Sunday, June 23, 2019

Charles Dudley at it agaaaain???

   We 've had many complaints about a man from Amador County posting Facebook items

CalFireNews BEWARE of CalFireNews!!!!

    A site called CalFireNews is NOT the REAL CalFire folks.

   This is a private site run by a private individual. How he got the right

Roy Moore---"I'm BAAAACK!"

There's the Moore WEINER!  "I never
   Hard to get rid of racial and sexual infestations is proven by Roy Moore's announcement that he will again run for Senate in Alabama.

   "Thank you! " says Chuck Schumer, who considers this a gift for Doug Jones re-election.

Angels Camp Police warn of power shutdown

   Angels Camp Police have issued a warning to residents that PG&E may be issuing power shut offs due to fire danger in this area also.

   They warn that gas pumps, in addition to the city's water treatment plants will be affected, in addition to residents and businesses and could last several days at a time.

Fire in La Grange

   June 23, 2019 at 11:10 AM:  A vegetation fire has been reported on Milpitas Road near Las Cruces Road in La Grange.

   Several units, including water tenders are responding to the scene.

Body found at Pardee inlet

   Be careful when you decide to go swimming in the Mokelumne or any other river