Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Oh, NO!! Not Marilitito Boblitito being sued!

  We hear that our old political wierdo Marilitito Boblitito is in trouble again.  Is she being sued for slander?

   Perhaps she needs to keep her mouth shut, especially regarding certain fire departments.  We thought she had moved away, but apparently not.  Have fun in court, Marilitito!!

Arnold Bridges meeting TODAY at 5 PM

   As we all know, two bridges came into jeopardy and are still in flux.

   The Blagen Road bridge is a joke

20 schools on lockdown--woman found dead!

   After a day of massive searches and decisions to lock down 20 schools in the area of Columbine High School, the threats to those schools by a teenage girl, appear to be over.

   An 18 year old high school girl from Florida has been found dead in the Denver area, apparently of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Beautiful sunny day in Calaveras

     After a nice Spring shower yesterday, this morning appeared as a bright sunny day.

    Since it's Spring Vacation for most schoolchildren, enjoy the beautiful weather.