Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Shooting at Colorado Charter School

   Police are responding to a report of a shooting at a Charter School called STEM in Douglas County, Colorado.

   At least one person is apparently dead from the shooting.

Collision in Clements

   May 7, 2019 at 1:30 PM:  A collision has been reported at Hwy 88 and Hwy 12 in Clements.

   Emergency vehicles are responding to the scene.

"I want 2 more years", says Trump!

   Trump ranted yesterday that because of the Mueller probe he was cheated out of 2 years of his Presidency and actually floated the idea that he be given 2 more years on his first term.

   We don't even ask 'IS THIS GUY NUTS OR WHAT?" anymore.

Calaveras Democrats meet

   On Tuesday May 14, 2019 the Calaveras Democrats will hold their regular monthly meeting in the Chesebrough Room at the

Escaped burn pile in Copperopolis

  UPDATE:  Fire has now been extinguished.

Possible dead body on Main Street, Murphys

  UPDATE:  See Sheriff's report on May 9, 2019

 UPDATE:  This is actually on the

FOX News and the BIBLE!!!! Who is the enemy of RELIGION??

That's him. Prager.  He's enough to turn you against
any religion
   This morning early on F&F, a man who wrote books about the Bible stated that the enemy

Letter to the Editor: You don't have to be nice!

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

    I've heard a lot lately about how we need to be nice to each other, even nice to the

San Andreas man arrested

   On May 6, 2019 the Calaveras County Sheriff's office arrested David Lloyd Knaak (41) of San Andreas at his