Wednesday, January 23, 2019

"Lady Pelosi says NO to Trump AGAIN!

   Speaker Pelosi rebuffed Trumps demand that he WILL be giving his State of the Union

Joyce Techel: Go ahead, Make My Day!!!

   At the Calaveras Supervisors meeting on January 22, several people came to comment on

Have you seen "One Big Lie, Dennis Mills Path to Power!"?

Don't try to tell me what
I can do! I'm a Trumper!!
  There is a youtube video everyone needs to watch.  It's titled "One Big Lie, Dennis Mills

Mills claims he lives in District 3???

   At the January 22, 2019 Calaveras Supervisor meeting, Dennis Mills spoke up during the time for Board announcements.

   He apparently has

Trump demands HOUSE for State of Union speech...

   Speaker Nancy Pelosi received a letter this morning from Trump in which

Cohen postpones testimony due to threats

     Trumps longtime attorney and chief witness against him, has postponed his testimony before the House fearing safety for his family.

   Cohen states that he has received threats from both Trump and Guiliani if he testifies.  OMG!!

Kinky Rinky Dinkie black boots

   Boots up to your ears, Vinkie?  Oh, PULLLLEEEAAASE! Don't rub up against Mr. Big Pot like that,

Sweet innocent babes, that's what they are, right?

  It should not shock us to see that the alt-right Catholic school boys dumped their MAGA hats and