCWD warns of discolored water in Ebbetts Pass

   January 21, 2019:  CCWD is letting customers know that they are receiving reports of discolored water between Forest Meadows and Camp Connell in the Hwy 4 corridor.

   They are saying that it is completely safe to drink, although it may be discolored.

Black Israelites also marched and were harassed by Catholic white supremacists

This was part of the Indigenous Peoples march in DC.
   A group of men calling themselves Black Israelites and Hebrews, also marched at the Lincoln Memorial

Trump CATHOLICS harrass Native American praying

We have had many questions about the Catholic religion since the priests

Martin Luther King Day

  Today is the Martin Luther King holiday.  Banks, schools, post offices and most union jobs are on a day off.

   Did you know that

Hwy 4 chains required in Arnold

   January 21, 2019 at 9 AM:  CHP has chain requirements on Hwy 4 in Arnold.

   Drive carefully and have fun!