Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A LIttle Foolsgold....From Deep in the Mineshaft of Calaveras

   When you try to screw others and get caught, you have to pay! Pay the money!! There will be more to pay soon!!

  Are you and your father the ones who stole the meat from your fellow townspersons store?  You should pay for that, too!  Everyone knows!!

   If you are a dirty cop and a racist, you are a dirty cop and racist forever! You can't claim later that you are a good person. 

Letter to the Editor....About religion and elections

   Dear Editor:

    Just like in Israel and Palestine, religion in the US is the main cause of disputes, wars, conflicts, hatred, racism and the killing of an economy.

MyValleySpringsdotcom gets insulted--Communists?

  Many people throughout Calaveras County have expressed their anger and questioned the motives of the MyValleySpringsdotcom people.

Calaveras right-wing religious Supervisors pass Auto-Zone plans

   Although Mr. Gednes from Caltrans objected to the Calaveras Board of right wing religious Supervisors approving yet another set of plans for the Auto-Zone parcel in Valley Springs, the Supervisors stepped out of their prayers for just a moment to approve it.

   Mr. Gednes was only telling the Supervisors about a previous agreement and 4 out of 5 of them didn't care.  This was about trying to make it LOOK like they are promoting jobs, and perhaps saving their next re-election campaign. We'll watch to see if Vosti or Katz donates to either Pontiff Ponte or Pastor Edsels campaigns.

Big Burp!! What are your NFH up to now?

What a MAN!!!!
     Chaw, chaw, split, splat!  Only REAL men chew 'baccy, right? People usually get what they deserve, especially racists, dirty cops and other LOW LIFE SCUMS!!!

    Nicotine strokes are NASTY. Tubes go everywhere. If you chew, you get "tubed". But NFH deserve it!  Keep chawin'!

   If your boyfriend gives you legal advice and you follow it, you're truly in love!!  Who cares about your idiot husband!


Vet fights to keep "therapy" ducks

The Vet's name is Darrin. We aren't sure what
the ducks' names are
   A veteran who says his ducks are the therapy for his PTSD and Depression is fighting to keep the 14 in his back yard with a kiddie pool and fenced yard. Apparently the city in Ohio has rules against ducks.

BURP!! Ooops!! Have you seen Bigfoot (tiny d***)?

  We hear that Bigfoot (tiny d***) and his pudgy mean woman (and her boyfriend) joined the Halloween Church--and then it broke up!!

Jets won't be landing in Israel

   After a rocket landed near the airport, the FAA ordered US airlines cancel all flights to Israel. Then European carriers followed suit.

    None of the airlines want another MH 17 disaster. Israel is furious.

Nationwide Fruit Recall

  If you have bought packaged or loose fruit from Costco, Walmart, Sam's Club or Trader Joes recently, you should check with the store to see if it has been recalled.

  Listeria bacteria has been found in many varieties of fruit from the Wawona and Cutler packing companies of California.

Strawberry Shortcake needs a home!

What a pretty girl Strawberry Shortcake is. Why not take
her home?
        Do you have a place for a boxer like Strawberry Shortcake?  She really needs a forever home. See her at the Calaveras Animal Services shelter in San Andreas.