Tuesday, March 12, 2019

World's record number of Massage Parlor jokes?

   Last night Stephen Colbert told 8 straight massage parlor jokes, and broke the World's record.

  The final joke

The clevererer North Koreans: More clever that Trump, anyway

  North Korea is not so dumb as Trump thinks they are. They are rebuilding their missile sites and trading under the sanctions to make money.

   Trouble is, that nearly anyone can outsmart Trump!!!

CCWD Directors meet with Bigelow

   Most residents in Calaveras aren't even aware of what Assemblyman Bigelow does for Calaveras County at

Pelosi says: "He's not worth it!" (impeaching)

   When asked whether she had plans to impeach Trump, Speaker of the House Pelosi answered

CalFire is hiring for 2019

  If you are looking for work and would be interested in being a CalFire employee, now is the time to apply.

   March 19, 2019 is the deadline for many of the job opportunities offered this year.