Wednesday, February 28, 2018

CHP gets new Commissioner

California Highway Patrol got a new Commissioner
today. They continue to weed out the dirty cops, the
violent cops and the racist cops from their force.
Congratulations Warren Stanley!

Calaveras County in the New York Times???

   Who would ever believe that a little county like Calaveras would be even mentioned in the big city paper, The New York Times?

   Well, leave it to the idiots

Placerville girl on the Voice!

Her last name is Lovey. She sang an Elvis song and was picked by
Allysha. She's only 17.

Eagles coming to Golden 1 Center

   If you want tickets to see the Eagles perform, you better call and reserve them

Hope Hicks...member of the family---GONE!!!

   After spending 9 hours being questioned and knowing Mueller has even a longer time planned for her, Trumps favorite child, Hope Hicks quit the White House today.

  It won't stop Mueller from pulling her in to find out about the phony lies for Donald Jr's meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower, though.

NFL says bye-bye to Papa John's Pizza

   Due to pressure from the owner of Papa John's Pizza, who attempted to exert pressure over the NFL teams to punish players who kneeled last year, the NFL has severed ties to the pizza man.
   The new pizza sponsor will be Pizza Hut. Good for the NFL. You cannot allow political nut cases who love Trump, to dictate to your teams.

No Fired Cop or PTSD military allowed weapons?

   We believe firmly that California needs to further tighten the gun laws.  Trump this morning complained that California is not helping him

City of Angels Camp Police cutting hours

  UPDATE:  As everyone is aware, the comment below is shared by many, including the Sierra Sentinel and the Calaveras County Grand Jury, who says they need to resign

Big storm coming in tonight

   February 28, 2018:  National weather service reports that Northern California is going to receive a big storm starting late Wednesday night and lasting for at least three days.

   A couple of inches of rain at lower elevations and the most snow in one storm since 2011, according to their report.  So batten down the hatches, get out the batteries and candles.

And another NRA supporter 'bites the dust'!

   Dick's Sporting Goods CEO came out this morning, saying that they are banning all

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A yellow cardinal??

This rare yellow cardinal was spotted by a bird lover, who knew how
rare it was.  In fact, since the female cardinals are attracted to red,
this fellow will probably live out a lonely existence. But we
think he's beautiful!!!

Foothills Rising

UPDATE on February 17, 2018:  So what are they doing now?  And how many racists have they eliminated from our foothills?

  Foothills Rising issued a press release late on August 14, 2017 stating they condemn deadly rally of white supremacists and invites

Kushner's Security Clearance CUT!!!

Who, me?  I thought you were only after
the Daddy-in-law!
   I a letter addressed to John Kelly, Chief of Staff at the Trump White House, it was stated in no uncertain terms that:

  Jared Kusher will no longer have access to any Top Secret Security documents. That includes any admittance to the President's Daily FBI briefing.  WHOA!!!

Collision on Hwy 4

   February 27, 2018 at 2:30 PM:  A traffic collision has been reported on Hwy 4 at Stallion Way just below Angels Camp.

   CHP, an ambulance and a tow truck are responding to the scene. Be cautious on that narrow road.

Turn 18???? Move recently???

Your country needs you!!!

B of A deserted Calaveras, but plans 500 new locations

   When Bank of America deserted Calaveras County and its customers, they were adamant that they were going to be online, basically forever.

  Not true!!  They were just unloading rural areas like Calaveras. They now plan to add 500 new locations in larger metropolitan areas like Denver and in Ohio. 

George Wallace, the 2nd!! Aren't you proud, Trumpers???

San Diego TV station gets the BIRD!!!

Co-anchor thinks its pretty funny that a big bird flew in and landed
on the head of his KFNB partner.  Cute!!

CHP releases names of Glencoe fatalities

   CHP has released the names of the two people who died as a result of a head-on collision

Comcast tops Murdochs FOX offer to buy SKY TV

    Rupert Murdoch want to buy SKY TV, the largest pay TV company in the UK. Disney has also made an offer.

   Now Comcast, the owner of NBC and Universal Pictures, has made a larger offer: $31 billion.

Is Fed-EX clinging to the NRA???

   Now that # Boycott the NRA is widespread, the public is paying more attention to what companies are aiding and abetting the NRA's violent

Monday, February 26, 2018

Better hope no shooter comes to Calaveras HIgh School

   First the Calaveras Unified Superintendent and the Sheriff's Office had a discussion of how to handle active shooters on campuses.

   It was reported that they already have drill and now that Trump says he will go in without any weapon, we don't need AR 15's. 

In Memory of Gregory Martin Fowler

   Gregory M. Fowler
   March 1, 1949 to February 8, 2018

   From an historic Los Gatos family, native Gregory M. Fowler "Greg", 67, died after an 11 year stoic fight with cancer at Mark Twain Hospital in San Andreas, with his

Three ways to go broke??

   Warren Buffet was interviewed this morning about how he got started and how he kept from going broke.

   Buffett said there are three ways of going broke:  LIQUOR, LADIES or LEVERAGE!!! How smart he is.

Mexican President hangs up on Trump: Cancels trip!!!

   Trump never gives up. He really believes that if he just harasses the President of Mexico enough,

Trump: The coward of the NATION

   Trump gave a speech today, saying that he feels he would have run into the classrooms where the shooter was, even without a weapon.

   The coward, who was

Snowing in Murphys

 February 26, 2018 at 10:30 AM:  Just as you start up the upper grade road on Hwy 4 out of Murphys, the snow starts falling. No chains required yet, but if it keeps up, its only a matter

Native American tribes may enter pot business

  In Los Angeles, an effort is underway for the many Native American tribes, who already have lucrative casinos on their lands, to enter the California pot business.

   Since they have been literally cut out of the current structure, they say they may operated their own farms and retail stores on tribal lands!  Good for them!!

Thank you Caltrans...bear crossing!!!!

This sign is now posted on Hwy 4 in Avery.
Thank you Caltrans for trying to help
save our beautiful black bears!!!

Traffic collision outside Murphys

   February 26, 2018 at 8:45 AM:  A traffic collision has been reported on French Gulch Road, outside Murphys.

   CHP, a tow truck and an ambulance are responding to the scene.

Texas wants racist gun nuts!!!

  Over the weekend we heard that the state of Texas is telling racists and gun nuts that they are welcome in Texas.  Real estate is booming in the rural areas of the state.

   They always say they don't like dealing with California liberals and will feel at home in a state with like beliefs and a cheaper standard of living.

Instead of a GUN in every classroom....

This looks like Tonto, from the movie
Harry and Tonto!! Lucky kids!!

Conservatives Disgusting Racists (CPAC)

We are the 'new and improved'
RRRR Party
   Trump is the leader of the Rampant Revolting Racist Republican Party (not the

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Move to Auburn???

   We just learned that the 130 year old El Toyon Mansion is for sale in Auburn. They are only asking

Car vs. bicyclist in Escalon

   February 25, 2018 at 3:15 PM:  A vehicle has collided with a bicycle at River Road and Santa Fe Road in Escalon.

   Major injuries have been indicated. An ambulance is responding to the scene..

Loose horse in Escalon

   February 25, 2018 at 8 AM:  A loose horse has been reported on Escalon Bellota Road at Lone Pine Drive in Escalon.

   Be cautious until someone claims it and they can get it off the roadway.

The only way to fight GUN MASS MURDERS???

   There is only one way to fight GUN MASS MURDERS!!

Electrocuted men will survive CalFire injuries

   Two men who suffered severe internal and external burns at a CalFire construction site in Altaville will survive. A third

State run TV News says..

   Trump called in an interview on his State run TV channel last night, attempting to defend his

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Warriors reject Trump: Trump furious and embarrassed!

  Our Champion Golden State Warriors rejected Trump and his racist mouth, refusing to visit the White House while

Harvard Senior Fellow says 'take a stand on gun control'

   Bill George, Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School and former CEO, says that companies need to take a stand on gun control against the NRA.

   He says this will 'motivate your employees' and  'inspire your customers'! Amazing discussion on Squawk on the Street yesterday.

CHP: Two die on Hwy 26

   According to the CHP on February 23, 2018 around 3:10 PM units responded to a reported traffic collision on Hwy 26 at Ponderosa Way in Glencoe.

#BoycotttheNRA spreading

   Several airlines have now cut their ties with the NRA. Seems the boycott is spreading across the country.

  Anyone who believes they cannot own a gun without being an NRA member should check again. But go ahead and send in your money, cause we hear Wayne LaPierre wants a 3rd estate.

Three car Collision on Hwy 4

   February 24, 2018 at 9 AM:  A three vehicle traffic collision has been reported on Hwy 4 at Monge Ranch Road in Douglas Flat.

   Two cars are pulled off to the side, but there is debris. No injuries are indicated.

Tribalism in America

   Is America really a melting pot of immigrants or is that no longer true?  The Immigration Department is removing that

Red Toyota overturned in Mokelumne Hill

   February 24, 2018 at 7:45 AM:  A red Toyota is reported overturned on Hwy 26 at Italian Vista Drive in Mokelumne Hill.

   An off duty EMT is attempting to help the injured. An ambulance is en route to the scene. The driver is trapped inside.

Closer and Closer to Oval office

   They couldn't, in our opinion, have picked a better Special Counsel to investigate

Friday, February 23, 2018

Vehicle struck several times in Lockeford area

   UPDATE: Fortunately minor injuries resulted from this collision.

Trump off-script at CPAC--Makes fool of himself

   Every time Trump stops reading the prepared speech and begins to ad lib, the county gets into trouble, climbing into an ever

Head-on Collision in Glencoe--FATALITY

  UPDATE:  This is now listed as a FATALITY.

 February 23, 2018 at 4:20 PM:  A head-on traffic

Fowler conviction thrown out!! Set free??? What about RACISTS?????

   Due to mistakes by the Calaveras District Attorney and Sheriff's department, the California State Court of Appeals has thrown out the conviction

Traffic collision in Arnold

   February 23, 2018. at 12:40 PM:  A traffic collision has been reported at Pine and Country Club streets in Arnold.

     Three vehicles were involved and it is blocking the roadway. No injuries have been indicated.

Wild and Scenic Mokelumne River back on agenda

   The Calaveras Supervisors agenda for Tuesday February 27, 2018 includes the Wild and Scenic River designation.

   The California State Natural Resources Agency has put this on the agenda for parts of the Mokelumne.

Sheriff (interim) DiBasilio asks Sessions for help

   Calaveras temporary Sheriff DiBasilio has made it official. Now that the three supervisor buddies of his (Tofanelli, Clapp and Mills)  have enacted his BAN on Cannabis, he is asking

Three Stockton High Schools stage walk out

   Edison, Stagg and Lincoln high school students walked out of classes today, in protest of gun violence.  Stockton would know about gun violence.

   Stockton Police have been monitoring the situation. Sherwood Mall is the gathering place for these students.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car ends NRA discounts

   After Omaha Bank cut all ties with the NRA and refuse to re-issue the NRA credit card, Enterprise Rent-A-Car followed suit.

   Enterprise had been giving big discounts to NRA members in an agreement set up and agreed to by both. CEO of Enterprise said it was due to customer feedback about the NRA.

Major injuries in Hwy 88 crash involving plow truck

   February 23, 2018 at 10:30 AM:  A collision involving a car and a plow truck has caused major injuries on Hwy 88 at Sugar Loaf Road in the Pine Grove area.

    The area is very icy.  Caltrans was notified. Be careful anywhere in the mountains as ice formed on the roadways overnight due to low temperatures.

Trump cracks joke about his BALD Spot

Trump actually joked about his well-known bald spot this morning
at CPAC, among friends. This man is weird!!!

You can depend on the Sierra Sentinel....LOCK HIM UP!!!

   We will not weaken, we will not cower away from, nor will we ever stop being the

Stay off Hwy 4 above Murphys if possible

   February 23, 2018 at 9:30 AM:  Hwy 4 is solid ice this morning, nearly all the way down to Murphys.

   Very dangerous driving. The temp is around

Rick Gates pleads guilty today

   Rick Gates, who has been Manafort's right hand guy for years, will be in court today and is expected to plead guilty.

  Apparently the new charges filed yesterday may have caused a plea agreement and we'll see if he is flipping for Mueller.

Jimmy Kimmel says: Can't sit idly by

Get off the potty and do something!
Register and VOTE!
Go to meetings! Make phone calls!
Do something!!
   "We can't sit idly by and let gun violence claim the lives of innocent Americans --especially

Cow on Hwy 4

   February 23, 2018 at 7:10 AM:  A brown cow has been reported on Hwy 4 in Copperopolis.

   Be cautious until CHP can locate the owner and clear the roadway.

Trump called cowardly cop a 'patriot' and a 'good guy'????

Hey! I'm white, I'm NRA! I'm a
'patriot ' and a 'good guy'
Trump says so.
Not my job man!!!! 
   If we've learned anything in the last 24 hours, it is that Trump was right that we will be forced to use our teachers to defend students at school, as only THEY did in Florida.

   While bullets were flying

Thursday, February 22, 2018

A PRO-LIFE political party who supports selling of the AR 15....

The party of death is a
dead political party!!!
    Which political party is it who claims to be PRO-LIFE?  Oh, the right wing Republicans?  Such

Omaha Bank ends NRA Visa support

   For many years the Omaha Bank has carried the NRA Visa accounts. That is, until today.

   They announced they are ending their relationship with the NRA, effective immediately.

The bullet of an AR 15 travels how fast??? No outrunning the AR 15!!

   Lawrence O'Donnell just showed some facts about the AR 15 assault rifle and why the military

Stuck in snow, slid off the road, ran into tree

   February 22, 2018 at 5:30 PM:  All afternoon we have seen CHP reports of vehicles sliding off

Chains required on Hwy 4 at Forest Meadows

   It is snowing and chains are now required on Hwy 4 at Forest Meadows.

   Drive carefully and slow down if headed into the mountains.  Good skiing at Bear Valley this weekend.

Will NRA mental conditions stop gun sales???

   If the NRA enacts mental health conditions as a prerequisite for buying guns, we see good, positive changes

Cowardly deputy did not try to help students!!

   Videos of the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School proved that having a cop at the school with a gun is worthless.

   The deputy is shown in the video hiding outside the building that needed his help. So much for that idea.

32 new indictments of Trump staff

  Mueller has filed new indictments today, 32 of them in fact, against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, former campaign aides.

 Among them are Federal Tax and Bank Fraud. Where will this all end????

OH, Take a Hike!!!

A farm in Maine allows the public to come in
and hike along with the goats on their farm.
What a great idea!!

Trump calls NRA "good people" and 'patriots'...huh??!!

   Let's see now, when did we last hear those words from Trump? Oh, yes, after the woman was killed by a white supremacist

Trump suggests giving bonuses to "teachers willing to shoot"

   Your dear leader is now suggesting that all teachers willing to be in a shootout with an armed suspect in a hallway or classroom at school should get bonuses.

   Any teacher willing to agree to that is mentally unstable and should NEVER be allowed to have a gun!!

Get rid of the NRA~~ Vote them out!! All of them!!

Register online to vote in the May primary!!

Mass murderers: Right wingers???

   A New York Congresswoman who is now worried about losing her seat, tried to dissuade people from believing that it is the conservative right-wing extremists

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Not sure why, but she better run like h***!

Arrest for bringing Controlled Substance to the jail

   On February 21, 2018 at around 7:35 PM California Highway Patrol arrested Marjorie Ann Hale (56) of Sheep Ranch at Hwy 4 and Sheep Ranch Road in Avery.

   Hale was booked into the Calaveras County Jail

Concealed weapon arrest at golf course

   On February 21, 2018 Calaveras Sheriff deputies arrested Samuel Herbert Swyers, III (51) of

Chains required on Hwy 4

  UPDATE: Chains now required just above Camp Connell.

Hoax threat to Tuolumne County schools

   A threated posted to social media by a name SHS, has created panicked security at some northern California schools

Gun stores closing????

  We hear that gun stores in California are closing, and in many cases, leaving California because they do not like gun regulation. Who thinks HUNTING children with

Cow on Hwy 49

   February 22, 2018 at 9:25 AM:  A cow has been reported on Hwy 49 near the airport between San Andreas and Angels Camp.

   Be cautious until CHP can locate the owner and remove the animal from the roadway.

NRA's $6 million a year LaPierre wants to militarize all schools!!!

   Crazy man LaPierre, another NRA nut who we believe is so mentally ill who should not be allowed to have a gun, is at his fellow CPAC wack jobs selling


The new requirement for
safety in the classroom.
  Trump stated that he wants each teacher to carry a gun now. Of course, this man is too insane to qualify

Generation ready for Prime Time TV..

   It has become clear in the past week, that teens in Parkland are not afraid of TV cameras, reporters questions or 

Marco Rubio sweats BIGLY at NRA question!!

  One of the Parkland students asked Marco Rubio last night if he would stop accepting cash from the NRA.  The sweat poured off him, BIGLY. At least he showed up, unlike Governor Scott,

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

CNN Town Hall--Powerful and Clear--CHANGES !!!!

   After watching part of the worthless 'listening' session at Trump's White House, where he invited fellow supporters who actually PRAISED him, to say we were

AR-15's in Florida schools now!!

We'll show YOU kids!! More guns, not less guns!!
More violence, not less violence!
   Instead of doing something to end gun violence like banning assault rifles or increasing the age limit to get guns, Trump yelled back at the children

Trump only allowed "TRUMPERs" in the meeting???

   It just about made you sick to hear anyone who had just been through the Valentines Day Slaughter in Parkland, praise this sicko

Activist Workshop planned in Murphys

   The Calaveras County Democrats are announcing that they are holding a Workshop for Activists on Saturday March 10, 2018.

   It will be held at Murphys Suites in Murphys from 10 AM to 2 PM right on Hwy 4.  The cost is only $5 each.  What a wonderful idea.

Did Bannon get home loans in trade for White House job promise?

   There are questions about two loans that Steve Bannon received in late 2016 and early 2017 from Stephen Calk of Federal Savings Bank.

   Was Calk promised a big job

Injuries at CalFire construction site in Altaville

UPDATE:  The injured are being flown to UC Davis.

   UPDATE:  A third ground ambulance

American AXIS of EVIL!!

  So sad but true, that the children of the USA are victims of the American AXIS of EVIL!!

   They are peripheral damage of dead children

Some Presidents have had kitchen cabinets..

   Kitchen cabinets are not uncommon among our Presidents here in the US to get advice from regular folks.

   Trump, however, is the first to have a

Televangelist Billy Graham dead at 99

   One thing you can say about Billy Graham, besides the fact that he made snide remarks about Jews while at the Nixon White House, and later admitted he probably could have done more on

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Arnold woman arrested

   On February 16, 2018 Calaveras Sheriff deputies arrested Amy Lynn McGuire (45) of Arnold on the Arnold Bypass.

   McGuire was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for alleged Assault with a Deadly Weapon, not a firearm, a felony.

Appeal of cannabis at Old San Andreas Airport

UPDATE:  The three Supervisors left to vote, after taking yet another recess, voted against the grower. We believe that County Counsel knew if they admit they were wrong they would be sued for all the losses, crop, damage to property, etc. after the illegal bust

Jeanne Marelli (Stewart) Gibbens of San Andreas

   Longtime San Andreas resident Jeanne Marelli (Stewart) Gibbens passed away on February 13, 2018 at the age of 92.

   She was preceded in death

Today is National Love Your Pet Day

Clooneys donate $500,000 to students

   George and Amal Clooney have donate $500,000 for the student march against gun violence on March 24, 2018.

  "Our family will be there on March 24 to stand side by side with this incredible generation of young people from all over the country". George Clooney said in his statement.

Another woman speaks up about TRUMP!!

  A woman who was a receptionist at Trump Tower says Trump forced a 2 minute kiss on her.

   Trump denies even knowing the woman, as usual.

Know an able-bodied Welfare recipient??Trumps gonna get you!!

   Trump is forcing welfare recipients receiving Medicaid to prove they are not capable of working at all.  Many are able to do some type of work, and that is really better for them anyway.

   If you know anyone who is taking Medicaid and not working at all, better let them  know that Trump is after them. 

Supervisor Oliveira only NO vote on raises

   At the Calaveras Supervisor meeting on February 20, 2018 District 3 Supervisor Oliveira was the only

Rite-Aid bought out by Albertsons

   A conglomeration of grocery chains, including Safeway, have made a deal to buy Rite-Aid pharmacies.

  They are paying $4.37 billion. They plan to compete with Amazon grocery deliveries.

Cow out on Hwy 4 in Copperopolis

   February 20, 2018 at 8:15 AM:  A cow has been reported out on Hwy 4 near Hodson Road in Copperopolis.

   They are trying to locate the owner. Be cautious in that area.

Anonymous delivery driver concerned???

   We have been told that an anonymous delivery driver in Calaveras is very concerned about deliveries he makes to one certain

Remember Resolution 07-242?? Callaway's vote to destroy Calaveras???

   First, she and Wilensky brought in an incompetent friend from Amador County to tear

Tobacco and guns: Legal and lethal to humans

   Andrew Ross Sorkin of Squawk Box today likened the tobacco industry with the gun industry of today.

   Finally, something was done about tobacco. Lawsuits, lawsuits and more lawsuits!!

Trump's "Staggering Dereliction of Duty"....

   ..according to the editorial Washington Post.

MItt Romney: Endorse Trump???

   We remember well what Mitt Romney thought of candidate Trump in 2016:

   " He is a

REWARD: Missing dogs!

   $500 rewards for return of :

       Coco, a brown lab/German shorthair female 10 months old, sleek

Monday, February 19, 2018

Callaway can't get enough locals to serve on committee

   Most likely due to her length of time in office previously (25 years) and many mistakes causing residents to suffer job loss, property value

Chugging into the mist...

Somewhere in England!!!!

Couple who took in shooter

The couple who took in the shooter knew he had many rifles and

Letter to the Editor: Arnold Post Office problems

   Dear Sierra Sentinel editor:

   It's been awhile since I've heard you writing anything about postal employees. Well, since I'm

Goats out on Hwy 49

   February 19, 2018 at 10:25 AM:  Several goats have been reported in the roadway on Hwy 49 near Von Kleiben Road in the Columbia area.

   CHP is en route to the scene. Be cautious until they can be rounded up.

Can any Calaveras District 3 candidate bring people together???

  As you know, we have followed the unfortunate tenure of Supervisor Oliveira, who made many promises when

Adventures of the Gun-totin, Short Racist Coward, the TROLL and his gal thief!!

 "Hooray!!!! An injured deer on Ridge Road in Sutter Creek. On ma' way.

   Lots easier to get one that's already wounded

Mothers and children want gun control

   Although the Congressional Republicans and Trump are bought and paid for by the NRA and refuse to help save our children, at least someone is.

   Students and Mom's are going to walk and have a campaign to try and prevent thousands more from dying at the hands of the NRA lovers.

Collision on Hwy 4

   UPDATE at 9:20 AM:  This incident was reported a 2nd time because no CHP showed up. At first it was believed to be a 2nd collision.

Trump: I'm going to meet with Florida students....????????

Yoda looking for a home

Yoda has curled ears. You can meet him
at the Calaveras Cat House in San Andreas.
He's already neutered and he's adorable!

Russian Indictment--Part 2

   The indictment of the 13 Russians does not include anything about the hacking into the Democratic computer emails.

   Mueller has yet to address the email releases or the meeting at Trump Tower regarding the hacked emails. Trumps idiot tweetstorm over the weekend proves his panic over the investigation.

Chains required on Hwy 4

   February 19, 2018:  Chains are required this morning on Hwy 4 about a mile east of Arnold for vehicles without 4 wheel drive.

   Slight flurries of snow were seen at the 3500' level. Drive carefully.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Daily DC soap opera stealing attention from Governor's race???

    Gavin Newsome feels that all the daily DC drama from the soap opera Trump is stealing attention away from the Governor's race here in California.

   Newsomes main competitor is Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, who is very popular in Southern California.


UPDATE!! Buster adopted in Arnold!! Mew! I'm Buster and I'm waiting for YOU!!

I need a home. Please come visit me at the Calaveras Cat House in
San Andreas. I'm already neutered and have gorgeous green eyes!

Trump: "They are laughing their asses off at us..."

   Trump has been tweeting nearly all night long, so concerned that people will know he in not legitimate and so the Russians succeeded.

   They are laughing their asses off at us, because we got TRUMP. The Russians (Putin) played kingmaker and threw our country into chaos and hatred.

Russian Indictment...part I--Intent to Conspire against US election process

   The 37 page indictment of the 13 Russians and their companies is long and complicated, but one thing we've learned so far:

President's Day Weekend---Without a legitimate President!!!!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Trump up and tweeting about Florida shooter

   Nothing should surprise any of us that Trump is thinking about only himself tonight

Longtime resident and friend, Bill McClure has passed away

Motorcycle collision in San Andreas

   February 17, 2018 at 1:20 PM:  A motorcycle and car have collided on Hwy 49 at Hwy 12 in San Andreas.

   The collision is blocking the roadway. CHP, an ambulance and tow truck are responding to the scene.

Car strikes power pole on Hwy 88

   February 17, 2018 at 10 AM:  A car has struck a power pole just off Hwy 88 at Fergusen and Baker Road between Lockeford and Stockton.

   PG&E, a tow truck and an ambulance are responding to the scene.

Trash alongside the road....

   How often do we pass containers like bags or boxes that have been dumped along the roadside and wonder what was inside?  Could it be puppies or something alive

Florida school shooter took NRA classes

   The NRA has nationwide programs to incentivize their membership to children. This includes free or low cost training on how

Friday, February 16, 2018

Mueller indictment of Russians

  We have downloaded and are going over the indictment of the 13 Russians Mueller announced were being charged today.

   Tomorrow we will report on what we found in the 37 pages written by the Special Counsel.

Two killed and 14 injured in Kentucky school

   Gabriel Parker is apparently being charged as an adult in the shooting in a Kentucky high school on January 23.  His name was just released today.

   Parker is 15 years old.

Amazing, how could this be????

FBI admits tips about Cruz were not passed down

   Apparently the tips the FBI received about the Florida school shooter Cruz, were not passed down to the local field office in Miami in January, and he admits they definitely could

City of Angels taking more control of Transit

   The County of Calaveras has voted to relinquish control of the Calaveras transit bus to the COG.

   A new JPA will be created with the City of Angels Camp getting more control of the buses and, we understand, starting some type of trolley.

City of Angels Camp gets new Financial Officers

   Now that the City of Angels Camp has a new City Administrator, we may see a lot of changes and certainly improvements within city government.

   For one, the McManus

13 Russians indicted -- Trump royally PISSED!!

Oh, no!  Get Putin on the line!!!
   Trump wasn't  notified until after Special Counsel Mueller indicted 13 Russians for meddling in the 2016 election.

   We noticed that he refused to answer questions from the press on his way to Mara Lago , without
his wife!!!

Fire reported in Pioneer

   February 16, 2018 at 9:35 AM: A brush fire has been reported at Hwy 88 and Omo Ranch Road in the Pioneer area.

   Fire personnel are responding to the scene. Haven't heard this much activity in Pioneer in quite a while, busy morning for their first responders.

Overturned vehicle in Mountain Ranch

   February 16, 2018 at 9:30 AM: An overturned car has been reported on Avenue A in Mountain Ranch.

   CHP is responding, along with an ambulance and tow truck.

Help!!! We're sinking into darkness in America!!

How much did you say you'll pay me?????