Thursday, January 31, 2013

John McCain Bitter Old Man?

  "Nobody ever asked me to be Secretary of Defense. It's just NOT FAIR!" seemed to be what John McCain, one-time close friend of Chuck Hagel.

   In fact, when McCain ran and lost in 2000, he mentioned Hagel as his Secretary of Defense choice.

   But McCain, off-again, on-again conservative Republican, appeared to be just a bitter old man as he treated Hagel like an enemy during the confirmation hearings of Hagel as Secretary of Defense.

Official Sheriff's Report of Robbery

    At approximately 2:30 PM Calaveras County Sheriff's Dispatch Center received a cellular 911 call regarding an armed robbery at Firefall Jewelry

Traffic Accident at Hwy 49 and Deer Creek Rd.

   At 6:11 PM, a call was received by CHP that just outside Angels Camp, a white pickup truck is off the road at Hwy 49 and Deer Creek Road after a traffic accident.

   No injuries have been reported in the accident.  CHP is enroute to the scene.

Jewelry Theft in Copperpolis

   Witness information:   At around 2:40 PM this afternoon, according to a witness, all kinds of Sheriff's cars

CHP after cow in Valley Springs

   UPDATE:   At 2:54 PM CHP noted that a tow truck driver had helped put the

Triaminic and Theraflu recall

   After four children opened and poisones themselves, the pharmaceutical company that makes Triaminic and Theraflu have recalled 2.3 million units of cold and cough syrups.

Poor Maria...

   You've probably heard about the photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger caught stark naked in the throes of passion.

    Did you know it's worth around $150,000--at least that's what a popular porn site says, and it wants to buy the photo RIGHT NOW, signt unseen. WHOA!!!

SF Archbiship: ..Gay marriage is Like Men Brestfeeding

   When you think you've heard it all, then comes an Archbishop in San Francisco, who is an outspoken opponent of gay marriage, compare it to "male breastfeeding".

McClintock Attacks Columnists?

    We aren't sure why, but for some reason Congressman McClintock decided to attract attention

White voters in 2nd Place in Calfornia?

   While it may not be true just yet, it will not be long before the white voter is the 2nd place ethnic group in California.

Randy Moss Sticks to his story

   Randy Mose was reminded that Jerry Rice, who is in New Orleans this week, and receiving quite a bit of attention,

OP-ED Water Controlled Wealth of Nations

  The Proceedings of the National Academies of Science of The United States of America has just published an interesting study,

49er Player Makes Disparaging Remarks

   Chris Culliver, 49ers cornerback, made several disparaging remarks when asked about the possiblility of having a homosexual teammate during a radio interview.

  Unfortunate, since 4 other 49ers have been active in promoting an anti-bullying campaign to help gays and lesbians.

Mother Lode Storytelling Guild Presents....

     Hardluck Lin's "Women of the Gold"

     and Workshop:  Presenting Historical Characters Through Storytelling

Ambulance, horses, 2nd vehicle in escape

   In Alabama authorities reported that an emergency room patient at a hospital stole an ambulance, which got stuck; entered a barn

Loose Horse in Angels Camp area

   CHP received a call at 10:16 AM that there is a horse in the roadway at Appaloosa and Pinto, just south of Angels Camp.

   A CHP unit is enroute to that location.

Letter from the White House

    Dear friends--

    Our immigration system is broken. It has been for some time.  Right now,

Want to go to the SuperBowl?

   It would be a lot of fun to be sitting in the stadium at the SuperBowl when our 49ers are playing. And you can, but bring a BIG pocketbook.

Traffic Hazard in Valley Springs

   UPDATE:  At 8:58 AM CHP arrived on the scene to clear the road.

  At 8:37 AM a traffic hazard was reported to CHP at the Hwy 12 and Hwy 26 intersection in Valley Springs. It isn't clear what the hazard is at this time.

The Last Andrews Sister, Patty Passes at 94

    The youngest of the Andrews Sisters passed away today at the age of 94.  The group had many popular hit songs during WWII including "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy", "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree", and "I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time".

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Water Restored to Arnold

   Water was restored to the Arnold area yesterday about 4 PM, according to a CCWD press release this afternoon.

Traffic Hazard on Hwy 108 in Sonora

   CHP received a call about a traffic hazard on Hwy 108 at Lime Kiln Road in Sonora at 2:48 PM.  CHP is enroute to the scene.
   It isn't yet clear what the hazard is, we will let you know when we hear.

Press Day a Big Joke?

   Most of the players at the SuperBowl press day were asked the craziest off the wall questions, like "Do you have a make-believe girlfriend," etc.

  Jerry Rice got a little touchy when he heard that Randy Moss claimed to be the best running back in history. I can understand that.

Chris Brown in Cast

   After denying that he did anything wrong in the brawl with Frank Ocean recently, Chris Brown emerged from his house yesterday wearing a hard cast on his right hand.

Hwy 4 Corridor Water Meeting

   CCWD has announced there will be a committee meeting to discuss the Hwy 4 Corridor relations between CCWD, City of Angels Camp,

Florida Man's Corvette Almost Carjacked

     If you own a Corvette, you know you need to be careful where you park it. Even to make a quick phone call.

Having Money Trouble?

   If you are upset, out of work, and somewhat depresseda bout the state of your finances, be assured you are not alone.

   In fact, it was reported yesterday that the nation of Zimbabwe, had exactly $217 in the bank on Tuesday.

Cow in San Andreas on Hwy 49?

   CHP is responding to a report of a black cow in the road at Hwy 49 and Mountain Ranch Road in San Andreas.  Really?

   At least we know that the Big Game Hunter is nowhere near that area, so the cow should be safe. Maybe it escaped from the county jail.

BLM Advisory Council Nominations

    The Bureau of Land Management is seeking public nominations for six open positions on its Central California District Resource Advisory Council,

Murphys Senior Center Activities

     Have you visited the Murphys Senior Center lately. Next week they have great meals planned for lunch.

   On Monday February 4, 2013 they will offer

Big Band NIght in Murphys

  Murphys Senior Center is holding its annual Big Band Night on Friday March 1, 2013. Donation is $50 per person. The Tradwinds

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Calaveras Council of Governments Meeting

      The Calaveras Council of Governments is having their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 5:30 PM.

   The meetings are held in the Board of Supervisors Chambers in San Andreas.

Domestic Violence Arrest in Angels Camp

   On January 27, 2013 at approximately 9:55 PM, officers from the Angels Camp Police Department responded to a call in the 700 block of Tuolumne Avenue, on a report of a disturbance

Pole Down at Hwy 26 and Silver Rapids Rd

   CHP reports that a power pole is down at Hwy 26 and Silver Rapids Rd in Valley Springs due

Boy Scouts bowing to a little pressure?

   The Boy Scouts of America have been undergoing a lot of pressure to end their 100 year old ban on gay leaders and members.

   They now announce that they are "discussing' ending the national discrimination policy.

It's only fair....

   It does seem only fair that enlarged male breasts are called "moobs".

Are you a little superstitious about football?

   It seems that, like in the movie "Silver Linings Playbook", some people become a little obsessive about the superstitions they believe help their team win football games.

   Are you Obsessive Compulsive when it comes to SuperBowl superstitions? Think about it!

Iraqi Veteran gets arm transplant

   Brendan Marrocco, an Iraqi war veteran, got a bilateral arm transplant by a team of surgeons at Johns Hopkins Hospital last month.

    Marrocco lost all four limbs in Iraq. Marrocco says he is looking forward to driving and cycling again.

NBC's Ann Curry makes how much??

   Rumors of Ann Curry being offered a prime time anchor job at CNN are apparently

Uh-Oh, the Governator in trouble again...

   Is is true that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been thrust into a very belated sex scanda due to reports that an old photo of a "young Arnold" performing a sex act has come to light?

Letter to the Editor: About new gun laws

   Dear Editor:

   I'm in total agreement with what the President proposes as to gun laws, but also what you suggested in you article some time back.

Traffic Hazard-Man Jumping in front of vehicles

   12:40 PM:  CHP got a call about a man running in and out of traffic and jumping in front of vehicles on Hwy 26 at Hagen in Valley Springs.

   A unit has been dispatched to the scene.

OP-ED...."Crocodile Hunter's" daughter in biff with Hillary

      Passionate wildlife campaigner Bindi Irwin has gotten into a biff with one of the world's most powerful women. 

Water Outage in Arnold

   CCWD is a notifying residents of the Arnold area that a water outage is affecting 300-500 CCWD customers. We received a press release just after 10 AM.

Will Jim Harbaughs 5 month-old-son play football?

   When Jim Harbaugh was asked what he thought of President Obamas statement about not being sure if he would allow his son to play football

Illegal to Live Together in Virginia

    Apparently there is still a 136 year old law on the books in Virginia that makes unmarried couples who live together guilty of a misdemeanor.

   A bill is now being introduced to correct and eliminate the old law.

Angels Camp Police Offers Vacation Checks

      The Angels Camp Police Department would like to remind residents and business owners of some of the services that are available that we provide.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Ione prison getting expansion?

   An official with the California State Department of Corrections hinted that Ione may be one of the Californa State prisons to get expansion plans in the near future.

Why isn't California reporting....

   It seems that California is holding back on reporting of actual jobless claim numbers for the past two weeks. Why??

   As the largest number of jobs in the nation, has this skewed the National jobless claims report?

CalFire Under Fire for hiding...

  It was recently discovered that CalFire had been depositing millions and millions into the California District Attorneys Association rather than depositing it in the state genreal fund. UH-OH!!

   Now the controversial 'HOMEOWNERS FIRE FEE (or tax)' is becoming even more controversial.

   We cannot remember a time when CalFire was so disliked and mistrusted as an agency. Did they hide the money intentionally in order to get the tax passed against the homeowners? WOW!!!

   Now CalFire better put out its own fires before they get away....

Woman who drowned 3-year old now free

    Jennifer Lynn Bigham was found not guilty by reason of insanity after killing her 3 year old daughter by drowning three years ago.

   Now a judge has deemed her fit to reenter society, after treatment. Will the public accept her?

Former Israeli Prime Minister...

   Ariel Sharon, the former Israeli Prime Minister, who had a stroke in 2006 and has been in a vegetative state since then, might be able to hear and understand, a brain imaging test revealed.

   The two-hour test by a team of Israeli and American scientists used functional MRI in the tests.

LIndsay Lohan "buddies" only with Max George

   If you care, after Max George denied that he is having any relationship with Lindsay Lohan on twitter last week, Lohan, (who is in between court dates) says she understands.

   Lohan now says that she understands why The Wanted singer completely denied their relationship--because now she says there IS no relationship...they're just "hook-up" buddies. Well, all righty-then!

Traffic Hazard in Arnold

  CHP, PG&E and Country Roads have been called to Hwy 4 and Summit Level Road in Arnold to clear a traffic hazard reported at 12:20 PM.

OP-ED...The Three VS 'sketeers....

    Are there just three people from Valley Springs, who attend every single meeting, whether planning or supervisors, and seem to stick their noses

What a Shame-Calaveras Theater Voted Down

   It was a 3-2 vote of the Calaveras Unified District Shools board that ended that plans to build a performing arts theater in the Calaveras Unified School District.

   Like the beautiful theater at Bret Harte High School, it could also have brought in entertainment from outside the area for the enjoyment of the residents on that side of the County.

   What a shame. What will they do with that money now?

Writers Workshop in Murphys

   The Calaveras Arts Council is presenting a Writer Workshop for Non-Fiction Film and TV

Cow on Poole Station Road

   At 8:40 AM CHP received a call that a black cow is out on Poole Station Road and Church Hill Street in San Andreas.

   CHP is enroute to the scene.

Pennsylvania Man gets his last burger

   An 88-year old Pennsylvania man was buried over the weekend, after the entire funeral party drove through Burger King to order 40 Whopper, Jr's.

   Mr. Kime's burger was placed on top of his casket amid a floral bouquet.

NFC comes out on top

   The NFC defeated the aFC 62-35 in the high scoring 2013 ProBowl. Bikings tight end Kyle Rudolph was chosen 2013 ProBowl MVP.

Moss not retiring

49er Randy Moss has said he has decided not to retire after next week's Superbowl.

Tea Party-er Sarah Palin Gone From FOX News

    The FOX News Channel announced that Sarah Palin, whose racist remarks caused a renewed backlash against the Tea Party,

Sunday, January 27, 2013

12,000 Crocodiles

    South Africa was badly flooded last week, and due to the high water level, 12,000 crocodiles at a crocodile farm were washed into the water system.  Now that's a lot of croc!

One Great Postal Worker

   With all the negative things that have surfaced recently about postal clerks who are drunks, pathological liars, mentally ill, rude, harrassing customers and are in general, lazy, we have good news.

   Deborah Ford worked for the US Postal Service for 44 years and retired recently. What's so great about that?

    Ford never once, EVER took a single sick day in the entire 44 years. Congratulations on your retirement!

Injury Accident on Hwy 88

     An injury accident was reported to CHP at 2:10 PM at Hwy 88 and Kirkwood Meadows. An ambulance is enroute to the scene.

   The westbound lane is blocked. CHP is still enroute.

Brown Act Review at City Council - WHY?

   Since we all know that the Angels Camp City Council is getting around the Brown Act by having ADHOC committees,

Warning! The Brown Act is Back!

  Although many complain about Proposition 30 and what it will cost us, there was one silver lining buried inside that most people didn't even notice.

City Council Does What McHatten tells it to do!!

   McHatten, Angels Camp City Administrator, who we personally know does not care about the regular citizens or most businesses,

Complaint of Smoking Allowed on Playground

   Most of the public simply stays away from the Angels Camp City Council, which is actually run by certain friends of City Council

Mark Zuckerberg fundraising

   Mark Zuckerburg, owner of Facebook, is throwing a large fundraiser for Governor Chris Christie in his re-election campaign for governor.

20% of Available Angels Camp Water goes to....

   Where does 20% of the available potable water from UPA go in Angels Camp. Are you aware that the golfcourse at Greenhorn Creek has 20% diverted (promised) to them?

Tragic Accident in Pine Grove

   In what appears to have been a tragic accident, a mother and daughter were found under the ice in a pond near their home.

"NRA is instrument for ......

   Diane Feinstein was asked about the gun control proposals and the NRA.  Feinstein stated what the Sierra Sentinel has been saying ever since 20 babies were murdered with an AR

John Boehner says....

   Hard to believe, but John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives actually stated on film that President Obama is single handedly trying to "annihialate the Republican Party".

   We find that interesting, since it seems that the Republican Party doesn't need any help, and are handling that job just fine all by themselves.

Overturned car in Ebbetts Pass

  11:15 AM: CHP is still on the scene of an overturned vehicle on Hwy 4 at Hells Kitchen Vista in Ebbetts Pass that occurred at around 10:20 AM.

   The vehicle is blocking one lane. A tow truck has been dispatched. CHP is handling traffic control around the area.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gatorade Drinker?

   Those who drink Gatorade may not notice a change in ingredients. Pepsico, who owns them, plans to pull the controversial brominated vegetable oil from the sports drink.

All You Can Eat Free at GOOGLE

   GOOGLE, well known as the most popular place to work in America, offers free food for all three meals a day.

   Now they have revamped their cafeterias to offer more healthy foods to influence employees to stay fit.

Cow out on Hwy 49

   A cow is reportedly out on Hwy 49 at Middle Bar on the Amador County side. CHP is enroute to the scene.

   Big Game Hunter Spellwoman is on vacation with his hounds and TP Hogs and Bushmaster, so the cow is safe for now!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Op-Ed....Will Spellman Annouce a run against McClintock?

   Now that it appears Supervisor Spellman of the 5th District is losing his ability

OP-ED ...Humans are a Plague

      Sir David Attenborough,  the famed British naturalist and television presenter,  has some harsh words for humanity.

Letter to the Editor...About Crazy Neighbors!

   Dear Editor:   

   So many stories about crazy neighbors in this county. Most everyone knows that there are many of us who are unfortunate enough to live next door to the

Chicago Public Schools Apologizes

    Chicago public schools sent a letter of apology to all of its parents after an incorrect email address had been given out which turned out to be an erotic website.

Head-on Traffic Accident in San Andreas

   At 2:28 PM a head-on traffic accident was reported on Mountain Ranch Road, just east of the Government Center.  One person was transported to the hospital.

   One vehicle is blocking the road, and the other is off the road. Two  tow trucks have been dispatched to that location.

Coup Against District 5 Supervisor Spellman

   At the Board of Supervisors January 22, 2013 meeting, the Sheriff, a member of the Board of Trustees of Calaveras Unified and even

Traffic Hazard in Campo Seco

   UPDATE:  At 12:53 PM CHP arrived and called a tow truck for a 20" RV

Most Tuolumne County Sheriff

Melanie Ann Ainslie
DOB 07/11/77
5'9" 160 lbs
Brown Hair/Brown Eyes
Has 3 Felony Warrants
for Robbery
Call 533-5815


Yes, Virginia, there is a National Chicken Council...

     After reports were rumored that there was going to be a shortage of chicken wings for the SuperBowl Sunday snackers, the National Chicken Council made an announcement.

   Per the NCC, there is no shortage of chicken wings. Each chicken still has only two, however.

Cow out at Hwy 26 and Hwy 12

      9:10 AM:  A cow has been reported on Hwy 26 at Hwy 12 in Valley Springs. A CHP unit is reponding. Don't tell the Big Game Hunter!!!

Unplanned Pregnancies Higher Among Military Women

        As women play a greater role in the military, soon able to serve in combat roles, an unplanned pregnancy can ruin a military career and compromise mission  readiness.

Why the thick glasses, Hillary?

      It was confirmed by a Clinton aide that the thick glass Hillary Clinton has been wearing in public since returning from a concussion and blood clot last month, a lingering affect of her health problems.

Op-Ed...Peoples' rights

    Peoples' Rights, Planet's Rights:  Holistic Approaches to a Sustainable Population

     by Suzanne York
   As the title reflects, I believe that the best approaches to the serious issues facing

Traffic Accident Earlier on Poole Station Road

    At around 6:30 AM this morning, CHP responded to a report of a green Jeep Patriot that ran off of Poole Station Road and was on its roof over the embankment.

   An ambulance also responded to the scene near San Andreas. The area is now cleared.

Clear above the Fog

   Although Angels Camp is fogged in this morning, as you can see when the fog lifts it should be a nice day with sunshine and cool temperatures.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

No More Pro-Bowl

   There are rumors that the NFL's Goodell is considering putting an end to the Pro-Bowl after this year.

Ralph "Lyle" Montgomery

    Ralph "Lyle" Montgonery, of San Andreas, passed away on January 3, 2013 at Mark Twain Convalescent Hospital.  He was 83.

Traffic Hazard Reported in Copperopolis

   At 2:20 PM a traffic hazard was reported to CHP at Littlejohn and Quiver in Copperoplis. It isn't clear exactly what the hazard is at this point.  CHP is enroute to the scene.

What to do about the Post Offices?

   What will Congress decide to do about the US Post Office?  Will they be smart and force them to put all the work out on contracts or will they keep throwing our money at them so that a few more thousand clerks can retire comfortably?

Calaveras County Water District Meets

   Calaveras County Water District (CCWD) to whom every property owner in Calaveras County pays taxes, is meeting on Wednesday January 30, 2013 at 9 AM in the CCWD Board room in San Andreas.

  There is no closed session on this months agenda.

Let Public read and express opinion on bill before its passed

  There is a consideration at least in Sacramento that perhaps the public should get an opportunity to read a proposed bill

Golfer may move to Florida

   After complaining that California will take 60% of his income this year in taxes, Phil Mikkelson made the comment that he may move to Florida.  Florida has no income tax.

Ami Bera makes first speech on House floor

   Congressman Ami Bera from Elk Grove gave his first speech on the floor of the House of Representatives today, supporting a Republican bill to delay pay for Congress until they pass a budget.

Assemblyman Bigelow Responds to...

   Assemblyman Fran Bigelow today responded to Governor Jerry Brown's 2013 State of the State Address.

   Bigelow indicated that he looks forward

Not a drop of Rain yet in Ebbetts Pass

  While Angels Camp and points west are receiving a heavy rainfall today, Ebbetts Pass, it was just reported, has not received one drop as yet.

Traffic Hazard-Two vehicles blocking Hwy 49

   UPDATE:  CHP has cleared the Hwy at 12:25 PM

We received a report at 12:15 PM that two vehicles, one broken down and the other stopped to assist, blocking Hwy 49 at Mountain Ranch Road in San Andreas.

   A CHP unit is enroute to the scene.

Wilseyville Man Arrested

      On January 18, 2013 at approximately 11:50 AM, Calaveras Sheriff's deputies responded to West Point Elementary School regarding a verbal dispute.

No word yet from Murphys Sanitary District

   We have been waiting for the outcome of the Special Closed Session of the Murphys Sanitary District meeting yesterday.   

   There are many rumors going around, but we will let you know as soon as it becomes official.

Secretary of State Clinton vs the Do-Nothing Congress

   The stage was set!  It was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, most well-respected woman in the world, vs. a Republican Congress with the lowest approval ratings in history!

Traffic Accident Victims in Valley Springs Lucky

  According to CHP, on January 23, 2013, Margaret Stewart (23) of Wallace was driving a 2008 Honda on Hwy 12 at Haskell Street in Valley Springs at approximately 55 MPH, transporting her son Warren (1).

Nominations for Senior of the Year

   The public is now invited to make nominations for 2013 Senior of the Year.

Chimps saved from research

   A rescue home called Chimp Haven, outside Shreveport, Louisiana, welcomed seven research chimpanzees into their new home, a move that came on the heels of an NIH proposal that recommends all by 50 of the 360 chimpanzees currently being used in federally funded reasearch be retired.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Photo Posted in Redskins locker room

      It seems a lot of football players may get sucked into phony online relationships. The Washington Redskins management posted a photo in their locker room, warning of a woman posing as someone else with additional warnings attached to stay away.

Junior Seau's Estate now suing NFL

   After learning that Linebacker Junior Seau suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy when he committed suicide in May of 2012, Seau's estate is now suing the NFL for wrongful death.

Georgia doesn't allow license plates .....

   A man in Georgia says the driver services agency violates his constiutional rights by denying his application for a vanity license plate reading: "4GAYLIB," or "GAYPWR" or "GAYGUY".

    He's suing them.

Fire in Lake County contained

   CalFire reports that the Lake County fire, north of Hwy 29 southeast of Kelseyville is now 100% contained.

   296 acres were burned in the 24 hour period.

Robbery went awry at Papa Johns

    An apparent attempt to rob a Papa John's pizza restaurant in Montana went awry and the would-be robber started to cry. The cook then made him a pizza.

   He was probably a member of the Tea Party!! They're doing a lot of crying these days.

Bill to ban plastic bags

   A 2011-12 Assembly Bill 298 failed due to lobbying by plastic bag manufacturers and grocers in California.

   Assemblyman Marc Levine today announced he will revive a proposal banning all single-use plastic bags in California grocery stores, with an 18 month grace period.

    10% of ocean debris is made up of plastic bags, which are toxic to marine life.  

Proposition 8 supporters make case to Supreme Court

   Gay marriage opposition was out in full force for the first time at the Supreme Court on Tuesday, January 22, 2012, laying out their side of the case.

Why we live in California....

No Budget, No Pay?

   The so-called "Debt Ceiling Bill" which is expected to pass in the House of Representatives today, has a ""no budget, no pay" clause.

Chamber of Commerce Mixer

   According to the Calaveras Chamber of Commerce, Mark Twain Medical Center will host the monthly Chamber of Commerce Mixer

Special Board of Supervisors meeting

    We just received notice of a Special Board of Supervisors meeting for a Closed Session due to possible litigation.

   The meeting is scheduled for January 29, 2013 at 9 AM in the Board Chambers in San Andreas. There will be a public comments period before the closed session.

If you want a copy of gun permits....

   The fact is, that gun permits are a matter of public record. If you want your own copy, call Debbie Parsons at the Calaveras County Sheriff's Office  754-6500

Letter to the Editor ....About the Flu

   Good morning Sierra Sentinel:

   With all the talk about the flu going around the country, I thought I'd add that there is a joke going around that downloading APP's can give you the flu.

   For all of us who watched the Board of Supervisors last night, I don't know about you, but I felt as though I had been infected with the flu just by watching, Callaway was so sick.

    Ed in Ebbetts Pass

Animal on Hwy 4

  UPDATE at 8:10 AM: Animal hazard has been cleared.

  CHP received a report at 7:40AM that an animal is on Hwy 4 at Redhill Rd. in Vallecito. A unit is enroute to the scene.

   No indication has been given as to what kind of animal is on the highway as yet.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fry Returns from San Diego

   What was that bell that went off in my head when George Fry stood up yet again and referenced that he just returned from a mental health event in San Diego?  My imagination or what?

   Has he been there before???

Tea Party Gets Planning Commissioner

   After hearing that the tea party campaigned for Cliff Edson for Supervisor

Jeannie Middleton Honored on her retirement

   Jeannie Middelton was honored by the Sheriff's department on her retirement at the Board of Supervisor meeting today January 22, 2013.

Hyperactivity disorder diagnoses climb

   The rates of childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosis have increased by nearly 25% over the past decade, researchers have found..

Cloning Neanderthals?

   A Harvard geneticist has discussed closing Neanderthals, but many experts find safety and ethical hang-ups over that idea.

Werner Fornos (1933-2013)

       Werner Fornos, after a long battle with declining health, passed away on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 4:30 AM EST.

Deer Hit on Hwy 4 in Hathaway Pines

   A car hit a deer at 1:05 PM and its on Hwy 4 in Hathaway Pines. There is also a man standing on the highway at that location.

   CHP is enroute to the scene.

Traffic Accident in Arnold

   A traffic accident was reported on Oaken Drive in Arnold at 12:20 PM. CHP and an ambulance are enroute due to minor injuries reported.

   Apparently a car hit a large rock at that location.

LAFCO meets January 28, 2013

   The regular monthly meeting of LAFCO (Local Agency Foundation Commission) for Calaveras County is January 28, 2013 at 6 PM in the Board of Supervisors Chambers.

Tuolumne County's Most Wanted

Steven Joseph Murphy
DOB 4-15-81
6'0" 170 lbs
Brown Hair/Blue eyes
Wanted for three felony warrants for burglary

Bus vs car in Soulsbyville

   CHP is attending accident victims after a collision between a bus and a Toyota at Soulsbyville Rd and Willow Springs Drive in Soulsbyville.

   An ambulance is enroute to the scene due to injuries.

Letter from Vice-President Joe Biden

    Good afternoon--

    Taking the oath of office is a serious piece of business. 

Op-Ed-- And the Tea Party wonders why....

   If you wonder why the Sierra Sentinel and many others around the country have taken at least 100 yards strides away from members of the

Cow out on Dogtown Road in Angels Camp

  7:55 AM-- A black cow has been reported out on the road at Dogtown Rd and Schmauder Mine Road in Angels Camp. A CHP unit is at the scene.

Traffic Accident in Mountain Ranch

   UPDATE:   CHP arrived at the scene at 8:10 AM

   CHP reported a solo vehicle traffic accident that occurred at 7:30 AM Murray Creek Rd and Whiskey Slide Rd in Mountain Ranch.

   An ambulance is enroute to the scene due to injuries.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration Day!

  On a day of hope for equality for all, a challenge to climate change and a progressive agenda like most say they have never heard from a 2nd term President, the crowd of over a million, was joyful.

  Of course FOX called it, "The most depressing day of the year!"

   When I heard the guy that sits on the couch say that I began laughing and still laugh every time I think about it.

   The party of Lincoln is no longer the Republican Party.  You have to love politics!!

Traffic Accident at Hwy 88 and Hwy 12

   A traffic accident was reported at 3:20 PM at the intersection of Hwy 12 and Hwy 88 in Clements. An ambulance is enroute to the scene, along with CHP.

   Apparently a Toyota Tundra and an old Datsun pickup were the vehicles involved in the accident at the traffic light.. 

Traffic Hazard in Murphys

  At 3:15 PM  CHP was  notified of a traffic hazard at Hwy 4 and Utica Powerhouse Rd in Murphys. A cream colored Volvo is partially blocking the road.

   A CHP unit is enroute to the scene.

Falcons fan in Stable Condition

   An altercation between a 49er fan and an Atlanta Falcons fan ended with the Falcons fan in the hospital, cut with a knife.

    Witnesses have said that the Atlanta fan was after the 49er fan. The 49er fan has not been arrested. The Falcon fan is reportedly in stable condition with a knife wound to the neck.

Accidental shootings at Gun Rallies

   Accidental shootings at Gun Appreciation Days in three states are being investigated; but officials say they were all accidents. No one has died as a result of the shootings.

Jim Harbaugh Knocked it out of the Park

  Not much question that many wondered if the Kaepernick guy could go all the way when Harbaugh put him in at first string QB.

   He definitely hit it out of the park with that decision.

Matt Ryan Injured Shoulder

   If you noticed yesterday afternoon, Matt Ryan was holding his shoulder. He will not be playing in the Pro-Bowl after all.

Murphys Sanitary District Closed Session

   Murphys Sanitary District is holding a special closed session meeting on Wednesday, January 23, 2013.

    Their next regularly scheduled meeting is February  11, 2013 at 9 AM.

Op-Ed.......Green is the New Red

 by Will Potter

   "ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) has a new model bill, the 'Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act,' heavily influenced by the US Sportsmen's Alliance, a pro-hunting group.

Anger and Fear Affect Gun Buyers....

    Is the anger over losing their jobs, their homes and security over the past 5 years 

How much are we willing to spend on WARS??

   Is the American taxpayer willing to continue forever paying for the wars around the world? Maybe. After all, what's $2 billion a week,

Batmobile Sold

   The original Batmobile was sold at auction. The top bid was $4.6 million.

Colin Powell on Morning Joe

   Colin Powell was on Morning Joe today, and warned the Republican Party that if they keep going the way they are, their approval rating could go even lower than the 26% it is now.

    The audience, which was a coffee shop in D.C. was full of patrons who applauded nearly everything Powell said about the extremists and the money of politics.

The Security Cat

Bobby the security cat!!

Traffic Accident in Valley Springs

   According to CHP, Steven E. Paul (57), of Valley Springs, was driving a 2001 Chrysler 300 on Milton Road southbound at a stated speed of

Stan Musial Passes

   Baseball great Stan Musial passed away over the weekend. He was 92.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Get a million "likes"...get a puppy!

   A Massachussetts father had his two daughters begging for a puppy, when finally he told them "Get a million likes on Facebook, and then we'll talk.

    Well, they haven't decided what kind of puppy they'll get, but Dad had to eat his words. The girls got all their friends to help and they get a puppy.


49ers Will Play the Ravens in Superbowl

  Nearly everyone was surprised that the Baltimore Ravens beat the New England Patriots this afternoon.

   Now we will have both Harbaugh brothers, a very unique Superbowl.

Car Vs Deer

  A vehicle reportedly hit a deer on Hwy 26 at Paloma Rd in Valley Springs at around 7:30 PM. The injured deer is on the road. CHP is enroute to the scene.

Time to Raise Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT)

    Regardless of who the public wants to get the revenue, it is time the TOT tax was raised. The one Supervisor who has been meeting with an owner of a B&B, is

49ers Win....But the Hard Way

   Niners going to the Superbowl!

  The 49ers pulled out the win, but it wasn't easy. Nothing like the Packers game last week. The Falcons intended to win and if not for two timely turnovers, might have beat the Niners.

   The final score was 28-24 49ers. The Niners head to the Superbowl!!!

   Tonight the other Harbaugh brother John and his Baltimore Ravens, try to defeat the New England Patriots to challenge his brother in the Superbowl. We foresee the Patriots winning that game.

OP-ED.....And What about #5 Supervisor district?

   We never expect to hear from Mr. Spellman again, after exposing his slurs of women. His excuse was (in writing was that he can write any opinion he wants about women to his friends).

Republican Strategist says....

   On CNN this morning, Alex Castellanos, Republican Strategist made the statement that Barack Obama destroyed the Republican party.

   We can't find one person who agrees with that statement. Didn't the Republican party destroy itself?

Clark Gable's 1955 Mercedes Benz Auctioned Off

   Scottsdale, Arizona was the site of a special antique auto auction this week.  People are spending millions. For example, Clark Gable's 1955 Mercedes Benz sold for $1.9 million today.

   Some say antique or classic autos are a better investment that Wall Street.

Kelly Wooster New District 4 Planning Commissioner

   District 4 has a new Planning Commissioner for 2013.  Kelly Wooster, a retired attorney,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Traffic Hazard in San Andreas

   A vehicle is partially blocking the road at Russell Road and Hwy 49 in San Andreas. CHP and a tow truck are enroute to that location.

WOW! Free Mensa Test!

   The largest high IQ society in the country, is offering their online home test for free during January.

   Founded in 1946, the mission of the Mensa organization is to identify and nurture high IQ individuals.

   The socity offers conferences, lectures and activities to this end. Just type in "free mensa test". Let us know how you come out, if you dare!

Big Weekend for Crowds...and the flu!

   As crowds of people plan to attend this weekends events; the Inaugural, the NFL games and the Sundance Film Festival, many will come away infected with the flu virus if they haven't been vaccinated.

Angelina Whittle of Angels Camp

   Angelina "Angie" Whittle died January 17, 2013 at Foothill Village in Angels Camp, California. She was 98.

    Angie was born to Giovanni and Cirilla Antone

Op-Ed Torture is trivial....

   Compared to other US crimes, that is.

49ers vs Falcons

The 49er/Falcon game coverage begins at 12N our time on Sunday on FOX. Go NINERS!

Notre Dame's Manti Te'o gone silent?

   It is interesting that after months of encouraging the press and speaking to them at every turn that now Manti Te'o is silent and has hired a PR agent.

Traffic Accident in San Andreas

   CHP is responding to a traffic accident on Main Street in San Andreas at 11:15 AM. No injuries have been reported.

What bothers people most about Lance Armstrong?

   After seeing both parts of the Lance Armstrong "confession" interviews, what bothers many people the most is the the fact that he, and many others in the sports world, not to mention many people in their private lives believe in "deny, deny, deny"

Today is National Popcorn Day....

    Yes, January 19 is National Popcorn Day. If you didn't know that popcorn has its own day, you are like most of us.

   However, you should know that popcorn is as American as apple pie. Americans eat 17 billion quarts of popcorn annually, making it over a billion dollar a year industry.

Very Disappointing about Democratic Supervisors

   The Sierra Sentinel is very disappointed that the two most well-known Democrat Supervisors in Calaveras County, Callaway from District 3 and newly elected Chris Wright from District 2 have not

Tuollumne County Sheriff Stops Burglary

Joseph Mcintyre
Johnny Tuck

 Yesterday at approximately 11:15 AM Tuolumne Narcotics Team members Craig Davis and Eric Erhardt arrived at 6911 Obyrnes Ferry Rd., formerly Blue Dolphin enterprises, to do a business Check.

Have you ever boiled....?

   Recent research shows that boiling crabs, or lobsters and other shellfish alive does cause them pain. They can feel pain, according to scientists.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Injury Accident at Milton Rd and Jenny Lind Rd

   An ambulance is enroute to the intersection of Milton Rd and Jenny Lind Rd in Jenny Lind due to a traffic accident  that was reported at 1:25 PM.

   Mercy Air Ambulance is landing there now, per CHP.

Demi Moore denies rumors of new boy toy...

   Although they have been seen together often in the past few weeks, Demi Moore denies that she and Harry Morton, Lindsay Lohan's ex, are dating.

Who is Prince Jackson's Father?

   Michael Jackson's famed dermatologist Arnie Klein - has just taken credit for fathering Michael's son Prince. At least it seems that way, with a cryptic photo of Kleine and Prince on Facebook.

Traffic Accident in West Point

   CHP and an ambulance are enroute to the scene of a traffic accident that was reported at 12:30 PM on Bald Mountain Road in West Point.

Thinking of Starting New Company in California--Think Again!!

   California has long encouraged its business entrepreneurs, especially those in the Silicon Valley, to start up, stay and sell their companies here.

Supervisor Edson is Second to Respond...Guns

Supervisor Cliff Edson of Distict 1's response to the Presidents proposed changes to gun laws:

   "  Attacking good people that own firearms and ignoring our children

Supervisor Debbie Ponte Responds First--on Guns

    Supervisor Ponte of District 4's Response to the Presidents proposed changes to our gun laws:

   "There is a flurry of talk and activity most recently due to the horrific

Sheep on Hwy 99 Freeway at Farmington Rd.

   A caller notified the CHP that sheep had escaped from their pasture and were near or on the Hwy 99 Freeway at Farmington Rd. (Hwy 4) in Stockton.

   An officer is enroute to the location.

$250 billion lost due to Counterfeits

   According to a recent report, the American economy loses $250 billion a year as a result of counterfeited products.

   Despite the impact, only a fraction can be detected and confiscated by the government. Approximately $1.26 billion worth of  counterfeit goods originating overseas were seized by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in 2012.

Four Decades Later...

   After four decades, Roe v Wade, which legalized abortion in America, is still controversial among some religious groups.

Dog Bite Leads to Amputation

    A woman in Texas was bitten by a family members dog. The resulting infection caused by a rare bacteria has ravaged her body.

    Her legs and several fingers have had to be amputated. She is in critical condition. 


Traffic Accident in Valley Springs

   This has been updated as located on Hwy 26 not far from Hogan Dam Rd.

An inch short???

    People are calling it "Subway and the angry inch."  On tuesday a Facebook user posted a picture of a Subway "Footlong" sub next to a tape measure, and shoring the sandwich coming up short.

Op-Ed...Unchecked Growth Path to Poverty

by Bill Ryerson

   Endless growth is not possible because of constraints of renewable resources like fresh water, clean air and biodiversity.

NFL Championship - National Anthem

      We hear that the Super Bowl entertainment plans include Alicia Keys singing the national anthem before the NFL Championship game in New Orleans on Feb. 3, 2013.

Soccer gone to the dogs

   On January 12, 2013, a soccer match between Turkish and German professional teams went to the dogs for a couple of minutes when a pair of Labrador retrievers ran out on the field, stopping the game.

Surprised about Manti Te'o's Girlfriend?

   After all, this is a world where, on any given day, someone is forwarding you that email that says Bill Gates will share his Microsoft fortune with you, and total strangers de-friend you.

     So, is it really hard to believe that Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o had no clue that dead "girlfriend" Lennay Kekua --whom he allegedly knew only from the Internet -- didn't really exist???

Laser Beam Communication to the Moon?

   NASA reports that they have turned the Mona Lisa into the first digital image to be transmitted via laser beam from Earth to a spacecraft in lunar orbit, thanks to a technology that may soon become routine.

   We should have known. NASA did bring us Tang, after all.

Are you part of the National Day of Service?

   From the White House:

    On Saturday, January 19, 2013, President Obama and the First Lady, the Vice-President and Dr. Biden will take part in an event that's become a tradition--

Accident in Sutter Creek

CHP is responding to an accident that occurred at 8:30 AM at Pine Gulch Road and Sutter Creek Rd in Sutter Creek.

   It isn't known if there are injuries at this time. A vehicle is currently blocking one lane. A tow truck has been dispatched.

Traffic Accident in San Andreas

   8:30 AM:  Hwy 49 is clear

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gun Laws...How do our Supervisors feel?

   At the request of many of our readers, we have asked each of the five Supervisors in Calaveras County where they stand on the proposed changes to our gun laws from the President.

   We will publish their responses for you to read.

Calaveras Council of Governments Orientation?

   The Calaveras Council  of Governments is holding an orientation on February 6, 2013. It begins at 5:30 PM and will be held in the Calaveras County Board of Supervisor Chambers.

   This is usually a yearly propaganda meeting, to convince people they need the COG.

Op-Ed by Dennis Dooley, President of CCWD

Comments on CCWD (Calaveras County Water District) Financial Issues

    The following article is my thoughts about the cost and complexity of CCWD.  These are my thoughts and I am not speaking for the Board or the staff, but I think that they will generally agree with what I write.

Body of Lottery Winner to be Exhumed

   The lump sum lottery winnings of  Urooj Khan are being held by a judge due to the body being exhumed after cyanide was found in his blood.

   The wife and brother of the victim are fighting over the winnings.

Steinberg proposes $10 billion U.S. Mental Health Plan

    President Obama's proposal to expand mental health programs in response to the Newtown, Connecticut massacre is a good start but much more should be done, accoding to Californi state Senate leader Darrell Steinberg.

   Steinberg is travelling to Washington DC next week to urge federal officials to spend $10 billion more on mental health early intervention, school-based services and treatment modeled after the system funded in California under Prop 63.

   He hopes to meet with Vice-President Biden or his staff during his visit.

Ronald Reagan Day

      Newly elected Assemblymember Scott Wilk has introduced ACR 5, which would declare February 6, 2013 as Ronald Reagan Day.

     The day would have been the Gipper's 102 birthday.  However, the Assembly is famouse for adopting resolutions declaring a date's recongnition long after the date has passed.  We'll let you know.


San Andreas Man Arrested

   On January 15, 2013 at approximately 7 PM, the Calaveras Sheriff deputies responded to a residence on the 200 block of Pope Street, San Andreas for a 911 call regarding a burglary.

Op-Ed........Two Billion tons of food ends up waste?

       According to a new report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, as much as 2 billion tons of all food

Rollover Accident in Pine Grove

    11 AM:  CHP is just cleaning up after a solo vehicle rollover on Hwy 88 at Pine Grove Volcano Road in Pine Grove.  The vehicle landed on its wheels off the hwy.

   One injured person was transported to Sutter Hospital  by ambulance with a laceration to the head.

Op-Ed.....on Planned Parenthood

    Planned Parenthood Abandoning "Pro-Choice" Label for "no-Labels" Message

Op-Ed......In India Sons are Preferred

      In India, preference for sons undermines desire for smaller families, or slowing decline in population growth.

49ers Rolling Over the Falcons?

   Madden picks the 49ers to roll over the Falcons and send Ray Lewis out a loser. What do you think?

No Lost Cell Phones Here!

   A man in Las Vegas had to put a sign on his front door after people who had lost their cell phones began showing up there.

   Apparently the tracking devices were not programmed properly and were leading people to his home instead.

Football Players' girlfriend never existed?

   In a strange, bizarre tale, the Notre Dame football player who claimed his grandmother and his girlfriend died within hours of each other, now says the girlfriend never existed.

    We do not believe this story is over yet.

   Manti Te'o stated she died of Leukemia. Now no one is certain what actually happened, but the girlfirend never existed, he says now.

Dog Drives Van over Florida Man

   A man in Florida got out of his van to open a gate, and a dog jumped into the vehicle, pushed on the accelerator, and drove over the man.

    Authorities state that the Florida man died from the injuries.

Hiring Vets Good Public Relations Ploy?

    While Wal-Mart's announcement that they will hire 100,000 vets in the next five years, others are saying its more of a symbolic ploy for good publicity.

    While many will probably take them up on it, Wal-Mart is probably not returning Vets first choice for employment.

How Many Cellphones are being Used in U.S.?

   Current information available show that there are 320 million cell phones being used in American and accoding to a Nielsen study, about 50% are smartphones used heavily throughout the day.

20,000 "energy drink" users in Emergency Rooms

   A government study is calling popular energy drings "a rising public health problem" that are sending more and more people to the emergency rooms.

Are Childhood Vaccines Safe?

   The Institute of Medicine says that existing evidence suggests the childhood immunization schedule is safe,but that research looking for potential safety concerns should continue.

Questions About Armstrongs Cancer

   It seems that now Lance Armstrong has admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs, and it brings even more quesitons.

   For example, could the use of these drugs have actually contributed to his cancer?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Traffic Accident in Copperopolis

  At 5:10 PM a traffic accident was reported on Littlejohn Road in Copperopolis. CHP is enroute to the scene.

   Two vehicles are involved but no injuries have been reported.

Letter to the People.....From Vice-President Biden

     Hello --

      Today President Obama announced a plan to help protect our kids and communities from gun violence.

Traffic Hazard at Obyrnes and Hwy 4

     At 4:35 PM a traffic hazard was reported to CHP at Obyrnes Ferry Road and Hwy 4 in Copperopolis. It isn't yet clear what the hazard it, but CHP is enroute to that location.

Collision after Running Stop sign

   2:25 PM:  CHP is onscene at a collision at Hwy 26 and Duncan Rd in  Linden. No injuries were reported.

   One vehicle apparently ran a stop sign and collided with the other vehicle. A tow truck has been dispatched.


                        FREE! Voice of Color APP

McClintock Holding Town Hall in Sonora

   Congressman Tom McClintock will hold a town hall meeting in Sonora on January 30, 2013.  The meeting will begin at 6 P in the Opera Hall at 250 S. Washington Street in Sonora.

Gun Permits bill in Assembly

   As was expected by the Sierra Sentinel, the California State Assembly is now trying to pass a bill to conceal from the public addresses and phone numbers of those who have concealed weapon

The "final act" of the Kings saga?

  The Maloofs officially have the Kings up for sale. A group in Seattle has made them an offer,

Oakland Wants State of Emergency Declared

   The Vice-Mayor of the City of Oakland begged Governor Brown to declare a State of Emergency for their city to combat the rash of crime happening there.

Gun Laws Vote Depends on re-elections

   As usual, the proposed changes to gun laws and background checks passage doesn't depend on the majority of the public wanting it; it depends on if our Representatives have an election coming up in 2012.

   Due to their fear of being "primaried" by their own party, they are afraid to vote for something even if it helps save small children's live.

   Unfortunately, that is the America we live in.

California's Budget is what?

   According to a legislative analyst, the $97 billion that Governor Brown has proposed is not the entire budget, but only general fund money.

    Then there are the "special funds", as well as "bond funds" along with "federal funds".

    Some feel there is so much jockeying the money around that it is very difficult to keep track; however if you include "realignment money" for felons and bonds for the new courts there is another $5.4 billion, fish and game and highways $40 billion and $7.2 billion in bond spending, to total reaches $145.9  billion.

Online State University Courses

   Governor Brown announced that San Jose State University will be the first to offer online classes in California, with faculty support. The cost will be $150 per course.

     Brown is encouraging all the universities to ad online courses to its offerings.

Bret Harte Girls Basketball

   January 17, 2013 Thursday, Bret Harte vs Summerville at Home
   January 18, 2013 Friday, Bret Harte vs Amador at Amador
   January 22, 2013 Tuesday, Bret Harte vs Argonaut at Argonaut

Bret Harte Wrestling Schedule

     January 18, 2013 Friday, Tim Brown Memorial in Sacramento
     January 19, 2013 Saturday, Hatler Tournament (JV) in Sonora
     January, 23, 2013 Wednesday, Calaveras Dual at Home   

Bret Harte Boys Basketball Games

   January 17, 2013 Thursday Bret Harte plays Summerville at Summerville.
   January 18, 2013 Friday  Bret Harte plays Amador at Home
   January 22, 2013  Tuesday  Bret Hart plays Argonaut at Home

Cow trapped in Yard in Copperopolis

After a half-hour of coaxing, a cow that was loose in the Cheyenne Rd.  area of Copperopolis is now trapped in someone's yard.

Animal Hazard on Paloma in Valley Springs

   At 10:40 AM CHP got a report of an animal on Paloma at Gilliam Rd. in Valley Springs. It isn't clear what kind of animal at this time, but that is an area with frequent cow escapees. Don't tell Spellwoman!

   A CHP unit is enroute to that location.

Antique camera has bonus inside

   A man who bought a 100 year old camera got a surprise when he looked inside. The film had vintage photographs of the WWI era.

Harbaugh Brothers Could Vie for SuperBowl Win

  How interesting would it be if both Jim and John Harbaugh made it to the SuperBowl.  They are only a little over a year apart in age, one born in '62 and one in '63.

  Jim is head coach of the 49ers and John is head coach of the Baltimore Ravens.

Justice Clarence Thomas breaks silence

    Unexptected after 7 years on the Supreme Court, Justice Thomas broke his silence to speak during the hearings on Monday.

   Thomas, who has indicated he doesn't like oral arguments, apparently made a joke about Yale Law School grads, which started the entire audience and court laughing.

Atlanta motivated to demolish the 49ers?

   Talk around the Atlanta training camp this week is that there is strong motivation to come our and demolish the 49ers this weekend.

    Colin Kaepernick ran all over Green Bay. Can he do the same aginst the Falcons?

Pizza Cook makes hoax scare

   A man who reported liquid explosives were on a plan, causing the flight to be diverted, was trying

Cleaning Lady crashes train into house

   For some unknown reason, a cleaning lady allegedly stole a Swedish train and drove it off the end of the tracks, smashing into a house outside of Stockhom yesterday.

   No one was injured in the crash.

Coca Cola Makes Obesity Ad

   A new ad from Coca Cola seems to claim the company is part of the obesity solution, not the problem.

   A two-minute commercial is set to air on national cable news starting Monday.

Authorities lose 93-year-old in coffin

   A Detroit man who was 93 years old, passed away and after the service, but before he could be buried disappeared, casket and all.

   Authorities in Detroit say the mans 43 year old son was apparently overheard saying he could resurrect his father and believe that was why he stole the coffin.

   The van and the son are still missing.

Chargers getting new Head Coach

   Mike McCoy, who is currently offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos, is taking the San Diego Chargers head coaching position next year.

"Head" Shipment held up

   It seems that a shipment from Italy to a research facility in Chicago has been held at the airport since just after Christmas.

    It isn't clear why, but the shipment is of "heads", yes human heads, to be used in research in Chicago.

Brent Musburger at it again...

   Sports broadcaster Brent Musburger was criticized last week when he said how beautiful one of the players girlfriends was.

    Now he is raising eyebrows agains after signing off at the end of a college basketball game of you're "smokin tonite", apparently referring to his co-announcer. Musburger is 73.

It's not a Joke--the McDonalds do have a farm

   In rural New York, the McDonald family is raising 9 children and chickens, pigs, cows, etc. And they are all amazingly healthy.

   Studies show that people raised around animals have much better immune systems. Even a kitty can boost immunity by 6%, a dog 31%.

    Is our obsession with anti-bacterial wipes and cleaners actually hurting our families' health? Very likely.


You'll love this one, teacher afraid of kids?

    A teacher in Ohio is suing her former school district, alleging discrimination:  She says she was forced to teach younger kids despite her fear of them.

   Why would you become a teacher if you have a phobia of kids? We thought teachers came down with that AFTER teaching for a few years.


Tim Tebow - Wanted or Not Wanted?

   There is talk among NFL coach-types that Tim Tebow, regardless of his Tebowmania followers, may never start as a quarterback in the NFL. The Broncos bounced him, the Jets passed over him and now he's going to the Jaguars-where he may be or may not be-wanted.

Bears Hire new Coach

   The Chicago Bears have hire Marc Trestman as their new coach. This could mean the clock is ticking for QB Jay Cutler and GM Phil Emery.

Alice Cooper Guitarist back on stage

   Guitarist Dick Wagner is back on stage after suffering from a "triad of symptoms" associated with normal pressure hydrocphalus of NPH, including mental impairment, and inability to walk.

Calaveras County Board of Supervisors meeting

       The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors meets on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 after 2 weeks off.

    On this agenda is the retirement

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Freight truck stuck on Meadow Drive in Ice

   4:40 PM:  CHP is still on the scene of an Oak Harbor Freight Truck that is stuck afraid to move on the ice on Meadow at Cypress in Arnold.

   A heavy duty tow truck and chains for a large truck have been requested.

Arrest Following Traffic Collision

      On Sunday, January 13, 2013, at approximately 12:07 PM, according to the Angels Camp Police, an officer responded to a reported non-injury traffic collision near the intersection of Hwy 4 and 49.

Post Office Buckling Under Pressure

   The 238-year-old Post Office intitution lost almost $16 billion in the past year, ran into its legal borrowing limit and defaulted twice on required payment

Republicans? Where??

   With absolutely no statewide Republican office holders, being a minority in both the Assembly and the Senate, and the party essentially being broke, the new likely GOP Chair hangs his head.

    Jim Brulte, who is set to become tha new GOP Chair in California at the convention in Sacramento, says it will take at least 6 YEARS

Tea Party Group in Florida Changing Name

   During an interview with the Tea Party Express boss Amy Kremer, who is the head of all the tea party people in the U.S.,

Murphys Sanitary District Cancels Meeting

   Murphys Sanitary District has cancelled a special meeting that was scheduled for Thursday January 17, 2013.

   The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, February 11, 2013 at 9 AM at the MSD main office at 90 Big Trees Rd in Murphys.

Golden State Cellular Complaints?

   UPDATE:  We have heard so many horrible complaints, we are continuing this for awhile.

    We are doing a customer satisfaction survey of Golden State Cellular due to many complaints we've heard lately.

  Whether you are happy with their customer service or not, we'd like to hear from you. You can e-mail us at or call 736-4911.

Monday, January 14, 2013

If you are a Royal Baby Watcher...

   Looks like William and Kate's first Royal Baby is expected around mid July, if you care....

Traffic Accident at Hwy 49 and Whittle Road in Angels Camp

   A two-car collision on Hwy 49 near Whittle Rd in Angels Camp occured at 1:40 PM, according to CHP.

    Two CHP units were sent to the scene. A tow truck has been dispatched. Minor injuries have been  reported.

49ers Will Play Atlanta Next Week

   Matt Bryant's 49-yard field goal with 8 seconds left gave the Atlanta Falcons a 30-28 win over the Seattle Seahawks.

   Atlanta will play the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC title game next Sunday.

The Texans Had no Chance!

    Nobody beats Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots at mind games. The Pats proved that in Sunday's win over Houston.

     Tom Brady became the winningest quarterback in postseason play, throwing for three touchdowns to beat Houston 41-28 and lift the New England Patriots into the AFC Championship game.

Most Wanted in Tuolumne County

      In Tuolumne County, the Sheriff has issued  a most wanted photo of Crystal Ellen Burns, born 09/26/80, 115 lbs, with Red hair and Brown eyes.

    Burns has a Felony Warrant for Possession of Controlled Substances.

Debris on Hwy 4 in Murphys

   At 10:45 AM:  Someone has dumped debris on Hwy 4 just above Murphys on Hwy 4 at Utica Powerhouse Rd. per a CHP report.

   An officer is enroute to the location to remove hazard.

Ice and DUI Cause Rollover in Avery

     CHP reports that  on January 13, 2013, Jack Hume (61) of Avery, was driving his Mitsubishi Montero westbound on Hwy 4 at an un-determined speed when he failed

DUI Arrest in Valley Springs

   According to CHP, on January 10, 2013 Jennifer Moulton (18), of Valley Springs was driving a 2002 Saturn on Hartvickson Lane at a speed in excess of 55 MPH.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Angels City Council Meeting

   The Angels Camp City Council meeting was held last Tuesday, Januray 8, 2013. They had two applicants show up for interviews. The third was a no-show.

Mustang stuck in ice in Arnold

    UPDATE:  At 8:30 PM CHP was called back to the scene due to a collision. They notified the Sheriff's Office of the need for sand.

Baltimore beats Denver

  Just how this happened, we can't figure. Denver is obviously the better team, but the Ravens kept coming up with TD's and kicked a field goal to beat the Broncos in overtime.

Kaep Fear!!!

   Someone tweeted this to us last night!  Catchy!  If Kaepernick keeps this up, we'll be in the Super Bowl for sure. 45-31, 181 yards rushing for 2 touchdowns, not to mention the passing TD's. Wow! Great day to be a Niner fan!

   It was especially satisfying after hearing those east coast announcers all pick the Packers.

Car Accident in Arnold

  UPDATE:  At 9:35 AM CHP is at the scene and a tow truck has been dispatched.

Letter to the Editor ...about Fear and Guns

   Dear Editor:

   I;ve held my tongue during this time of 5 and 6 year olds being riddled with bullets, and now I'm speaking my mind.

   If you are old enough to remember when the Black Panther Party

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Traffic Hazard in Valley Springs

  At 6:40 PM CHP received a complaint that a dirt bike is going up and down the road with no lights at Treosti Place and Baldwin in Valley Springs.

   CHP is enroute to the area.

Op-Ed......Time to End the War.....

Time to End the War on Contraception  

  by Bob Walker

   Okay. The election is over, the new year has started in earnest, a new Congress has been sworn in and state legislatures across the country have reconvened.

Marijuana skin lotion?

   A company in Denver has come up with a new skin lotion. You've heard of Lavender and aloe vera; well now there is Marijuana.

   Neelay Patil, its maker, says you can light up your skin care routine with its special ingredient; cannabis.

   Colorado's newly passed Amendment 64 legalizes marijuana in that state.

49ers Game...Lots of questions

   Some are asking if the 49ers defense is healthy enough to beat the Packers tonite. Was David Akers the right choice over the new kicker Billy Cundiff? And can Tramon Williams shut Michael Crabtree down? 

   Who faces more pressure:  colin Kaepernick or Jim Harbaugh?  Any chance Kaepernick will be replaced by Alex Smith mid-game? We'll soon find out. Go Niners!

Cold Weather in Baltimore vs Denver

   Most people don't expect cold weather to affect Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning today in their playoff game.

Traffic Accident on Comanche Parkway

   UPDATE:  At 9:30 a tow truck was dispatched to the scene.

    9:05 AM: An ambulance is enroute to the scene of a traffic accident where a vehicle ran off the road at a curve, went through a fence and is about 300 feet over the side on Comanche Parkway

Letter from Congressman McClintock

       Dear Friends,

    Politicians from both parties in Washington are filling the Hurricane Sandy Emergency Relief bills with billions of dollars of pork--

Friday, January 11, 2013

Traffic Collision in Copperopolis

  CHP are currently handling an injury accident on Conestoga Trail in Copperopolis that occurred around 1:45 PM.

   An ambulace was dispatched to that location.

Calaveras County Water District Meets...

   CCWD (Calaveras County Water District) meets on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 9 AM in the CCWD Board room in San Andreas.

   Dennis Dooley takes over as President as of this meeting.

CHP Clearing Traffic Accident on Hwy 4 near Red Apple

  12:05 PM: CHP is now clearing  Hwy 4 after a traffic collision occurred when a blue Chevy pickup hit black ice at Darby Russell Rd. near the Red Apple.

16 days and Counting....

   It has now been 16 days, or 2 weeks and 2 days since the Sierra Sentinel requested the list of gun permit holders in Calaveras County.

Calaveras County's Assembly Member Bigelow Asks for Restraint

    Assembly Member Frank Bigelow R- O'Neals, today responded to the release of Governor Jerry Brown's 2013-14 budget proposal, saying that he agreed with the Governor's

Murphys Sanitary District meeting

   Murphys Sanitary District Board of Directors will be accepting the resignation of Ryan VanCleaves at their regular monthly meeting on January 14, 2013.

    The meeting begins at 9 AM and is held at the District Office at 90 Big Trees Road.

Akers Will Remain 1st String Kicker for Niners

    Coach Shanahan has stated, that although the 49ers have hired another kicker, that Akers will remain 1st string for tomorrows Divisional Playoff game with the Packers.

Op-Ed...About Orcas

     Dear Friends;

       Orcas are known for their intelligence, agility, and playfulness. Nowhere is this more obvious thn the Pacific Northwest, where the resident orca pods attract tourists and scientists from around the world.

Traffic Hazard on Hwy 26 and Silver Rapids in Valley Springs

    A Campora Propane truck is reportedly blocking part of the road at Hwy 26 and Silver Rapids in Valley Springs, according to a CHP report.

   Use extra caution if driving in that area until cleared.

Chains required on Hwy 4 and Hwy 88

   Be cautious this morning. Hwy 4 in Ebbetts Pass is mostly ice, and chains are required from Tipton House to Mt. Reba.

   On Hwy 88 chains are required from Dew Drop to Lumberyard.

Op-Ed...Our "New Normal" by Chris Clugston

   Austerity--Our "New Normal"

    Our "old normal" - prosperity - was enabled by abundant and cheap NNRs. Our "new normal"

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mr. Teeth Dies at Oakland Zoo.

   A five-foot-long caiman (like an alligator) called Mr. Teeth, was discovered by Oakland Police, guarding 34 pounds of marijuana in a Castro Valley home.

   HE was taken to the Oakland Zoo, but died, zoo officials say.

Traffic Accident at Hwy 108 and Obyrnes Ferry Rd

   at 1:45 PM CHP is continuing clean-up after a multi-car accident at Hwy 108 and Obyrnes Ferry Road in Tuolumne County.

Best Copy Cat in the Gallery Calaveras?

   What could be more exciting and creative for both artist and art collector than to see the imagery created by copying someone else's work?

Oh, to be a Los Angeles County Supervisor!

   We heard that an Obama cabinet  member in California was resigning, and immediately people began to talk about what she would do now.

   "Well, one person told us, she may run for Los Angeles County Supervisor," one person said.

   "But that is a comedown after working in DC." was our response.

Letter to the Editor:...About Gun Violence

   Dear Editor:

     I'm hoping you'll print my letter. I called and spoke with you a few days ago about guns. Since the Newtown massacre,

Traffic Hazard on Hwy 4 at Hunt Road in Copperopolis

    At 11 AM CHP received a report that a big rig is stalled in the lane at Hwy 4 and Hunt Road in Copperopolis.

   Use extra caution in that area until CHP can clear.

Traffic Accident on Hwy 26 in Valley Springs

   CHP reports that on January 9, 2013 at approximately 3:20 PM, Christi Smith, 46, of Valley Springs was driving

New Sheriff's Substation in Valley Springs

    According to a press release, on January 16, 2013 at 1 PM, the Calaveras County Sheriff's Office will host its grand opening of the new Valley Springs Sheriff's

Arbor Day Poster Contest

         CalFire is co-sponsoring a Poster contest for California Arbor Week 2013, in association with