Friday, October 31, 2014

These two guys are so much alike

Cliff Edsel of Kill
the Watershed
Rick Wilde from Chevrolet


Virgin Galactic Spaceship Crashes

   In the second major tragedy within a week, the Virgin Galactic Space ship, in a test run in the Mojave Desert this morning, crashed, with one person dying in the crash.

   They had planned on taking passengers

Two story house on fire in Sonora

  October 31, 2014 at 12:25 PM:  A two story house is reportedly on fire at Alpine and Calaveras in Sonora.

   Fire personnel are at the scene and report it is an active fire on two stories.

Letter to the Editor: Regarding Paul Stein

   Dear Editor:

   I was quite disturbed with the article and letter in last Friday's ********** related to Paul Stein. It seems dirty tricks are once again evident in Calaveras politics.

Caltrans Closing Hwy 4

   Caltrans has just announced that they are closing Hwy 4 (Ebbetts Pass) at the east end of Lake Alpine today (October 31, 2014) at 11 AM due to the oncoming storm.

   Route 89 (Monitor Pass) in Alpine County will close at 12 PM today and the Sonora Pass Route 108 in Tuolumne county will close at 12 PM today.

   There is no estimated time for re-opening these highways.


Arrest at Angels Camp Church

   After a report of a call about a suspicious person was received around 12:45 AM on October 30, 2014, the Calaveras Sheriff's Office made an arrest at St. Patrick's Catholic Church. in Angels Camp.

Letter to the Editor....Calaveras County General Plan

   Dear Editor:

    I was excited to listen to Calaveras Planning Director Peter Maurer present his "game plan" for getting our long awaiting General Plan before the public and ultimately adopted.

Rain and Snow expected Today in Calaveras

Ray Villafone's pumpkin art
   By noon today, most all of Calaveras County will be seeing rain, and above 5000' snow is expected. No one is complaining, as we need both to help end this drought.

   If you are heading up into Ebbetts Pass, carry your chains as they will be required on all 2-wheel drive vehicles.  Drive carefully!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Angels Camp City Council meeting

   On Tuesday, November 4, 2014, ELECTION DAY, the Angels Camp City Council meets at the Firehouse at 5:30 PM for a Closed Agenda item, Difu, Croletto, Rosato and Turco vs City of Angels Camp lawsuit

Traffic Accident in San Andreas

   UPDATE:  NO injuries. Tow truck has been dispatched.

Valley Springs arrest for Burglary

   On October 30, 2014 the Calaveras Sheriff's Office arrested Miranda M. LaBrake (31) of Valley Springs for alleged 2nd Degree Burglary, a felony, at Treat's Store in San Andreas.

   LaBrake was booked into the Calaveras County Jail and released on Bond.


Only 40 to 50% voter turnout expected--Tea Party makes our Decisions?

   Sadly, in this state, voter apathy rules the day.  It is not expected that more the 40 to 50% of the registered voters will have voted by the end of election day, November 4, 2014.

   Any ideas of how to spur civic responsibility?

Felony Arrest on Railroad Flat Road

   On October 29, 2014 at Noon, the Calaveras Sheriff's Office arrested Kenneth William Conder (32) with no address, on Railroad Flat Road for alleged Prohibited Ammunition, a felony and for Possession of Unlawful Paraphernalia, a misdemeanor.

   In addition to those items, apparently Conder had outstanding warrants for a variety of alleged weapons possessions, both felonies and misdemeanors from Calaveras County.

   Conder was booked into the Calaveras County Jail.

Ovations 2015 Performers Announced

   The Calaveras Arts Council is announcing the performers for the 2015 Ovations schedule.

    There will be five performances at Bret Harte High School's Theater:

    On January 11, 2015

Prop 1 is For the Birds

according to the Audubon Society

Why is Chris Christie "Scoundrel of the Month"?

   If you watch the news at all, you have seen the scowls and heard the angry words that Governor Chris Christie has for nearly anyone who DARES disagree with him lately.

   He was named "Scoundrel of the Month" and its fairly clear the reason why he's GRUMPY!! 

   Give him a break!  He's HUNGRY!!

Angels Camp City Manager got the biggest laugh! Zero revenue!!

    The long hearing (actually the 2nd attempt) to get the Mark Twain Clinic approval by the Angels Camp City Council built behind the gas station on Dogtown Road,

Traffic Accident on Hwy 120

   October 30, 2014 at 11:40 AM:  A traffic accident has been reported at Hwy 120 and Jacksonville Road in Jamestown between a black Mustang and a white Volvo.

   No injuries have been reported. A tow truck has been dispatched.


Four dead in Wichita plane crash

   A small plane that took off from an airport in Wichita, Kansas, lost one engine and immediately crashed into a building at the airport.

   Apparently four people have died in the fiery crash.

Sports car spins out in Jamestown

   October 30, 2014 at 9:45 AM:  A small green sports car spun out and in facing the embankment at Jamestown Road and Golf Links Road in Jamestown.

   CHP is en route. It is not yet known if there are injuries.

Isolated Nurse goes for Bike Ride

   The nurse who said she would defy the rules of isolation after coming back from Africa, went for a bike ride with her boyfriend today.

   CDC officials have warned her that they would take action if she did not self-isolate. What will happen next?  Meanwhile a local pizza restaurant is awaiting permission from authorities to deliver pizzas to her home.

Traffic Accident in Copperopolis

   October 30, 2014 at 9:20 AM:  Emergency personnel are responding to a vehicle accident that occurred at Obyrnes Ferry Road and Copper Cove Drive.

  It isn't yet known if there are injuries.



Bumgarner Day!!

   They should make October 29 Bumgarner Day.  He led the Giants to a win in game 7 of the World Series and another World Championship last night in Kansas City.

   What we'd like to know is, why did Bochy  kiss the bat at one point during the game? Does anyone know?

Big Rig leaking fuel

   October 30, 2014 at 8:15 AM:  A big rig has been reported as leaking fuel at Hwy 12 and Hwy 26 near Toyon.

   CHP is en route to the area.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Keep your cats indoors over Halloween

Ray Villafone
Pumpkin #5
   We just heard that a black cat was found hanging by a rope from a tree in Mountain Ranch.

   There are just too many crazy people around Calaveras County, as we all know. Keep your cats indoors during the Halloween weekend if you care about them.

   Hopefully the Sheriff will investigate and prosecute the low-life that hurt the kitty.

Arthur "Craig" Steinman of Arnold

   Craig Steinman, 78, of Arnold, died Wednesday October 22, 2014 of inoperable brain cancer.

    Fortunately the time between diagnosis and death was very short,

Alicia Duncan of Valley Springs

     Alicia Marie Duncan of Valley Springs, was born on July 2, 1990. God called her home on October 25, 2014 at the young age of 24.

Traffic Accident in San Andreas

   UPDATE at 4:40 PM:  This was changed by CHP to a major injury accident. The helicopter is headed for Memorial Hospital in Modesto.

"....Republicans are FOOLS!"

   If you watch Morning Joe, you know that Joe Scarborough, right-wing Republican, doesn't mince words.

   This morning, he said "Any Republican right now saying they're going to take the Senate is a fool!  If Democrats execute on the ground, they will hold the Senate!"

Traffic Accident in Mokelumne Hill

  October 29, 2014 at 2:30 PM:  CHP is at the scene of an accident at Hwy 26 and Campo Seco Turnpike in Mokelumne Hill.

    A green Ford pickup and a red Ford Focus collided. No injuries were reported.

Black Pickup swerves, causing accident

   October 29, 2014 at 2:20 PM:  Two witnesses called CHP to report seeing a black pickup with a Marine Corp sticker swerve in front of another small blue car, causing a collision.

  Emergency vehicles are en route to Hwy 120 and Hwy 99 in Manteca where this is reported to have occurred.

California leads nation in Bicycle deaths

   Every day we see at least one incident in our local area of a bicycle rider hit by a car while riding on a highway or local street.

    No car intends to hit a cyclist, but narrow roads make passing

Don Heer of Angels Camp

   Donald James Heer, age 79, resident of Angels Camp, died at his home on Monday, October 27, 2014.

   He was born November 30, 1934 in Mitchell, South Dakota

Big Rig rolls off Hwy 4

   UPDATE at 2:30 PM: CHP has updated this to a major injury accident.

High School Students help with polling locations

  What a great civics lesson and a positive way to encourage students to be part of the electoral process!

   San Joaquin County has hired 600 high school students age 16-18 and trained them, to work for the county Elections Department this coming week. Why doesn't Calaveras County do something like that. It's a win! Win!

Thank you Mr. McClintock, for this devastation

This is a shocking betrayal of our
elected Representative in Congress!

Nurse says she'll defy government Ebola restrictions

   First, the nurse who just returned from West Africa threatened to sue if they didn't allow her to return to her home to Maine.

   Now, she is threatening to sue if Maine tries to keep her restricted to her home by tomorrow morning. Her 21 day quarantine is not up until November 10, but she is adamant that she should NOT be restricted in any way as long as she has no symptoms.

Fatal Accident in Sonora

  According to CHP on October 28, 2014 around 7 PM Loren Mears (49) of Sonora was driving a 2001 Jeep Wrangler eastbound on Campo Seco Road,

Sheep out on Hwy 152

Where you find one sheep, you
will usually find a flock
   October 29, 2014 at 6:50 AM:  20-30 sheep have been reported out on Hwy 152 at San Juan Road in Dos Palos.

   CHP has notified the Brand Inspector to try and find out who they belong to. Use extra caution if headed to that area.

Halloween and Rain coming on Friday

Ray Villafone pumpkin # 3

World Series Game 7 tonite

   The Giants were wiped out last night 10-0 by the Kansas City Royals. Game 7 decides it all for the team and the fans.

   Can the Giants pull out the win and be World Series 2014 Champs?

Calaveras Fair Board elects new President

   The Calaveras County Fair Board of Directors held it's annual election recently, and the new President for 2015 is Bob Trinchero.

Letter to the Editor: Endorsing Merita Callaway

   Dear Editor:

   We endorse Merita Callaway for Supervisor for District 3, not only because of her extensive knowledge and experience, but because of her honesty,

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New location for Mark Twain Clinic?

   It is very clear that the City of Angels Camp has no way, no funds and no hope of mitigating the dire conditions that residents around the area of Dogtown road with a medical clinic accessing their roadways.

   Therefore, it does seem to us that the perfect answer to the problem is for them to buy the land that is for sale on Hwy 4 at the entrance to Greenhorn Creek. We are sure that the City Council and all of the residents of Greenhorn would support that location.

Possible Drowning at Lake Tulloch Bridge

  UPDATE:  Apparently a body was located under or near the bridge.  No other details have become available.

NASA rocket explodes

  A NASA rocket headed for the International Space Station exploded shortly after launch last night.

  It shows that even now, accidents of a catastrophic nature can happen. No one was aboard the rocket.

Angels Camp Police out in force on HALLOWEEN night!

Pumpkin #2 by Ray Villafone 
   We just received a press release from the Angels Camp Police Department reminding everyone that there will be additional DUI officers deployed on Halloween night.

  Do not drink and drive or smoke and drive. It is being called Trick-or-treat? Drink or drive! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

Pumpkin Carvings by Ray Villafone # 1

OP-ED.....White Supremacist and Tea Party killers were born in the U.S.

   In an article about the "dimwitted" folks who watch FOX News and its website, a link was shown at how they cram their rancid racist messages to their flock.

Big Rig hits telephone pole in Mountain Ranch

   UPDATE:  Per AT&T they knocked over the pedestal, but the pole is intact.

Big Rig and car collide in Patterson: one dies

    UPDATE at 3:45 PM:  This accident is cleared and both roads are now open to traffic.

Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow turns 101

High Bird in ceremonial clothing,
is 101 years old. Family photo.
   His Crow name is High Bird and he turns 101 this month. He is the last of the Chiefs trained to lead battles.

   Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow lives in Montana, near the site of the Little Bighorn.

70 motorcycles destroyed by fire

   On October 27, 2014 a fire was reported at GP Cycles on Camden Ave. in San Jose. By the time firefighters arrived the entire structure was involved.

   It was reported that 70 motorcycles were destroyed in the fire, the cause of which is under investigation. GP has another location in Santa Clara on the El Camino Real.

Logging Truck wreck blocks Hwy 80 for 3 hours

   On October 27, 2014 at around 7:30 AM two logging trucks crashed near the intersection of Hwy 80 and Foresthill Road, spewing diesel fuel and large logs all over Hwy 80.

   Traffic was backed up for miles while a giant crane was brought in to clear the logs from all lane of the roadway.

World Series 2014// Game 6

   As if you didn't already know, tonight the Giants are in Kansas City for game 6 of the 2014 World Series.

   The Series stands at 3 Giants and 2 Royals. If they win tonight,  they are the World Champions!

Dogs on Roadway in Valley Springs

  October 28, 2014 at 8:30 AM:  Two dogs are reportedly in the roadway at Baldwin and Treosti Place in Valley Springs.

   CHP is en route to the area. Use extra caution if in that area.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sierra Sentinel corrections policy....

   As we have stated many times before, if someone believes an article we published has an error, omission or if they can prove that a statement is false, the editor of the Sierra Sentinel will review

Sheriff's Report on Stabbing--Bail over $500,000

   On October 25, 2014 at about 8:35 PM the Calaveras County Sheriff's Department responded to a residence on the 1000 block of Feather Court in Copperopolis for a possible stabbing.

Black Cow on Hwy 4

  October 27, 2014 at 1:30 PM:   A black cow has been reported out on Hwy 4 near Chatom Vineyards in Douglas Flat.

   We are not sure if this is the same black cow that was earlier seen in Copperopolis. Well, not unless its a flying cow. 

Calaveras Sheriff: No on 47

   While we do not approve of the Sheriff's Office using Nixle for political propaganda, we will report that they have sent an advisory message out on their announcement line.

   The Advisory is not to warn for a criminal or a hazard, but to inform voters that they would like you to vote NO on Prop 47.

   The Sierra Sentinel agrees with this advisory.

Calaveras Arts Council Book Launch Event

Saturday November 15, 2014 from 9AM to 4 PM
Camps Restaurant at Greenhorn Creek
Call 754-0577 for reservations

Pickup hits tree in Sonora

   October 27, 2014 at 11 AM:  A white pickup has reportedly hit a tree at Tuolumne Road and Lambert Lake Road in Sonora.

   Emergency personnel are responding to the scene.

Arnold man arrested for Concealed Weapon

   On October 24, 2014 at around 2:30 PM the Calaveras Sheriff's Office arrested Kyle Patrick Cox (33), General Delivery in Arnold, on Hwy 4 at Bret Harte Drive for allegedly Carrying a concealed Dirk or Dagger and Possession of Concentrated Cannibis, both felonies and for Disorderly Conduct due to Alcohol, a misdemeanor.

   Cox was booked into the Calaveras County Jail.


CHP report of Head-on Collision on Pool Station Road

   On October 25, 2014 at around 3:30 PM Brittney M. Powell (25) of Linden was driving a 1991 Honda Civic northbound on Pool Station Road, south of Upper Andy Road at 40-45 MPH, approaching

Cow out in Copperopolis

  October 27, 2014 at 10 AM:  A black cow has been reported out on Copper Cove Drive at Black Creek Drive in Copperopolis.

   Animal Services has been notified.  Use extra caution if traveling in that area.

Copperopolis Arrest for Attempted Murder

   UPDATE:  See also "Sheriff's report on Stabbing"

Why did McClintock lie and blame his wife?? Throw him OUT!!

    Most everyone knows that Tom McClintock lied to the voters when he promised that he would NOT double dip.

   When he was caught double-dipping his pension, he totally blamed his wife,

Major Injury Motorcycle Accident on Hwy 88

   October 26, 2014 at 12 Noon:  A motorcycle accident has been reported on Hwy 88 at Mormon  Emigrant Trail and the rider has major injuries.

   An ambulance has been dispatched to the scene. This is near Iron Mountain Snow Park. The eastbound lanes of Hwy 88 are currently shut down by fire EMT.

Traffic Hazard in San Andreas

   UPDATE:  CHP has now cleared the hazard.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Calaveras Right Wing Agenda Supervisors meeting Tuesday

   On October 28, 2014 at 9 AM the Pontiff Debbie Ponte will hold a long prayer session in order to try and forgive the sins of all the women who dare to believe they should have RIGHTS!

Traffic Accident on Hwy 4

   October 26, 2014 at 3:40 PM:  A traffic accident was reported at Hwy 4 at Six Mile Road in Vallecito.  No injuries have been reported.

   CHP is responding to the scene.

Park Fire continues

 UPDATE:  This fire was fully contained it was confirmed by Cal Fire at 3.8 acres, fortunately. The area is being monitored for any hot spots.

Vehicle rollover in Avery

   October 26, 2014 at 2:50 PM:  A vehicle has been reported rolled over into a ditch at Grey Mare Rd in Avery.

   CHP and an ambulance has been dispatched to the scene.

Someone just dumped dog on Liberty Road

   October 26, 2014 at 1 PM:  CHP just received a report from a vehicle that saw someone in another vehicle dump a dog along side the road at Hwy 88 and Liberty Road.

   Apparently Animal Control is not available.

Traffic Accident in Valley Springs

   October 26, 2014 at 12:30 PM:  A traffic accident has been reported on Hwy 12 in Valley Springs. Emergency personnel are en route to the scene.

Traffic Accident on Hwy 49

   UPDATE: As of 8:30 AM the roadway is back open. Minor injuries only were reported.

Vehicle rollover in Copperopolis

   October 26, 2014:  A 2 AM rollover single vehicle accident occurred at Hwy 4 and Horeshoe Lane in Copperopolis.

   CHP is still at the scene as of 5 AM. The vehicle was on its roof. An ambulance and tow truck responded.

Chain Control on Hwy 4

   October 26, 2014:  Overnight, chain controls were in effect in the upper elevations of Hwy 4 due to snow and icy conditions.

   The storm has mostly passed, and today the sunshine is due to return.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Letter to the Editor .... Outside Spending in Calaveras County

   Dear Editor:

    Few can dispute the fact that outside political spending is designed to influence the outcome of elections.

   By outside spending, I mean

A rainbow in Copperopolis

Fire at Big Trees South Grove

   See also 'Park Fire continues'

Head-on Collision on Pool Station Road

   UPDATE:  See also 'CHP report of Head-on Collision'

Traffic Accident at Kirkwood

  UPDATE:  A big rig is stuck in the snow and the driver has left the scene. The Caltrans gate was hit.

Look! Bobbi has two kits this year!

Throw the Tea Party Bums out! Vote for Art Moore!!

Unlike the lazy incumbent, Art Moore is a Veteran,
was awarded Bronze Star,
Lives in our District and respects everyone!!

Bycyclist hit on Hwy 49

   October 25, 2014 at 12 Noon:  A bicyclist has been hit by a vehicle at Hwy 49 and Hwy 120 in Moccasin.

   The vehicle left the scene after hitting the cyclist.  Emergency vehicles are responding, including an ambulance.


   The burn suspension has NOT been lifted.  Do not start burning just because we are getting a little rain.

   You will be cited for misdemeanor burning without a permit.  No BURNING!!!

Spin out on Hwy 4 at Stallion Way

   October 25, 2014 at 10:45 AM:  A solo vehicle has spun out at Hwy 4 at Stallion Way just west of Angels Camp. No injuries have been reported. A tow truck was called.

   Emergency personnel are en route to the area. Busy morning. Be careful, the roads are slick with the fresh rain. Four accidents in the entire Stockton CHP dispatch area and three of them are in Calaveras County.

Fire reported in West Point

 October 25, 2014 at 10:35 AM:  A small vegetation fire has been reported on Tree Lane at Paul Road in West Point.

   An engine has been dispatched to the scene.

Vehicle Rollover in Valley Springs

   UPDATE:  It is now reported that no injuries occurred in this accident.

Traffic Accident in Arnold

   UPDATE:  No injuries are now reported in this accident. CHP is clearing.

Motorcycle accident in Soulsbyville

   UPDATE:  Only minor injuries are reported in this accident.

Darlene Olson of Angels Camp

   Darlene Strader Olson passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by family on Saturday October 18, 2014.

   Born in Santa Monica on December 13, 1937, she has lived in Angels Camp for 42 years.

Vehicle Overturned in a ditch

   October 25, 2014 at 9:20 AM:  CHP and an ambulance are responding to a vehicle that reportedly overturned into a ditch at Camanche Rd and Curran Road on the Amador County side of the lake.

   A tow truck is also en route to the accident scene.

Friday, October 24, 2014

We hate to burst the 92 IQ's bubbles, but......

  ....looks like your favorite show, "Honey Boo-Booed" and got cancelled for dating a child predator.

   Oh, well, you've still got your racist duckie guys, huh?

Driver injured in Hwy 88 accident

  October 24, 2014 at 4:45 PM:  A traffic accident was reported on Hwy 88 at Hamms Station in Pioneer. An ambulance and CHP are en route to the scene.

   A tow truck has also been dispatched to the area.

Has Calaveras Candidate Michael Oliveira payed court judgment?

Oliveiras main supporters are the
people who shoot next to homes
at Candyrock Gun Range, an
illegal range in Ebbetts Pass.
    UPDATE on August 1, 2014:  We are extremely concerned about the comments we have received regarding Michael Oliveiras past in Danville. 

Jackson City Council meets

     On Monday October 27, 2014 at 7 PM the Jackson City Council meets for its regular meeting in Jackson City Hall on Broadway in Jackson.

   On their agenda is reviewing the Protest Vote to raising sewer rates.

World Series 2014 Game 3 tonight

   With a 1-1 tie, the Royals are in San Francisco to fact the Giants tonight in game 3. The game is scheduled to begin on FOX Sports at 5:07 PM. 

CHP officer may be charged for nude photos

   A Dublin area CHP officer has been under investigation for allegedly having the cell phone of a woman he took into custody for DUI

Arrest for Elder Abuse

   On October 23, 2014 the Calaveras Sheriff's Office arrested Christopher Salem Bates (28) of Mokelumne Hill, in West Point for allegedly Causing harm or death to an Elder Dependent and Threatening a Crime with the Intent to Terrorize, both felonies.

   Bates was booked into the Calaveras County Jail.

Shooting at a Marysville, Washington school

   UPDATE:  It was just reported that one of the students that was shot has died.

Letter to the Editor...Realtor against Realtors

   Dear Editor:

   Please do not print my name, as due to the violent nature of the Oliveira camp, it is dangerous to identify yourself. 

Bret Harte football game location changed

   Bret Harte High School is trying to notify anyone planning on attending the away game tonight against Livermore Valley, that it will be held at Granada High School in Livermore.

Spring College Classes at Calaveras High

   On November 20, 2014 at 12:30 PM Delta College will be taking registration for Spring 2015 Courses provided at Calaveras High School.

Gold nugget found in Butte County--For Sale

Turns out the Butte Nugget
is 6.07 lbs and will be put up for sale.
It is expected to bring around $350,000.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Doctor in New York has Ebola

   A doctor in New York who returned from Africa 10 days ago has tested positive for Ebola. He was with Doctors Without Borders.

OP-ED....If you care about Ebbetts Pass, Calaveras District 3

    If you care about Ebbetts Pass, Calaveras District 3....

    I have had to make a tough decision about the November 4, 2014 election.  What needs to happen is to elect a Supervisor FOR

Traffic Accident in Arnold

   October 23, 2014 at 2:10 PM:   A traffic accident has been reported at Upper Moran Road and Hwy 4 in Arnold. A car went over the side.

   CHP, fire and an ambulance are en route to the scene. One person is apparently pinned in the vehicle.  Hwy 4 is partially blocked. A tow truck has been dispatched.

James Dominic DePosta of Rail Road Flat

     James Dominic DePosta, 29, of Rail Road Flat passed away October 19, 2014 at Mark Twain

CCWD Water Leak Repaired

   We were just notified that the water leak at Cedar Center in Arnold has now been repaired. The photo is of the old removed section.

Per Joel Metzger, the water has been turned back on in the Arnold area.

Angels Camp man arrested

   On October 22, 2014 around 1 AM Angels Camp Police arrested Cory Scott Monteer (26) of Angels Camp for allegedly Threatening a Crime with the Intent to Terrorize and First Degree Burglary, both felonies and for Battery, a misdemeanor.

   Monteer was booked into the Calaveras County Jail. We show that Monteer was arrested in Avery on February 14, for alleged felony manufacturing of drugs and released by the Calaveras Sheriff for lack of space.

County Fair wins Tourism Award

   According to Laurie Giannini, the Calaveras County Fair won a Tourism Award for the 2014 fair for apparently bringing in tourists to the county.


Fire in Sonora

   October 23, 2014 at 8:50 AM:  Sonora fire personnel are responding to a commercial fire alarm at the Grocery Outlet on Washington Street in Sonora.

   The only detail we have is that the sprinklers were set off.

Red Angus Cow in roadway

   October 23, 2014 at 8:25 AM:  A red angus cow has been reported in the roadway at Hwy 120 and Walnut Ave. in Oakdale.

   Be extra cautious if headed in that direction.

If you like this.....

....then vote for McClintock!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Citation for illegal debris burning

   At 8:45 AM on October 22, 2014 CalFire responded to a call for a vegetation fire in the !6000 block of Creekside Drive in Sonora.

   Firefighters discovered an illegal burn and immediately extinguished it.  The homeowner was cited for misdemeanor Burning without a Permit.  Only a spot of vegetation was burned.

Water Main break in Downtown Arnold

   CCWD has just notified us that a main water line break in Cedar Center is causing a water outage in most of the downtown area of Arnold.

   About 500 residents and businesses are affected. It could take up to 8 hours to repair the break.

Leader of Nixon Investigation dies

  Ben Bradlee, the Editor in Chief of the Washington Post during the Nixon investigation and Watergate scandal,  has died at the age of 93.

Bear Cub in Aisle 5 ?

   This bear cub somehow sneaked into a Rite Aid store and was the hit of the internet last night.  In the videos, no one tried to chase it away; instead they tried to get it to come to them.

   He was captured and taken to a wildlife refuge center. They never did see the mama bear.

Dallas Animal Services clears dog

   The dog of the infected Ebola nurse in Dallas has tested negative for the Ebola virus, much to the relief of his owner.

   The Dallas Animal Services department has had him in quarantine.

New Poll shows Online harassment high

      A new poll shows that 40 percent of all Internet users have been personally harasses online and 73 percent have seen it happen to others.

   Also, 70 percent of young people have been harassed online at some time or other.

Blackwater Guards GUILTY!

   Today, four former Blackwater Guards were convicted in the killings of 30 Iraqis in 2007. One was found guilty of murder and the other three of manslaughter.

   They had been contracted by the State Department to protect diplomats in Baghdad.

OP-ED...Endorsement for Judge

   Vote Courtroom Experience Practicing the Law:

   As local business owners in Murphys and Victim Advocates for Citizens Against Homicide, we endorse

Calaveras Arts Council gets $1500 from Office of Education

   The Calaveras arts Council announces that the Calaveras County Office of Education County Superintendent, Kathy Northington has awarded them $1500 to help fund their Arts in the School Program for 2014-15.

   The CCOE is so supportive of this program that they have allocated funds annually for almost as long as the program has existed.

Candidates for Calaveras Judge--Video on You Tube

   In Valley Springs last week, a candidate's night was held where we had a great debate over qualifications and quality for Judge of Calaveras County.

   You have got to watch it. Go to You tube and search Candidates Night/Rancho Calaveras. It will be the first one to come up. We never see debates like this for Judge in Calaveras County.

    You will learn what a good judge should be. Dana Pfeil was outstanding, both as an aggressive woman and her attention to detail went right down to politely correcting Gary Tofanelli, the moderator, towards the end.  Vote for Dana Pfeil.

Murphys Sanitary District meets//Manholes on Jones Street project

   On Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 9:30 AM the Murphys Sanitary District meets to discuss a capitol improvement project, the manholes on Jones Street in Murphys.

   Also on the agenda is negotiation for property at 333 Main Street.    The meeting will be held at their office at 90 Big Trees Road.

Angels Camp Arrest for False Imprisonment, Battery

  On October 21, 2014 at around 11:45 AM the Angels Camp Police Department arrested Matthew Eric Hagaman (30) of Angels Camp near Bragg Street and Stork Road for alleged False Imprisonment, a felony and Battery, a misdemeanor.

    Hagaman was booked into the Calaveras County Jail.

Big Rig hits tree at Jack Tone Road

  October 22, 2014 at 8:45 AM:  A big rig ran off the road and hit a tree at Mariposa and Jack Tone Road, outside of Stockton.

   An ambulance is en route to the scene due to injuries.

Angels Camp City Council "Here they go again!"

  UPDATE:  The plan was voted down by the City Council at last night's meeting. A little power to the PEOPLE!!

World Series 2014 game 1 goes to Giants

   Due to the pitching of Bumgarner, the Giants swept over the Royals 7-1 last night.

   Game 2 in Kansas City tonight. Can they continue to dominate?

McClintock begs for Tea Party help

   The McClintock campaign has sent out an emergency email, begging all Tea Party members to come to Roseville to try and help him save his cushy job in Washington.

   Since not one newspaper that we know of, has endorsed him, his campaign is dependent on Tea Party voters only. They must be feeling desperate!

Letter to the Editor: Judge of Department 2

   Dear Editor:

   Having been a Police Officer and Courtroom Bailiff for over 44 years, I have seen dozens of Judges and hundreds of Attorneys in Court.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

OP-ED..By Mike Borean

   Dear Voters of District Three,

   Why I have chosen to support Merita Callaway for Calaveras County District 3 Supervisor and why I strongly oppose the candidacy of Michael Oliveira.

   First, the positives. 

Our beautiful Sierra Nevada Bluejays

Big rig hits overpass on Hwy 99

   UPDATE at 1 PM:  Caltrans has been forced to close all northbound lanes of Hwy 99 due to the structural damage to the overpass. Six CHP units are trying to divert traffic for Caltrans.

"Protect the US against Ebola!!" Fence off Texas!

Keep Ebola where it is
now centered--in Texas!!
   In the state of Texas, we must have heard from every extremist Republican in office on the scary possibility of Ebola epidemics in the US.

   Well, Stephen Colbert, on his show last night, came up with the solution to protect us all from the center of the disease; that is, to barricade around Texas, no flights out, 20' fence on the northern border.

    This would also protect us from the extremist nutcases who try to use scare tactics to get  votes!

Traffic Accident in Coulterville

  UPDATE:  A tow truck has been sent to clear the roadway.

One thing women have learned from the Oscar Pistorius trial!

   When Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to 5 years in prison for Culpable Homocide for killing his girlfriend with four bullets through a door, women everywhere learned something.

   NEVER go to South Africa if you are not getting along with your husband or boyfriend. They could get away with murder.

   Looks like Pistorius will serve perhaps 10 months and then be put on home sentence. Not bad!

Traffic Collision in Columbia

   October 21, 2014 at 11 AM:  A traffic collision has been reported at Hwy 49 and Rawhide Road in Columbia.

   A gold Toyota and a black sedan are involved. No injuries have been reported by be cautious if driving in that area.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Big Rig into tree in Mokelumne Hill

   October 20, 2014 at 5:50 PM:  Emergency personnel are responding to a traffic accident near Hwy 49 and Poverty Gulch Court in Mokelumne Hill.

   A semi reportedly ran off the roadway into a tree.  No injuries are reported.

Pickup Rolls over near Columbia

   UPDATE:  Fire personnel found truck empty.

Angels Camp Museum FREE Preschooler time

    The Angels Camp Museum is holding FREE Winter Preschool Storytime and Art Activity time at the museum.

   From 10 AM to 11 AM on Monday November 17, 2014 will be American Indian Heritage and on December 15, 2014 from 10 to 11 AM will be Dreaming of Trains.

   For more information call 736-2963.

House fire at Don Pedro

  UPDATE at 10:50 AM:  The homeowner needs an ambulance due to smoke inhalation.

Early morning fog above Angels Camp

Fog lay over Bear Mountain this morning, like a grey blanket.