Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Murphys man arrested

   On June 16, 2018 Calaveras Sheriff deputies arrested Israel Samuel Davis (47) of Murphys at Scott Street and Jones Street.

   Davis was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for alleged Battery against a Peace Officer, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, not a Firearm and Obstructing or Resisting an Officer, all felonies and for Obstructing or Resisting a Peace Officer or EMT, a misdemeanor.

Supervisor Garamendi: I need a shower!

   During a hearing of appeal for a cannabis farm in Calaveras County District 2 at the Board

Stock market takes dive on Trump Trade War

Still hunting for the head WITCH!!
   The DOW opened this morning nearly 300 points down and continues to nosedive.

   It is based on the Trump Trade War with China.  Traders don't like questionable politics.

"We will NEVER be arrested!". The Sheriff protects us!!

   Many times after we have written up details of crimes committed by the white

"How dare you? How dare you?" says Conway

This little child watches as border agents search
her mother, just before they separate them
and put the child in a Trump Detention Center.
   The interview of KellyAnne Conway, who claims to be a Catholic who loves the

Classic Car Show in Arnold

Don't miss it!! In beautiful Ebbetts Pass on Hwy 4
   The 14th Annual Arnold Classic Car Show will be held at White Pines Lake, just

Monday, June 18, 2018

Sierra Sentinel so PROUD to stand up against TRUMP, Racists, Dirty Cops, violent gun thugs

   Yes, we are proud to stand up to Trump and his racists, the dirty cops and violent gun thugs.

   We are the guardians of the Sierra Nevadas and will remain ANTI-Trump until the country is able to rid us of he and his scum 'deplorables' to back under their rocks.

Study of who is 'tipping less' so exraordinarily a waste

   In these times of the KKK, White Supremacy running the White House, and tiny children being locked in dog pens because they are part of what the racists

Take Law Enforcement's advice--Neighbor from Hell # 42

   If you have what you've witnessed as a completely mentally unstable neighbor--one that

Bicycle hazard on Hwy 26

   A child wearing a motorcycle helmet and riding a bicycle was reported in the lanes on Hwy 26 at St Andrews in Rancho Calaveras.

   CHP is responding to the scene, but be cautious if in that area.

Threats after writing about Candyrock Gay Porn and kkk gun club?

   A couple anonymous threats we received after writing about the horrid problems at the Candyrock gay porn and kkk gun club that were hacked are:

   "We're going

Adventures of the low-life, racist gun thug TROLL and his worthless gal thief

    Awww honey luber. Hey, let's go get that deer in Sutter crick. It'll
be great

Why we should split California into 3 states!! No help for residents!

   If you have EVER tried to get help from a state agency like

Newest Mental Health condition

   The World Health Organization (WHO) has just identified compulsive

Supposed to be a beautiful day today!! Drive carefully and please watch for animals!

  Be kind! Put warning whistles on your front bumpers! They're under $10 and available at most hardware stores.

   Drive carefully and enjoy a beautiful day today.

How to identify a CULT! Drink the Kool-Aid?

  Since the religion surrounding and supporting Trump is now known as a racist CULT, some have asked how to identify if you

We want to thank our newest neighbor!

   We now have a new neighbor behind us, who came to us to ask and explain what has happened,

What happened to the Taco Truck?

   Everyone loved the Mexican food that was served at the Taco Truck in Arnold. A family seemed to live next door and ran it.  It was always busy.  And they had Tamale Tuesdays!

   Does anyone know what happened to them?  They disappeared, leaving the Taco Truck sitting there empty. Did Trump send ICE after them?  If anyone knows, please share!

The Trump kkk Cult will stop at nothing!

   The purpose of the Trump kkk Cult is to prevent more minorities from gaining the ability

Is there a DeAngelo in Calaveras County??

DeAngelo as a cop!
   Could there be a dirty cop like DeAngelo (the Golden State Killer) hiding out in

UPDATE: Adopted!!!!Look at Gorgeous!

Gorgeous is a grey and peach tortoiseshell
who needs a home. She's already spayed
and ready to go home with someone who
will love her. See her at the Calaveras Animal
Services Cat House in San Andreas.

Do all dirty cops abuse animals?

   Recently we have been asked to do a study on how many dirty cops are also

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Car overturned on Hwy 4

   June 17, 2018 at 7 PM:  A car has reportedly overturned on Hwy 4 near Pool Station Road just below Angels Camp.

   No injuries have been indicated. A tow truck is responding. Be extra cautious if headed that way.

The ONE time he tells the truth??

   For the past few weeks, rumors have been going around about Melania Trump's disappearance and time in the hospital.

   Trump keeps bringing up a "facelift" without anyone asking him. Did he demand she get one? Wouldn't it be hilarious, a late night comedian said, if the ONE time he tells the truth, is the one Melania wanted to keep a secret?

Happy Fathers Day!

Especially to you Mother's who are doing BOTH!!!

Letter to the Editor: Cleansing records

   Dear Sierra Sentinel Editor:

   After reading everything that is going on with the hack of your website

What do Michael Preston and his racist pals call Supervisor Callaway??? C***???

   And in writing, too!

   And who nearly single-handedly destroyed

Terrorist Threat, with Intent to Intimidate, a FELONY

Conspiracy to Commit a Felony!!!
Intimidation of the PRESS!!

Cloudy with some showers at higher elevations

   The weather is cloudy in Ebbetts Pass today, with some showers expected at the higher elevations.

   Hotter temperatures, reaching to 100 degrees, is expected later in the week in Calaveras County, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Helter Skelter???? Intimidation, threats to the press???

   Some total morons believe that they can threaten, intimidate and finally commit Helter Skelter

Go Ahead!! Cut down all your trees! For LA tunnels!

Michael Preston identified from Calaveras Sheriff lineup? Candyrock???

  Due to the hack being part of the news we report, we are going back over all hacked articles and will  re-establish the facts for our readers.

   Michael Preston was furious that the

Calaveras Asst. CAO demoted!

   While the Board of Supervisors did not lower the pay rate or official title of Brian Moss, who has been assistant to the

First death threat the Sierra Sentinel received was..."A New Gang in Town"

The mistake the 5 suspected hackers made was that
they didn't realize we printed everything on hard
copy and put in in our big safe. STUPID,
STUPID, STUPID kooks and racists!
  It wasn't more than a couple of weeks after the Sierra Sentinel went online that we received our first actual death threat.

   An anonymous story had been published called A New Gang

Trump's girl toadie KellyAnne Conway lies....

   Trump's favorite girl toadie (other than his daughter) was on Meet the Press this morning, lying through her

If your birthday is today, June 17....

  .....  you share it with tennis star Venus Williams, singer/songwriter Barry Manilow,, composer Igor Stravinsky, actor

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Foothills Rising protesting white voters rights, not racism

   Foothills Rising was created with a press release that was insistent that they were going to battle the racists

We apologize if site moves slowly!

   We are having some of the heaviest traffic we've ever had on the site and apologize if things

How does a Retard Nazi play musical chairs?

We are going to show you, lol!

Mokelumne Hill 4th of July Celebration

  Moklumne Hill is holding its annual 4th of July festivities at the Town Hall for Pancake Breakfast at 7:30 AM and a parade

Environmental Assessment of Candyrock Gay Porn, KKK and Gun Club site

 Coming soon!  And the assessment of the person who thinks he owns it, a guy named Pissed-on!

   The truth!! And why the U.S. Forest Service does nothing.

Over 2000 children jailed at Mexican border

We need lots of cheap labor!!!
   The way the Trump administration is going, they will be able to bring his tie manufacturing back to the US since they now have children they can force into labor

PG&E filing for bankruptcy

   The guts of PG&E, to use bankruptcy as a negotiating tool to try and get out of paying for

A Postal alcoholic with PTSD carries a Glock???? Is it true??

   All over the state we hear about how humiliating it is to be a resident of a backwards county that does not

Paul Manafort sleeping with the cockroaches

  It is well-known that the prison where Paul Manafort was sent tonight is rife with cockroaches.

   While Trump

Friday, June 15, 2018

July 28--A Day of Shame for Calaveras County!!

  We are going to tell you all about it, directly from the reporters and newspapers who covered it

The filth at Candyrock, the crime, the booze

  Every day we hear more and more about the filth, the crime (porn) and the booze that goes on at Candyrock Gay Porn, KKK and Gun Club.

   When will the USFS get its act together and LOCK the GATE.  This is a disgusting embarrassment for the forest service.  The scum it attracts is unbelievable!!!

Delores "Maryln" Fiscus, Angels Camp Native

   On Sunday May 27, 2018 Delores "Maryln" Fiscus went home to be with the Lord while at her residence surrounded

City of Angels Camp talks about POT again

   The City Council of Angels Camp is meeting on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at the Firehouse for

Are you are a Nazi scumbag who owes Italians for damages? You better PAY!!

Your fellow Nazi's cannot save you from yourself!!!
Nor can they give you a CLEAN SWEEP!!!

Paul Manafort sent straight to jail

    Go straight to Jail, Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200. No get out of jail free card.  Or so says the judge to Paul Manafort, who was allegedly caught trying to witness tamper.

   Two ankle bracelets was not enough for him, and aren't enough for Trump either. Go straight to JAIL!!!

Believe it or Not!!

  Yes, under the title of Believe it or Not, someone is reportedly squatting down in front of traffic on Hwy 4 at Pennsylvania Gulch, praying.

   CHP is responding to the scene. Be cautious!  All the nuts are out in force today!

FAKE News directly from the Trump Cult

   Trump just gave a news conference where he said he didn't want to talk about his writing the fake press release

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Same FIVE suspects, plus a Supervisor turned in to FBI

   Yes, one woman and 4 men, plus one Supervisor have now been turned in to the

Now that AT&T has CNN, Disney and Comcast fight it out!

   The court ruled in favor of AT&T and insulted President Trump for trying to stop the merger with CNN.

   Now that one is over, Comcast and Disney are battling it out to buy 21st Century Fox, (not FOX News).  No one wants that one.

Is Steven Buis the trespasser, vandal, or?????

20 trees at $250 a tree = $5000 in damages!! See you in Court!!
   We have yet to be certain if Steven Buis, who we have had nothing but trouble with in the

Mikey and Ka-Ka sittin up a tree....

   And Mikey says if KaKa loses enough weight, he will take her away, like she has been begging for years.

Is RACIST Michael Preston head of kkk? Family must be SO proud!

Where is our local Postal DRUNK???

   Ahhh...missing in action, literally, or ptsding all over himself?  Much more to come!!

Will be posting exact article about Blue Tarp Gang, with death threat!!

Blue Tarp Gang needs more tarps

  Now that the Blue Tarp Gang is on welfare and fights among themselves all the time. (they can't

Crazy HONKERS contest reboot

  We are going to reannounce, for those who missed it, the winner of the Crazy Honkers contest.

   This was so much fun!! Photo I D at left!

Want to see a fat Nazi jackass race???

   Uphill, at that!  Just wait till you see it here first, folks!!

  We have the video!!!

The Three IDIOT Calaveras Rats continue TROUBLE

    The idiot GRIN on the District 4 Supervisor who is under RECALL gave to the not being

Ever heard of Pac 4? hmmmm

Why are we receiving initials?

Of course this poor thing died after being tortured and
strangled. What or who is KS, KS, KS?
  We have been receiving unsolicited anonymous tips about a perfect kitty being tortured and strangled as part of the conspiracy Helter Skelter attack to try

Candrock Gay Porn,KKK and Gun Club Supports Oliveira!!

Michael Preston still under surveillance by FBI?!Threatened President Obama

   We were informed earlier today that Michael Preston, Supervisor Oliveiras best friend, who was reported to the Secret Service and FBI for threatening President Obama, may remain

Transcribing every police report since 1994

  Due to unforeseen circumstances, we find it necessary to transcribe onto this website, certain police reports made in Calaveras County and in San Joaquin County that relate

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, the Biblical Racist Cult member

   In a speech to a law enforcement group today, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, the Trump Cult's Attorney General actually quoted the Bible

Letter to the Editor: You might think this strange, but...

  Dear Editor:

   The strangest thing happened to me a few days ago. I got a weird notice in the mail that I owed a bunch of money for a Toll Fee

Bear and boy make friends

Will the Great Calaveras Cannabis Ban continue?

The THREE Calaveras RATS chicken out!!

Clapp, Mills and Tofanelli
are total slimeball rats!
   The three Calaveras Supervisors, Clapp, Mills and Tofanelli have decided they don't want a ban on Cannabis

Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira counts on Trump Cult

  " If Corey Stewart, a clear White Supremacist and vocal anti-Semite can get elected, I can" is what

PG&E truck in crash

   June 14, 2018 at 8:50 AM:  A major injury collision has been reported on Hwy 88 at Eggiman Lane below Martell.

   Three vehicles are apparently involved; a black Honda, a horse trailer and a PG&E vehicle. An ambulance and tow truck are responding.

New York Attorney General sues Trump

   The Attorney General of New York has now officially sued Trump and his children over the so-called family charity.

   In the suit, they have alleged persistent illegal conduct.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Corker says...CULT!!

   Bob Corker is finally talking truth to power as a retiring Republican, the party that does not exist anymore.

   Corker said today that it is now the cult of Trump.

Trump loves those racists!

Cuomo turned Stewart every which way but loose
tonight on his CNN show.
   Chris Cuomo interviewed Corey Stewart, the Senate candidate in Virginia with close ties to

Public Defender gets unlimited funds?

 UPDATE:  Supervisor Garamendi countered DA Yook by saying the Public Defender is dedinitely part of Public Safety.

DiBasilio does NOT want DA snooping around

  We have learned that DiBasilio, who is running for Calaveras Sheriff and Captain Macedo have recruited certain Supervisors to fight against the DA Yook having a DA

Calaveras Code enforcement has quotas? Illegal!!

   At the Calaveras Supervisors budget hearings on June 13, 2018 Code Enforcement came

Are you a CRAZY Neighbor from HELL?? # 42

    When you have a retail store, people come in all the time and talk about

District 4 Supervisor Mills is a "DEAD DUCK"!!

Oh, Mr. Mills! Get UP!
Reinke and McBanus need you!!
   The wacky Calaveras Supervisor who has been exposed for his lies, his false reports, and extreme positions on everything, is most

Olivera of Calaveras District 3 FLIP-FLOPS on Cannabis

 Supervisor of District 3 Michael Oliveira is still flip-flopping back and forth on the Great Calaveras Cannabis Ban!

   Now he's again

DiBasilio says all cannabis people are CRIMINALS!!! Is DiBasilio the real criminal??

   The current Sheriff, who could not get over 50% in his recent election bid, says that ALL people involved in his cannabis cuttings are CRIMINALS.

   Supervisor Garamendi

DiBasilio says he will steal properties of all cannabis farms to increase his budget???

  ILLEGAL and CORRUPT Sheriff Department???  Budget hearings, June 13, 2018:

    Calaveras Sheriff has $1 million to try and enforce the Mills, Clapp and Tofanelli GREAT

Calaveras Voter turnout

   The final count of voters turning out for the primary election on June 5, 2018 in Calaveras County was just released.

   Registered voters in Calaveras number 28,994 and those who voted were 15,537 or 53%.

FBI agent charged with assault

  Chase Bishop, the 29 year old FBI agent who dropped is weapon while doing a backflip at a

Trump: Sleep well, it's over!

It's OVER, folks!
   Trump never hesitates to lie about anything;

Homeless veterans can starve! I want a parade!

   Terrified of Trump the GOP has voted to fund the $50 million for Trump to have tanks parade down Washington D.C.

   This is the $ 50 million that was supposed

Raccoon climbs skyscraper

This little raccoon became world famous when he climbed a 23 story building
in St. Paul Minnesota. He is now on the roof and they are trying to trap him.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dr. Smith thanks signers of Mills recall!

   Dr. Prapanna Smith came to the Calaveras Supervisors podium to thank the voters who signed the recall petition of Dennis

Voter promises to make Supervisor unemployed

   A voter from Tofanelli's District 1 came to the Calaveras Supervisors podium during public comment to speak

Car runs off roadway in Jenny Lind area

  June 12, 2018 at 10:45 AM:  A vehicle has reportedly run off Hwy 26 near Shelton Road in the Jenny Lind area.

   No injuries were indicated. A tow truck is responding.

Does FBI follow up on all leads? NO, says mother

   A mother of one of the teens killed and still missing in Yolo County, says she called the FBI

Firefighters rescue "Whisky" from roof--a GOOD dog story

  When her son's St. Bernard jumped through a 2nd story window and onto the narrow roof over

Three vehicle collision in Linden

   June 12, 2018 at 8:15 AM:  A three vehicle collision has been reported on Hwy 26 at Murray Road in Linden.

   No injuries have been indicated. Tow trucks are responding.

Warriors parade today

  Over a million fans are expected in Oakland today for the Warriors Championship Parade.

   The celebration will continue until around 2 PM.

Trump trying to get a Nobel Peace Prize???

...and the witch hunt goes on.
   The calm voice, the unnatural demeanor, the stench coming from Trump's podium, all say that the creep in chief is just trying to get a Nobel Peace Prize, using Kim Jong Un.

  He was even nice to the press. He'll do anything to try and get what Obama had. RESPECT!  Sorry, Mr. Racist, but its too late. We all know what you really are.

Roseanne Barr wouldn't know a Nazi if it was in the mirror!

   After Roseanne Barr called George Soros a Nazi, she offered sort

Monday, June 11, 2018

Lunch, anyone???

  Mark Cuban and Warren Buffet actually went to a local Dairy Queen in Omaha, Nebraska today.

   We don't know what they had to eat.

Larry Kudlow has heart attack

     Trumps economic adviser Larry Kudlow did an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN and then suffered a heart attack.

  He is now at Walter Reed Army Hospital being treated.

Candyrock Terrorists?

Robert DeNiro gets Tony's audience on its feet

   Robert DeNiro dropped a f-bomb about Trump at the 72nd Annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall on June 10, 2018.

   With a bleep and double fists raised in the air, DeNiro got the theater crowd on its feet.

CRAIGSLIST donates $20 million

   The CEO of Craigslist.org and founder Craig Newmark made a $20 million donation.

Roses in Calaveras County

Roses love Calaveras County because it's warm in the Spring and
Summer. Just give them plenty of water! This one is the Peace Rose!

Assault arrest in Angels Camp

   On June 10, 2018 at approximately 6:30 AM Angels Camp Police arrested Bernard Bert Archibeque (23) of San Andreas on Stockton Road.

   Archibeque was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for alleged Assault with a Deadly Weapon, not a Firearm.

Is Calaveras Sheriff falisifying cannabis reports??

   After speaking to several involved people in the legal cannabis business in Calaveras County, we came to the realization that someone appears to be falsifying documents

Animal hazard on Hwy 12

   June 11, 2018 at 9:05 AM:  Watch for some type of animal around Hwy 12 and Messing Road below Valley Springs.

    CHP is responding to the scene, but be cautious until they can clear the roadway.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Mountain biker rescued near Hwy 49

CHP shot this photo after a helicopter rescued a mountain biker
who fell 200' down a cliff off Hwy 49 in El Dorado County.