Thursday, April 18, 2019

Man arrested at St. Patricks Cathedral in NYC

This man was arrested after entering St. Patricks
Cathedral in NYC with gas cans and starter fluid.

Adam Levine selling Beverly Hills mansion

Only 47.4 mill

Crime in Ebbetts Pass OUT OF CONTROL!!!

   We warned the voters that electing Rick DiBasilio as Calaveras Sheriff would be a big

Big rig delivery truck blocking road in Pine Grove

   April 18, 2019 at 10:45 AM:  A big rig delivery truck is stuck and now blocking both lanes of Pine Grove Volcano Road at Hwy 88 in Pine Grove.

   Several CHP are already at the scene. A big rig tow truck is responding.

FREE Ski Day at Bear Valley

   This coming Friday, April 19, 2019 lift tickets will be FREE to skiers.

   What a great year Bear Valley resort has had.  Can't wait til next season!

Motorhome blocking roadway

   UPDATE at 1:30 PM:  A special RV tow truck is being dispatched for this 35' motorhome, which is still in the

Al Courtright of Arnold, retired CHP

   According to CHP of San Andreas, they are saddened to report the sudden passing of Retired Officer Al Courtright

Investigation into Robin Wellmaker and Farmers Insurance continues

   Ever since we received a strange letter from Farmers Insurance regarding a claim for damages

Greg Stark, Calaveras Sheriff-in-Waiting, issues thank you!

Wait! No! This is the
wrong Gregory Stark,
from a comic book!
  "We thank you!" says Greg Stark, who planned to run for Sheriff in 2018 (even bought a bunch of hats)
and then was told by DiBasilio

Mob boss lawyer and new Press Secretary Barr bends WAYYY OVER!!!

And he will fall eventually!  Just watch!!
   Destroying his legacy, losing all credibility and smelling like BullSH**, Trumps mob boss