Friday, April 7, 2023

Alleged felony arrest--Sex with minor

    On April 5, 2023 Colton Fontes turned himself in to the Calaveras Sheriff where he is now being held with

no bail after an investigation.

  The Calaveras District Attorney alleges Fontes committed 12 felony counts of forcible rape, 10 felony counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, 1 felony of using a minor for sexual acts, 1felony for distribution of obscene matter to a minor, 1 allegation is that Fontes was out of custody on bail in another case.

   In that other case, Fontes is alleged to have committed 1 count of felony animal cruelty in killing a cat named Mr. Meow.

   Several search warrants were issued and social media accounts and cell phone records were analyzed during the investigation.

   The investigation remains ongoing and anyone with further information is encouraged to contact the district attorney Mike Stone at 209-754- 6330. The crisis center is available for support and counseling for any survivor at 209-754-1300.

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