Thursday, July 4, 2019

Deaths in Calaveras County

   Among those who have passed away in Calaveras County in May are:

   Alan A. Arestad, who passed away on

Where is SPI clear-cutting this summer??

In Dorrington, of course!!

Lee Iacocca dies

   The person who launched the Ford Mustang and saved Chrysler from bankruptcy has died.

   Lee Iacocca was 94 years old.

L.A. Angels last team photo before Skaggs died

This photo was posed in western wear as a joke at the airport when the
L.A. Angels arrived in Texas. No one noticed anything wrong with
Skaggs at the time.

Calaveras Chamber of Commerce seeks new CEO

   The Calaveras Chamber of Commerce, located in San Andreas, is seeking a new CEO to oversee operations.

   Pay is $46,000 to 50,000 a year plus incentives. Go to for more information.

Boil water notice in Rancho Calaveras

 UPDATE:  Notice was lifted on Wednesday when new tests came out clean.

    CCWD has issued a BOIL WATER

Calm, gentle Desiree needs home

Visit her at the Calaveras Animal Shelter Cat House in San Andreas