Sunday, May 5, 2019

Actor Peter Hayhew dies

   Peter Mayhew may not be an everyday name but the character he played in Star Wars is definitely unforgettable.

   Mayhew died at 74 years old. He played the popular Chewbacca in many movies.

...And 45 years later....

How long til he falls???
   ....Here we go again!  45 years after Nixon tried to Stonewall Congress during the Watergate investigations, Trump is doing the

Who is Brian Foster?

   Does anyone know anything about a Brian Foster, who wrote to us claiming to be a friend of

SF Giants in Cincinatti today

   The Giants are playing the Reds in Cincinatti today. The game starts at 1 PM PDT.

   Giants are 14-19 as are the Reds.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!