Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Now, that's a little better!

   After writing a letter of complaint to Caltrans, with Malcolm Dougherty (state Director) and their information PIO's included, we didn't hold out a lot of hope that the events

The Emmerson Family Legacy in California--SPI

Mt. Shasta area.

Burglary in Valley Springs

   On September 29, 2014 a burglary was reported on Pardini Place in Valley Springs.

   A report was taken by the Calaveras Sheriff's Office on an attempted break-in.

  Vandalism was also reported on Baldwin in Valley Springs.

Vandalism in Valley Springs

  On September 29, 2014 the Veterans Memorial District reported vandalism at the snack bar and bathrooms on Pine Street in Valley Springs.

   The Calaveras Sheriff's Office took a report on the incident.

Car in bushes off Hwy 49

  September 30, 2014 at 1 PM:  CHP Is not clearing an accident at Hwy 49 and Shaws Flat Road in Sonora.

    A black car went into the bushes at that location. No injuries were reported.

Cows out on road in Mokelumne Hill

    September 30, 2014 at 11:30 AM:  Two black cows have been reported out in the roadway at Hwy 26 and Hwy 49 in Mokelumne Hill.

   Use extra caution if in that area.

Jungle Primary of Tea Party McClintock who, oddly....

   Yes, the Republican Party is holding a Jungle Primary to get rid of Tea Party McClintock who, oddly, never did move to live in the district he represents, nor was EVER a military veteran.

Enough is enough!! Someone could have been killed!

   The Murphys Grade Road Hwy 4 repaving project has been an inconvenience at best until today. Today we say "enough is enough"!

Yet another endorsement for Art Moore for Congress

photo by Leslie Sterling
at SacBee.com. Moore going
door to door in Rocklin,
enthusiastically greeted by voters!
   The San Luis Obispo Tribune is just another newspaper to endorse Art Moore to replace Tea Party McClintock in November.

   Moore is a veteran who lives in the district, unlike McClintock who is not only NOT a veteran at all, but lives and votes in Ami Bera's district.

Traffic Accident on Hwy 4 in Hathaway Pines

   UPDATE:  This accident was reported at 8:23 AM and CHP did not arrive at the scene until 9:32 AM. Seems like a long time; wonder where he came from.

OP-ED....Is Racism a Mental Illness?

   The SierraSentinel has a policy of accepting no remarks or letters from known racists, gun lunatics or alcoholics. There is a certain segment of the population who believes that is not fair

Icahn gets eBay to spit off PayPal

  Whenever Carl Icahn joins a Board of Directors, the company knows things will happen. Nine months ago Icahn launched a drive to get PayPal split off from eBay.

   Today, eBay announced that they all agree and it will happen some time in 2015.

Pile up on I-580 in Tracy

   UPDATE at 6:25 AM:  This accident has been cleared by CHP.

Art Moore now endorsed by Modesto Bee

   The Modesto Bee, considered by many to be the fiscal conservative newspaper in our area, has endorsed Art Moore to replace Tom McClintock in November.

    McClintock is old, tired and disinterested. He is not a veteran and we need a veteran to support our veterans. He doesn't even live in the district he is supposed to represent.

   We agree and support Art Moore. We need a change. Throw the Tea Party bums out!!

SPI donates to Doug Ose

   In recent public reports, we learned that Sierra Pacific Industries, who has been allowed to clear-cut our forests, donated $6350 to Doug Ose.  SPI owns 1.2 million acres in the Sierra. Anyone collecting money to buy them out and save our forest and its wonderful creatures?

   Now they must want to clear cut the small spaces of natural forest they have left so that all of the wildlife will die and they can just farm and make global warming a reality for the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Monday, September 29, 2014

We do not accept letters from RACISTS or GUN LUNATICS who threaten our President!

  UPDATE:  Not long after posting this message yesterday, we got a comment from one of the banned nuts. They actually said we were interfering with their

The Saga of Dusty Costa...Part 10

by Dustin Costa in his own words from a prison in Colorado for growing pot in California

   Being able to walk the track, lift weights, play a guitar, visit the prison library and browse books, take classes, buy decent

Car accident near Toyon

  UPDATE:  Another accident has been reported at the top of Ellingwood Hill. No injuries are reported.

Jerry Brown vetoes Drone limit bill

   Good news for law enforcement agencies and the rest of us too. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would have required law enforcement to get warrants for flying droves for surveillance and investigations. Check in your back yard.

   I want a drone for Christmas!! This law also means regular folks will have more rights to fly drones and more are getting them. Will it fit in my stocking?

Hotel Hell in Murphys

  If you haven't yet seen it, go online to Hotel Hell in Murphys. You can play the entire video of the show as it aired on FOX featuring Gordon Ramsay.

   From the beginning, where three frat boys played in the bar, to the end, with updated rooms and menus, the changes are dramatic.   You might want to check out the restaurant now.

Illegal Shooting in Arnold

Three different reports were received by the Calaveras Sheriff's Office on September 28, 2014 about illegal gunfire; from Shady Ct, from Crystal Way and Fairway and from Maple Street, all in Arnold.

   Callers stated that they heard from 5 to 7 shots from what sounded like a semi-automatic weapon. The Calaveras Sheriff took a report on the Shady Ct. complaint, but they were all in the same vicinity.

Theft Reported in Murphys

   A theft was reported on Apple Blossom Drive in Murphys on September 28, 2014.  We aren't sure what was taken.

   The Calaveras  Sheriff took a report on the incident.

Traffic Collision in San Andreas

   September 29, 2014 at 11 AM:  A traffic accident that was reported to CHP at Calaveritas and Mountain Ranch Road refused medical transport and a tow truck.

   They just wanted to make a report about the accident with CHP.

Vehicle overturned in ditch off Parrotts Ferry Road

   UPDATE:  This accident has been cleared.

Comments from the Public--Free Speech!!

   The SierraSentinel welcomes thoughtful comments from the public. As you most likely already know, unlike another website in the area,

Arrest in Double Springs

   On September 28, 2014 per the Calaveras Sheriff, Sarah Nicole Rambur (23) of San Andreas was arrested by a deputy on Hwy 12 in Double Springs for allegedly Failing to Obey a Police Officer and for Obstructing or Resisting a Peace Officer, both misdemeanors.

   Rambur was booked into the Calaveras County Jail and released with a Citation.

Arrest for Vandalism in Avery

  On September 28, 2014 at around 3:20 PM the Calaveras Sheriff's Office arrested Lorna Jean Sattler (60) of Avery at the Tanwood Mobile Home Park for allegedly Entering a Non-Communal Dwelling and Vandalism, both misdemeanors.

   Sattler was booked into the Calaveras County Jail and released with a Citation.

Art Moore gets another major endorsement

Art Moore, proud Veteran, resident of
District 4--McClintock is neither!!
   Art Moore, who is running for the House of Representatives against Tom McClintock of the Tea Party, received another major endorsement over the weekend.

   The Sacramento Bee, main newspaper for the Sacramento area, endorsed Moore. 

National Coffee Day

   Today, September 29, 2014 is National Coffee Day. Several restaurants will be offering free coffee to customers, including McDonalds.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

49ers beat Eagles

  The SF 49ers beat the Philadelphia Eagles 26-21, although not without some worry. 

 An interception in the last minute of play by the Niners made it a big win at home in Santa Clara.

How crazy are your "Neighbors from Hell"???

And they are.....
   We have heard from so many of you about your "Neighbors from Hell".  Whether they are druggies, lazy no-goods, or just plain crazy, we certainly feel for your safety.

   But do you have such crazy "Neighbors from Hell" that you have them on video out calling their dog over and over again, for a lengthy period of time, when on a different camera you can see that the poor dog is locked up in a cage?   I bet you don't!! Hard to believe, but what if its totally true??

   You should see the insanity for yourself! KOO KOO!!  KOO  KOO!!

Major injury accident in Ione

   September 28, 2014 at 1:45 PM:  A major injury accident has occurred at Hwy 88 and Hwy 124 in Ione.

   An ambulance and two tow trucks are en route to the scene. According to CHP the roadway is not blocked.

What is it about the Angels Camp City "Golf" Manager??

   No one seems to be able to put their finger on it; maybe its the fact that he relates everything to do with city money to GOLF, but the Angels Camp City Manager is not real popular with the public, or with us.

  For instance, he brags that he uses a photo of the 16th hole at a famous golf course to say that he is "par" in the budget.  Come on, what is that guys name, Mac-something or other??

    Maybe he could be our new Big Game Hunter. HEY, now!!

Rumors that Donnelly is campaigning for Tea Potty McClintock!!

Thanks a lot, Timmy. Love, Tommy!!
  We have heard a lot of rumors lately that Tim Donnelly, the wacko Tea Potty gubernatorial candidate, is out campaigning for McClintock!

   If that is true, I would keep it a secret too, Tommy Boy. What a laugh!! Is he flying his Confederate Flag???

Black Cow on Hwy 88

   September 28, 2014 at 1 PM:  A black cow with a bell and a rope is out on Hwy 88 at Kirkwood Meadows.

  Don't the ranchers know its time to take their poor cold cows back down the hill??

Clint Eastwood's "The Gauntlet" about dirty cops

   There may be no other movie which so adamantly and many feel correctly described "dirty" cops as did Clint Eastwood's movie "The Gauntlet", which played on TV last night!

   For anyone who has been abused by, lied about, physically or emotionally attacked by a "dirty" cop, this movie helps, especially when the hooker describes cops as "prostitutes". You are a "dirty" cop prostitute when you cover for another "dirty" cop!!!

    Be brave! Stand up to "dirty" racist cops! Help clean up Calaveras County!! Once a "dirty" cop, always a dirty cop! No bath or any amount of time can clean you up!!

Overturned SUV near canal

  September 28, 2014 at 10:45 AM:  A maroon SUV has run off the road and overturned onto its roof  at Tracy Boulevard and Grimes Rd, near the Grant Line Canal in Tracy.

  CHP is en route, as well as a tow truck. It isn't yet known if there are injuries.

McClintock pulls Ose under the bus with him

"My name is Tommy boy!
My brother is Dougie"!
   The current Congressman McClintock is often asked why he doesn't like the district he represents well enough to live in it. (His wife prefers Ami Bera)

   The other day, when asked again, he threw out a hook and pulled Mr. Ose right under the bus with him, saying "NEITHER  DOES DOUG  OSE"!   Typical carpetbagger!!

   Ose, who is attempting to get back in Congress, is running against Ami Bera. Perhaps McClintock is campaigning in his wife's behalf, to help Bera. So now we know that Ose is also a Carpetbagger!!

Western Grebes

When they grow up they dance on the water!

Woman with baby/no shoes on Hwy 26

  September 28, 2014 at 8:15 AM:  CHP has received a report of a woman wearing black without shoes walking and carrying a baby on Hwy 26 at Vista del Lago in Valley Springs.

   A unit is en route to the area.

49ers at home today

  The 49ers play the Eagles at home in Levi Stadium today in Santa Clara. The game begins at 1:25 PM.

    Go Niners!

Traffic Accident on Hwy 88

  UPDATE at 7:30 AM:  The vehicle went off the roadway down the hillside. One person is still trapped inside.

King Fire Floods?

   Due to the King Fire, the current rains are now causing ash and debris to be washed downstream from the fire area.

   As of 9/27/14 Cal Fire has the King Fire at 97,099 acres with 78% containment. This is due to the rain in the area.  Yes, fire areas go from fire danger to flood danger quickly.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Calaveras Religious Extremist Supervisor Pontiff Ponte calls church service

Why is Pontiff Ponte
allowed to bring her
extremists religion
into our government??
   On Tuesday September 30, 2014 at 6 PM Pontiff Ponte will hold church services for her extremist religious nut friends, using Calaveras County for her church.

   Pastor Edsel and Altar Boy Spellman  will assist with services.  If they finish their prayers for all of us moderates (sinners) we may get a Board of Supervisors agenda handled. More on the agenda later.

Traffic Collision in Avery

   UPDATE:  This accident has been cleared.

Point the lightning in the right direction

  What a lightning and thunder storm is going on in Ebbetts Pass!  Always be sure and point the lightning in the right direction, to the house of the dirty cop!!! We do!!

   We hear the so-called brave deer-hunters are running and ducking for cover, just like the dirty cops.

Hwy 4 Chain control lifted

   September 27, 2014:  The chain control from Hermit Valley through Kenny Meadows on Hwy 4 has now been lifted.

   Most of the snow has melted, except at the highest peaks.

Four college softball players die

   A tractor-trailer crossed over the median and crashed into an oncoming bus carrying college softball players from Texas.

   Four were killed and many others injured in the crash which took place in Oklahoma.

Sheep on Hwy 12

   September 27, 2014 at 10:30 AM:  Sheep have been reported out on the roadway on Hwy 12 near the Mokelumne River Bridge.

   Animal Control has been dispatched to the scene. Use caution if headed that direction.

President Clinton is a grandfather

   Chelsea Clinton, daughter of President Clinton, had a baby girl late yesterday. Congratulations to the parents and grandparents.

   We don't have any other details at this point.

Letter to the Editor....About Perpetual candidates

   Dear Editor:

    I would appreciate if you would please publish this letter about one of the perpetual candidates for elective office in Calaveras County.

Official Voter Guides out

   Voters received their Official Voter Information Guides in the mail this week. The very important mid-term elections are November 4.

   Our current poll will be posted later today and tomorrow.

Traffic accident at Hwy 99 and Hwy 120

   UPDATE at 7:05 AM:  This accident has been cleared.

Semi truck vs. small sedan at Hwy 99 and Hammer Lane

  UPDATE at 7 AM:  These two accidents have been cleared by CHP.

Snow in Ebbetts Pass

   UPDATE:  We can't find where it is snowing anywhere in Ebbetts Pass as of 7 AM. The roads are wet but clear at this time.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Vandalism at Meadowmont Pharmacy

   On September 25, 2014 vandalism was reported at the Meadowmont Pharmacy in Arnold. The door was damaged by someone in an apparent attempt to break in.

      A Calaveras Sheriff's deputy took the report.

Homeless Problem at Mar Val

   On September 25, 2014 Mar Val reported a petty theft. A homeless person had stolen a sandwich from the store in Valley Springs. A citation was issued.

   Later on that day, they reported that the same person was hanging around the front tables, appearing to be intoxicated.   This time the Sheriff responded and the person was arrested. 

Black Bear in San Andreas?

If you leave food or trash
outside, it will attract bears
and other wildlife.
   On September 25, 2014 around 6:40 AM someone called the Sheriff to report that a black bear was at the ball park in San Andreas. It probably smelled some type of food or water.

   They think it came from a nearby neighborhood.   Don't be surprised if you see wild animals nearby homes, as their natural food and water supply has been deprived due to the drought.

    If you report them, Fish and Wildlife Killers will destroy them, and enjoy it. Don't panic, just yell and wave your arms around. They are terrified of humans, and for good reason, since humans are the worst predator in the world.

President Obama expands Marine Reserve in Pacific

   President Obama signed a proclamation yesterday, expanding the marine reserve in the Pacific Ocean to 490,000 square miles.

   No commercial fishing or other commercial activities can occur in the area, but recreational fishing will be allowed.  It will protect the sea turtle and other species from extinction.

Veterans are being "Deported"?

   Did you know that if you are an honorably discharged Veteran of the US Armed Forces, but then are caught with drugs or some other offense, you will be deported?

     Of course, this is mostly those Mexican-American Veterans who spent most of their lives in the US, then served in the military, got PTSD and now  the US doesn't want them anymore.

Montana Rapist to be Re-Sentenced/ Judge Censured!

   The teacher who was convicted of raping a teenage girl in Montana and was given a very light sentence by a judge who blamed the girl, is being re-sentenced.

   The minimum sentence he can received is two years in prison. The original judge has been censured due to his inappropriate comments about the young girl.

Is Eric Frein in abandoned hotel?

   The suspected cop killer Eric Frein has eluded police for two weeks. Today they are searching an old 20 year abandoned Pennsylvania hotel called the Buck Hill Inn.

   It is rumored to be haunted, with beds still made and falling debris covering them. It was once even a location for the TV show "Fear". 

Mailman HOARDS mail!!

Wayne Knight played 'Newman' in
'the "Seinfeld" TV show.
   Just like a real episode of "Seinfeld" a 67 year old Brooklyn, New York US Postal worker was arrested yesterday after 40,000 pieces of mail were found in his home, work locker and car.

   Newman was a pretend mailman in the TV series who had apparently done the same thing.  In the real life case, a supervisor noticed all the mail in the mailman's car and reported it. The hoarding had taken place over a 10 year period.

Caltrans back in Murphys

  September 26. 2014:   If you live in the Murphys area or use Hwy 4 to get to work you should be aware that "THEY'RE  BACK!!"

   That is, the Caltrans crews, who seem to switch around a lot in area, are back in the middle of Murphys near the school, working on the Hwy 4 job again. Be careful!!

King Fire releasing firefighters

   September 26, 2014 at 6:10 AM:  Some of the 8000 firefighters battling the King Fire will be released today due to the benefit of the rain in bringing up the containment level.

    The new total this morning Cal Fire reports is 97,000 acres burned.  Some of the mandatory evacuations have been lifted.  The fire is now 68% contained, thanks to yesterday's rain.

Major League Baseball

    September 26, 2014:  As the end of the season comes near and Playoffs begin, the American League East is dominated by the Baltimore Orioles, with a 95 win to 64 losses for the season so far.

Big Rig Jack-knife's on Hwy 99

   September 26, 2014 at 6 AM:  A big rig has jack-knifed at Hwy 99 at the Hwy 4 cross town onramp in Stockton.

   Be extra cautious if headed in that direction, westbound lane #1 on the Hwy 4 onramp is blocked. No injuries are reported per CHP.

Fire in San Andreas

   September 26, 2014: A grass fire was been reported in San Andreas near the Tower Gas Station around 3:10 AM. . Firefighters responded to the area immediately.

   The fire was located directly across from the Pickle Patch on St. Charles Street. A spot fire that was extinguished quickly by firefighters.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Traffic Accident on Hwy 49 in Sonora

   September 25, 2014 at 3:50 PM:  A traffic accident was reported at Hwy 49 and Shaws Flat Road in Sonora.

    A dark gray Honda and a white pickup were involved. An ambulance is responding.  A tow truck has been dispatched to the scene.

Traffic Hazard on Hwy 49

   UPDATE at 3:45 PM:  The roadway is now clear. Waiting for tow.

Barking Dogs/Can't wait for Cops

   A resident on Arrowhead Street in Copperopolis reported on September 24, 2014 is having an ongoing issue with barking dogs.

   Resident stated, can't wait for cop to come, that he's going over there himself.

Burglary at Paws and Claws

   September 25, 2014:  A burglary was reported at Paws and Claws on Hwy 26 in Valley Springs on September 24, 2014.

   The Calaveras Sheriff took a report.

Breaking News: 2nd Rabo Bank Employee Embezzlement arrest

  On September 24, 2014 a 2nd arrest was made for Employee Embezzlement.  Cheri Lynn Azevedo (44) of Murphys was arrested at her residence on Cedar Vista for alleged Employee Embezzlement over $400 and Conspiracy to Commit a Crime, both felonies.

   Azevedo was booked into the Calaveras County Jail and released after posting bond.  This is the 2nd employee from Rabo Bank in Arnold.

Overturned Big Rig on Hwy 88

 UPDATE on September 26, 2014:  This accident has been changed to a Major Injury Accident.

Marijuana vote likely in 2016

   Since the organization that helped Colorado get the legalized marijuana initiative passed is now working here in California, it looks like it will probably be on the 2016 ballot.

   California is usually the leader in progressive movements, but marijuana, while legal for medical use, is still not legal to buy for recreational use.

   Of course, hard liquor, beer and tobacco (all are types of drugs) are legal, so it's probably past time
that pot was legal too. Any of them alter the mind, it matters not which you use.

Calaveras COG meets in October 2014

   The Calaveras Council of Governments (COG) meets October 1, 2014 at 6:30 PM in the Board of Supervisors Chambers in San Andreas.

  On the agenda is approving the 2014-15 Operations Budget and the usual vague references to City, County and Caltrans verbal reports.

Native tribes sign buffalo treaty

  Leaders of 11 native tribes from Canada and the U.S. spent a day together in a ceremony and signing of a treaty for the buffalo.

   The purpose of the treaty is to allow the buffalo to roam freely between Canada and the U.S. in order to promote the growth of the once plentiful herds in the Rocky Mountain areas.

Traffic Accident on Hwy 4 in Angels Camp

  UPDATE:    Roadway is now clear.                      

           September 25, 2014 at 9:10 AM:  A work truck with a boom has run off the road and hit a fence on Hwy 4 at Stallion Way in Angels Camp.

    The truck is blocking the eastbound lane. It isn't yet known if there are any injuries.

Fire near Lake Tahoe

   September 25, 2014:  Named the Cascade Fire in the Desolation Wilderness, about 8 miles from South Lake Tahoe, the new fire was reported at 7:30 AM today. 

   It is around 35 acres at this time, located in El Dorado County. They are hoping the incoming rain will help extinguish this fire.

Vehicle Spinout on Hwy 99 at Liberty Rd

   September 25, 2014 at 8:10 AM:  As is all too common when it starts to rain after a long dry spell, there have been some vehicle accidents as a result.

   On Hwy 99 at Liberty Rd. near Lodi a vehicle spun out and ended up in the ditch. It isn't yet known if there are injuries.  Slow down and get where you are going in one piece!

Slow Down! Roads may be wet!

   CHP is warning drivers this morning that the roadways will be wet in most areas as a rainstorm passes through Northern California and lingers in the Sierras. Slow Down!

   No one is going to complain, as we need the rain badly. It will help with the King Fire too!

Clear-cuts by SPI

This photo is from the Forest Watch website. The new clear-cuts look
just like these. Enough to make a grown man cry.

Photo of Blue Fire when first reported

You can see the clear-cuts around this fire on September 19, 2014 too!
Thank you for the photo!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fire in West Point area--CLEAR-CUTS throughout forest

  UPDATE:  If anyone has any photos of the clear-cutting from the air, please send them to the Sentinel.  We want everyone to see what they have done to our forest, our animals and our water supply.

Hazel M. Cain, Calaveras Rancher

   Hazel M. Cain, born August 25, 1924, was a longtime Calaveras County rancher, horsewoman and civil activist.

Auto crash in Valley Springs

   September 24, 2014 at 5 PM:  Three vehicles, including a SUV and another black vehicle were involved in a traffic collision at Hwy 26 and Baldwin in Valley Springs.

   CHP is en route. It isn't yet known if there are injuries. Use extra caution if in the area.

Barry Goldwater comes back from the dead????

Coming back from the dead-
just for McClinktock?
     How is our incumbent (throw the bums out!) Congressman McClintock having a fundraiser with the long dead Barry Goldwater?

    He may have totally lost it, we've heard he has become so worried and desperate to win in November. Maybe it's a seance with a ouija board.

Raffle basket for CHILDREN? Karen Strohmeyer HELPS a non-profit???? Part 4

   In December of 2009, Karen Strohmeyer, who at that time sat as a Board member on a children's non-profit, was put in charge of the raffle baskets, selling tickets, etc. at a large function.

The Saga of Dusty Costa ...Part 9

Dusty Costa in the '60's.
   by Dustin Costa himself from his prison cell in Colorado for growing pot in California

   Following brief stays at holding facilities in Bakersfield and Oklahoma, I was sent to the low-security prison at Big Spring, Texas.

Tennis Tournament in Murphys

   The Murphys Area Community Tennis Association (MACTA) is inviting tennis players from throughout the Mother Lode to sign up for the Mixed Doubles Tournament

Register to Vote!

You can do it online. It's simple!!

Gravel truck crashes center divide on Tulloch Bridge

   September 24, 2014 at 10 AM:  A gravel truck has collided with the center divide at the Tuolumne County end of the Tulloch Bridge on Obyrnes Ferry Road.

   No injuries were reported, but it is creating a traffic hazard. Use extra caution until CHP can clear the roadway.

Breaking News: Teresa Bertolino of Rabo Bank, Arrested

   On September 23, 2014 Teresa Lynn Bertolino (53) of Avery was arrested at her residence for alleged Embezzlement Over $400 by an employee, and for Conspiracy to Commit a Crime, both felonies.

   Bertolino was booked into the Calaveras County Jail by Sheriff's deputies and was released after posting bond. Bertolino was an employee of the Rabo Bank in Arnold.

King Fire UPDATE

   September 24, 2014 at 8:15 AM:  Per Cal Fire the King Fire is 92,960 acres and is now 38% contained.

   12 homes and 56 other structures have been destroyed in this alleged arson fire.

Fatal Accident in Modesto

   September 24, 2014 at 8:25 AM:  An early morning (5:30 AM) traffic accident involving three vehicles at West Grayson Road and Vivian Road in Modesto proved fatal for one.

    A yellow truck and maroon sedan were involved. Despite being air-lifted to UC Davis, the severely injured victim did not survive the accident. Vehicles were towed to evidence garage.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

BOREAN Endorses CALLAWAY for District 3!!

      Mike Borean, who finished third in the June primary election for Calaveras District 3 Supervisor, has endorsed front-runner Merita Callaway for re-election on November 4.

Bret Harte vs. Calaveras Football

   This Friday, September 26, 2014 Bret Harte High School will host the Bret Harte vs. Calaveras football game in Angels Camp.

   The JV game starts are 5:30 PM and the Varsity is scheduled to begin at 7:30 PM.

   MLL Admission Prices are Adults $8, BH students with ASB sticker--no charge, BH students without sticker--$5, Visiting students $5, children 6 - 10 -- $3, children 5 and under--no charge, Seniors 60+ -- $3.

Burglary Report in Double Springs

   On September 22, 2014 a burglary was reported on Double Springs Road in Double Springs.

   The Calaveras Sheriff's Office took a report on the incident.

Traffic Accident on Hwy 120

   September 23, 2014 at 10 AM:  A traffic accident has been reported on Hwy 120, near Tenaya Elementary School in the Groveland area.

   A single vehicle has reported run off the roadway at that location. Emergency personnel is responding.  No injuries were reported.

Assault Arrest at the Nugget in Murphys

   On September 22, 2014 just before 6 PM the Calaveras Sheriff was called to the Nugget Bar in Murphys where they arrested Shawn Eric France (38) of Murphys for alleged Assault with a Deadly Weapon/Not a Firearm, a felony. A knife had been apparently brandished, per the log.

   France was booked into the Calaveras County Jail.

Don't Run from Black Bears!

   A Rutgers University student was mauled and killed by a black bear over the weekend after he and his friends began running away from a bear they encountered. 

   Authorities at the nature preserve say it is the first time ever that anyone has been killed by these usually docile bears.  The head ranger said that running is the worst thing you can do. They are like dogs and think it is something to chase.

Fall has Arrived

   Finally, after a long, hot, and dry summer, Fall has arrived.

Kris Jenner getting divorce?

   For over a year now, Chris Jenner has been pretending to keep the family together, partly for the sake of the Kardashian TV show.

    Now it appears that she is done with that and is filing for divorce from her husband Bruce, who is living in the beach house separately from the family/

Monday, September 22, 2014

6 fires in Oneals area

   From 1:45 PM on fire personnel were kept busy as report after report of fires--6 in all had to be battled this afternoon.

   The first report came in at Hwy 41 and Road 200 in the Oneals area. The highway had to be closed down while crews fought fire after fire.  As of 5 PM all roads were re-opened.

Clinton calls for Women's Movement to vote

   Hillary Clinton has called for Women to step up and vote in this November election. The Tea Party is mostly men and to cancel them out, women must start a movement to make certain all women vote.

   Women can control elections if they all vote. The Tea Party cannot win if women pay attention to the candidates and issues and VOTE!!

   If you aren't yet registered, just turned 18 or moved, just search register to vote in California. You can do it online.

Lake Tulloch

Lake Tulloch kept full
every day, even
during droughts...
Retired county employees
say so that it won't
be Lake Toilet!

CCWD Customers cut way back

  CCWD customers cut water usage 22% in August of 2014, compared with August of 2013. Joel Metzger of CCWD took photos of Melones Reservoir for us to show everyone. No photo was taken of Lake Tulloch, which is full TO THE TOP!!

   The problem is, that Melones is low because they are required to keep Lake Tulloch full to the top no matter what the drought is.

  It is said that this inflush of water from Melones to Tulloch helps flush Lake Tulloch of its sewage.

Truck vs Pickup with Horse Trailer

   September 22, 2014 at 1:45 PM:  A truck has collided with a pickup pulling a horse trailer on Hwy 88 and Sutter Ranchos Rd near Ione.

   No injuries were reported.  Use extra caution if in that area.

Traffic Accident in Valley Springs

   September 22, 2014 at 1:30 PM:  Two vehicles collided on Hogan Dam Road at Silver Rapids Road in Valley Springs.

   No injuries were reported.

Shots fired in Camp Connell

   On September 20, 2014 calls were received by the Calaveras Sheriff about shots being fired in the area of Meko and Hokan Circle in Camp Connell for around 20 minutes and then an explosion.

   The Calaveras Sheriff took no report.

Vandalism in Burson

  On September 20, 2014 vandalism was reported on Wade Lane in Burson.  The Calaveras Sheriff took a report.

   We don't have details of the vandalism.

Theft in Mokelumne HIll

   On September 20, 2014 a break-in and theft was reported at a business in Mokelumne Hill on Main Street.

    A commercial freezer and refrigerator were broken into. We aren't sure how much was taken but the Calaveras Sheriff did take a report.

Burglary Arrest in Valley Springs

   On September 20, 2014 David Patrick Koppi (23) of Valley Springs was arrested on Hwy 12 for alleged 2nd degree Burglary, a felony and for Obstructing or Resisting a Peace Officer, a misdemeanor.

    Koppi was booked into the Calaveras County Jail by Sheriff's deputies.

Arrest for Kidnapping in Mokelumne Hill

   On September 20, 2014 around 8:50 AM Goliath Richard Hooe (30) of Mokelumne Hill was arrested on Clark Street in Mokelumne Hill for alleged Stalking: Temporary Restraining Order, Kidnapping, Threatening a Crime with Intent to Terrorize and Possession of a Controlled Substance, all felonies and for Contempt of Court; disobeying a Court Order and Possession of Unlawful Paraphernalia, both misdemeanors.

   Hooe was booked into the Calaveras County Jail by Sheriff's deputies.

The Saga of Dusty Costa... Part 8

   by Dustin Costa himself from prison in Colorado for growing pot in California

      The impoverished inmate ended up losing his bet and suffering third-degree burns from the

New Frog Hop of Fame Member

   On October 18, 2014 according to the Calaveras Fairgrounds, Casey Nash, winner of the 2014 Frog Jump will be inducted into the Frog Hop of Fame in downtown Angels Camp.

   This will be part of the Gold Rush Day celebration. Nash is the son of Mike Nash, the 2006 Frog Jump Champion.  The Nash's are part of the Calaveras Frog Jockey Frog team.

Hwy 50 open, but one lane closed

  US Hwy 50 is now open, but due to the King Fire, one lane is closed for Cal Fire and USFS staging in Placerville and now Foresthill.

Calaveras Supervisors send another notice

      September 22, 2014 at 8:54 AM:  We just received another notice that due to their internet issues many could not access the Calaveras Supervisors agenda.  We heard from many of you who stated they could not find it anywhere.

    We aren't sure, but we told them we do believe they may have missed their 72 hour notice to the public because of their problem. We have asked them to check. The meeting is tomorrow morning, September 23, 2014 at 9 AM.

Veteran with PTSD breaches White House

   Apparently a veteran with PTSD scaled the White House fence, and ran straight to the North entrance of the White House, getting through the door before security caught him.

   Secret Service is getting a thorough going over today as a result of the breach. The man did not wield a weapon, but had a knife in his pocket.

Motorcycle crash causes major injuries

   On September 20, 2014 at around 4:15 PM, according to the CHP report, Norman Roberts (52) of Gilroy was traveling westbound on Hwy 108 in Twain Harte on his 2007 Harley Davidson

Amador Gourd Artists make ornaments/ library benefit

   The Amador Gourd Artists will be holding the third annual Gourd Ornament Workshop on Saturday, October 25, 2014 from  9 AM to 4 PM at the Amador County Agricultural Department at 12200B Airport Road in Jackson.

King Fire grows again

   September 22, 2014 at 6:35 AM:  Although Cal Fire had thought they had a handle on the King Fire and were holding it at 82,000 acres, imaging shows that it has gained another 4,000 acres and is now 86,000 total.

   Authorities also now say that 10 homes are reportedly lost to this fire.  The accused arsonist pleaded not guilty to the allegations in court on Friday.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

King Fire still only 10% contained

   September 21, 2014:  As of 1 PM Cal Fire reports that the King Fire is 82,000 acres and still only 10 % contained.

   21,000 structures continue to be threatened and evacuations are still in place.

Per CHP: Driver Had been drinking

  September 21, 2014 at 4:30 PM:  A traffic accident at Hwy 12 and Hwy 26 between two vehicles resulted in no injuries, although CHP indicates one driver had allegedly been drinking.

  A tow truck was dispatched to the scene.

Traffic Accident in Mokelumne Hill

   UPDATE:  One vehicle is down the embankment and will need a two with a long line.

Catlle truck Moved off Hwy 4

   September 21, 2014 at 1:30 PM:  A cattle truck that was blocking both lanes of Hwy 4 near Stallion  in Angels Camp, has now been moved off the roadway.

   CHP indicates that both lanes are now clear.

Press Release on Blue Mountain Fire

   September 21, 2014: The Blue Fire which was near the Blue Mountain Lookout was reported on September 19, 2014 was contained at 3 acres by Cal Fire and Ebbetts Pass Fire.

  Today a press release by Brenton Brown went out that says this fire was caused by lightning. This is surprising, since it was down in a drainage and there were no storms in the area that anyone was aware of.

   There had been rumors that it was another campfire caused fire. Perhaps that is why Cal Fire didn't wait until Monday morning to issue this press release. Very interesting. If anyone out there has any other information, let us know.

Tree down on Camanche Parkway South

   September 21, 2014 at 11:30 AM:  A tree in down on the roadway at Camanche Parkway South and Pattison Way in the Camanche area.

   Use extra caution until CHP can get the road cleared.

Traffic Accident in Cottage Springs

  UPDATE at 12 NOON:  The injured party was transported to Mark Twain Hospital.

Injured deer in Sutter Creek

   September 21, 2014 at 10:35 AM:  An injured deer has been reported on a blind curve at Shake Ride and Manzanita Drive in Sutter Creek.

  Use extra caution if in that area.  Put deer whistles on the front bumpers of your vehicle. THEY WORK!!  The $10 investment is well worth avoiding the trauma of the driver and the poor deer.

Traffic Accident at Hwy 26 and Hwy 12.

    September 21, 2014 at 10:30 AM:  A traffic accident has been reported at Hwy 26 and Hwy 12 in Valley Springs.

  A grey Subaru and a white vehicle were involved. No injuries were reported.. Vehicles are being moved out of the roadway.

Cooler Temps help KIng Fire, but...

   September 21, 2014 at 8:15 AM:  Cal Fire just released the latest numbers on the 6 major wildfires that remain in California.

   In spite of cooler temps and a little rain the King Fire is still only 10 % contained with a total acreage of 82,018.

Large Boat blocking Hwy 4 in Copperopolis

   September 21, 2014 at 8 AM:  CHP has called for a large tow vehicle for a truck pulling a large white boat blocking the roadway at Hwy 4 and Obyrnes Ferry Road in Copperopolis.

   An accident was not indicated, so they most likely broke down at that location.

California's Western Dancing Grebes

The California Audubon Society is fighting to
save these amazing birds!

Ebbetts Pass gets rain--and lost power!

   September 21, 2014 at 6:45 AM:  Ebbetts Pass had quite a thunder and lightning storm last night, followed by about an hour of light rain.

   Power was lost for parts of the area for about 6 hours, from about 7:45 PM to around 2 AM; We needed the rain, though.

International Day of Peace

   September 21 is the International Day of Peace. The people of the world deserve peace in their lives.

   Today is a perfect day to go to WIMP.com and watch the baby mooses play in the sprinklers!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thunder and LIghtning

   September 20, 2014 at 6:50 PM:   A thunder and lightning storm is passing through the area.  Hopefully no lightning hits a dry area.  If rain follows, it will be welcome.

Traffic Accident in Mokelumne Hill

   September 20, 2014 at 6:55 PM:  A traffic accident has been reported at Hwy 49 and Hwy 26 in Mokelumne HIll.

     CHP is en route. This is near the switchback.  One car is on the side of the roadway.

Tree on Fire in Long Barn

      UPDATE:  Fire was suppressed by US Forest Service.

Truck vs. Motorcycle in Twain Harte

   September 20, 2014 at 5:15 PM:  A white truck and a motorcycle collided on Hwy 108 and Confidence Road in Twain Harte.

   CHP is at the scene, where they await an ambulance due to injuries. A tow truck has been called for the fully dressed Harley Davidson.

Michael Preston and Patrick Stohmeyer, Michael Oliveira and Candyrock Gun Club/ Part 3

      In 2009, Patrick Strohmeyer approached the Sierra Sentinel with what was at first a request from Michael Preston about what he considered to be HIS Candyrock Gun Club.

Traffic Accident on French Gulch Road

   UPDATE:  It appears both vehicles left the scene before any assistance could arrive.

Vehicle Rollover on 6 Mile Road

      September 20, 2014 at 5:10 PM:  CHP is at the scene of an accident where a vehicle has rolled over on 6 Mile Road in Murphys.

     An ambulance is responding due to injuries. A tow truck has been dispatched. Only the one vehicle was involved.

Boles Fire contained

  The destructive Boles Fire, which is credited with burning 150 homes and other structures in Weed, is in full containment and being mopped up now.

   The total number of acres burned was 479.  The cause has not yet been made public

Blue Fire Update

   September 20, 2014 at 9:20 AM:  Per Cal Fire the forward progress on the Blue Fire near the Blue Mountain Lookout was stopped at 3 acres last night using 4 engines, 1 Cal Fire Crew, I Ebbetts Pass Fire District Water tender and 2 additional private water tenders.

   Two Cal Fire engines, 1 Cal Fire Crew and 2 water tenders will remain on the fire today. Thank you, firefighters, for getting to it quickly and stopping this fire.



Car vs tree on Hwy 4

   September 20, 2014 at 6 AM:  A car reportedly hit a tree on Hwy 4 at South Walker Lane just outside Stockton.

   Minor injuries were reported.


Fire in Twain Harte

  UPDATE:  At the scene, the firefighters report that it is a small compost pile that is smoldering.

KIng Fire Update

   September 20, 2014 at 6 AM:  Cal Fire reports that after infrared flyovers last night, they are reporting that the King Fire is now at around 82,000 acres.

   Also for the first time last last night, it was reported that homes have been lost. Up to that point, USFS and Cal Fire had been reporting that no homes had been burned. Wayne Huntsman appeared in court yesterday for the first time and pleaded not guilty.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Breaking News: Fire near Blue Mountain Lookout--Arnold area

             UPDATE at 8:15 PM:  West Point Fire is accessing the fire from Blue Mountain Road.
     The fire has climbed up over the ridge at this time. No water tenders are en route  apparently, even though they were requested.

Joseph Senn of Murphys

   Joseph M. Senn passed away suddenly on September 18, 2014 at his home in Murphys at the age of 87.

   Born on July 11, 1927 in French Camp, Joe grew up in

Oh, NO!! Boo Boo's Mama June Separates from Sugar Bear??

   Now this is news that you MUST know.  We hear that Mama June is separating from her Sugar Bear as soon as this season's filming is complete.

   Poor Sugar Bear. How will he live without those what is it 6 women harassing him all the time?

Traffic Accident in San Andreas

   September 19, 2014 at 12:45 PM:  A traffic accident was reported on Hwy 49 in front of the Pickle Patch.

   No injuries were reported.  A tow truck was dispatched. One vehicle is blocking the roadway.

Traffic Mess in Murphys area

  We just received an email from a Murphys resident who warns residents of the County if they want to travel up Hwy 4 to Arnold, to be prepared for a long wait in traffic due to a Caltrans project.

   Even those who live and want to get around the area, side roads and driveways are blocked, so just getting to the store is difficult.  Stay home if you can; besides you can avoid the smoke!!

Burglary in Copperopolis

   A burglary was reported at a residence on Quail Hill Road in Copperopolis on September 18, 2014.

   The Calaveras Sheriff did take a report on the incident.

Murphys home vandalized

  On September 18, 2014 a resident on Fullen Road in Murphys reported to the Calaveras Sheriff that the door to her garage had been kicked in.

   A deputy did take a report on the Vandalism.

Mark Twain Hospital calls Sheriff 3 times

   On September 18, 2014 Mark Twain Hospital called the Calaveras Sheriff 3 different times for help with patients that would not co-operate.

   Once at 2 AM, the Sheriff received a call for a deputy. Then again at 9:30 AM and again at 1 PM, all for help with unwilling patients.  It makes you wonder what they were trying to do to the patients.

Wanted!! All Tea Potty campaigners!!

The Tea Potty in Action!!
  Our incumbent Congressman McClintock, has become so desperate, he is begging his Tea Potty supporters to volunteer to help with his campaign.

   We have heard that his favorite buddies, like Mr. Kelly and Mr. Preston and his closest cohorts are headed to Ami Bera's District, where McClintock lives, to help him. OMG. Now that's desperate!

51 year old Grandfather murder/suicide

   In Bell, Florida, a 51-year old Grandfather suddenly killed his daughter, 6 grandchildren and then himself after school yesterday.

   The reason for the killings is unknown at this time, but the shooter, Don Spirit was a convicted felon.