Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Dinkie Vinkie PInkie Rinkie Dink

   There she was again; the Dinkie Vinkie Pinkie Rinkie Dink right wing wacko who comes to every Calaveras Supervisor meeting to RANT for Trump and his Trump-racist views.

  She tries to pretend she is a straight and normal rinkie dink, but she isn't. Between she and Mr. BigPot, they represent the same man who slurred racial epithets just before them.

Man with sombrero yells racial epithets at Calaveras Board meeting

   A man who had been leaning against the back door of the Calaveras Supervisors Chambers came to

Copperopolis man arrested

   According to Calaveras County Sheriff records, on February 18, 2019 deputies arrested Christopher Dwayne Refrow

Hwy 4 open to Bear Valley

  Caltrans is reporting that Hwy 4 is open to Bear Valley, but to drive carefully and carry chains.

  Many of the side or county roads are not plowed as well as the highway.

Jenny Lind man arrested

   On February 17, 2019 Calaveras Sheriff deputies arrested Richard Arthur Hilgardner (29) of Jenny Lind at the Zippy Mart