Friday, September 27, 2019

Fire in Jamestown burns 80 acres

   On September 25, 2019 at fire on Hwy 108 near Tulloch Road in Jamestown reached over 80 acres before being  brought under control.

   It is now 100% contained.

Hey Trump! It's the cover-up that gets you!

Amazing the resemblence!! 
  Just ask Nixon, Trumpty Dumpty!  It's always the cover up that gets you in the end!

   Trying to make the call go away won't work. Too many people knew about it, you dummy!

Traffic collision on Hwy 4

   September 27, 2019 at 12:25 PM:  A traffic collision has been reported on Hwy 4 at Milton Road near the Calaveras County line.

   Emergency personnel are responding to the scene, including an ambulance.  Be extra cautious if headed that way.

Adopt Eric!!

Look at that cute blob on his nose. Adorable. Visit Eric at the Calaveras
Animal Shelter in San Andreas.

Want to screw with your moron neighbor????

   Pretend to be moving! New videos for Youtube.

   Love it!!!!     Crazy parents have crazy offspring!

Blues and Bones concert

Saturday, September 28, 2019
Calaveras County Fairgrounds

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Is this the scandal that BRINGS the SCUM DOWN?

   The newest scandal to hit the orange Trump is the Whistleblower who reported

Concours d' elegance

Avery resident arrested

   On September 25, 2019 Calaveras Sheriff deputies arrested Christopher Michael Lee (22) of Avery at his residence on Segale Road in Avery.

   Lee was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for allegedly Planting more than 6 marijuana plants and for Conspiracy, both felonies.

Collision in San Andreas

    September 26, 2019 at 2:45 PM:  A traffic collision has been reported on Mountain Ranch Road at Hwy 49 in San Andreas.

   No injuries have been indicated. A tow truck has been dispatched.

Have you noticed???

   Have you ever noticed that people who trespass are one or all of three types.

   They are either Criminally

Fire on Electra Road update

   CalFire has updated the status of the vegetation fire on Electra Road, just off Hwy 49,

Altaville resident arrested/booked

  On September 22, 2019 the Calaveras District Attorney booked Karl Joseph Boyd (47) of Altaville into the Calaveras County Jail.

   Boyd was arrested for allegedly

Woman arrested at Tractor Supply

   On September 22, 2019 around 7:45 PM  the Calaveras County Sheriff arrested Rebecca

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Fire on Hwy 49

   A fire has been reported on Hwy 49 near Electra Road on the Amador County side of the river.

   Crews quickly got a handle on it and it is now under control.  We aren't sure about how many acres were burned.

SWAT goes to dump

   Calaveras SWAT was called to the dump in Avery this morning. We don't have details of what happened.

   Avery Middle School was put on lockdown for a short time, but things are now back to normal.
More information when it becomes available.

Monday, September 23, 2019

49ers 3-0 for season

   The 49ers are looking good so far, as they beat the Steelers 24-20 Sunday.

   3-0 for the season is a great way to start out. They play the Browns Monday night after next.

Jenny Lind fire caused by gunfire....

  Late yesterday, Calfire released information that seemed to point to gunfire starting the fire on Hwy 26 in Jenny Lind.

   The fire reached over 20 acres before being brought under control.

First Official day of FALL

Sunday, September 22, 2019

OP-ED: Don't feel sorry for the lazy racist trolls!

   When some people you know complain they have nothing, a tiny house, little money and no one wants to hire them, don't feel

Mercers called Neo-Facists

   The Mercer family has been called many names in past years, but last night the clear distinction of their purpose in political and personal life became clear.

   A commentator stated that the Mercer's are Neo-Facists!  Elder Mercer is a hedge fund magnate, who invests in places like Breitbart and Cambridge Analytica to help Trump!

Niners at home today

  The SF 49ers are at home in Santa Clara today, September 22, 2019 to play the Steelers.

   Game starts at 1:30 PM.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

CHP report on Sheep Ranch crash

   According to CHP  on September 19, 2019 at approximately 11:30 PM Eshwar Rajagopal (30) of Murphys was driving a 1998 Toyota on Sheep Ranch Road an at

Night out in downtown Angels

  Tonight, Saturday September 21, 2019 in downtown Angels Camp, there will be activities going on from 5 to 8 PM, including live music.

   Night Out is sponsored by Historical Downtown Alliance and the Angels Camp Business Association.

It's still FIRE season

Fire season is now year round, so
be extra careful!!

Friday, September 20, 2019

Mr. BigPot: Get a real JOB!

  What a joke Mr. BigPot McBanus is.  He keeps ranting and raving against all cannabis and has no other purpose

Bear Valley season pass on sale

   Until October 31, 2019 the season pass for Bear Valley Ski Resort is on sale.

   Save $100 if you buy before Halloween.  Go to website to order.

Fatal collision in Linden

   September 20, 2019 at 11:50 AM:  A fatal traffic collision has been reported on Hwy 26 in Linden.
    A Chevrolet Silverado apparently T-boned another vehicle. The coroner was dispatched due to the fatal injuries sustained.

Alice Montgomery calls POLICE on Planning Commission??

   We have been told that Alice Montgomery, Michael Oliveira supporter, who often appears at county

Sandra Louise Pisano of San Andreas

   Sandra Louise Pisano was born November 5, 1936 and had lived in San Andreas for 44 years before passing away peacefully on September 16, 2019 at her home.  She was 82.

   Her death was due

Hwy 4 closure

   On Tuesday September 24, 2019 and Wednesday September 25, 2019 Hwy 4 will be closed to through traffic for Caltrans road work.

   The closure is at the east end of Lake Alpine, so Lake Alpine will be open and accessible.

Arrest for vehicle theft

   On September 19, 2019 Calaveras Sheriff deputies arrested Jack Patrick Meyers (39) of Lodi on Myrtle Street in Valley Springs.

   Meyers was booked into the Calaveras

Major injury crash in Murphys

   Late on September 19, 2019 around 11:30 PM ran off Sheep Ranch Road at Shelter Lane in Murphys and 150 feet down the embankment.

    Reported on September 20, 2019 around 8:30 AM, the driver sustained major injuries and was transported to the hospital.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Major injury collision in Valley Springs

   According to CHP, on September 14, 2019 Brandon Sewell (28) of Valley Springs was driving a

Grass fire in Sutter Creek

    September 17, 2019 at 10 AM:  A grass fire has been reported on Hwy 88 at Hwy 104 in Sutter Creek.

   Several engines have been dispatched to the scene.

Fatal collision in San Andreas

   According to CHP on September 13, 2019 around 11 PM Cameron Conner (29) of Galt was driving a 2004 Ford F250 on Hwy 12 near Hwy 49 at an

CCWD halts new pipeline work on Hwy 4

   September 16, 2019:  Calaveras County Water District just notified us that work

Homeless HORSEMAN arrested in Valley Springs

   On September 13, 2019 Calaveras Sheriff deputies arrested Frank Jack

Monday, September 16, 2019

Grass fire in LaGrange

  UPDATE:  Power lines are down. Fire is approximately 2-3 acres and spreading.

Collision in Linden

   September 16, 2019 at 11:35 AM:  A traffic collision has been reported on Hwy 26 and Escalon Bellota Road in the Linden area.

   Authorities are en route to the scene, including an ambulance.

Get your craft paint and stencils at True Value

 Meadowmont Shopping Center on Hwy 4 in Arnold

One look at Brett Kavanaugh....

....and you feel sick to your stomach.  SCUM!!!!

Rollover on Shenandoah

   September 16, 2019 at 10:50 AM:  A solo vehicle has reportedly rolled over on Shenandoah Road and Meadowview Road in River Pines.

   An ambulance is responding to the scene.

Fire in Ione

  UPDATE at 10:40 AM:   Hwy 88 is re-opening. Both lanes had been closed due to this fire.

UPDATE:  This is actually a building fire.

Cover up! Rain likely today!

Weather service says we could get a tenth of an inch of rain today and
snow at Bear Valley.!

Collision in Copperopolis

   September 16, 2019 at 8:30 AM:  A traffic collision has been reported on Obyrnes Ferry Road at Copper Cove Drive in Copperopolis.

   An ambulance is responding to the scene.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Helicopter markings???

   Today we are told the helicopter that was flying erratically in Arnold yesterday and Friday, is now in Murphys.

   One person tells us that using his binoculars, he saw FIRE SURVEY on the fuselage. We are told they are again flying as if looking for something or someone.

49ers vs. Bengals

   The San Francisco 49ers are playing the Cincinnati Bengals today in Cincinnati.

   The game is being broadcast on FOX Sports.

Car vs pole at Hogan Dam

   September 15, 2019 at 10:15 AM:  Another report of a fire started when a car struck a power pole in the 6500 block of Hogan Dam Road has been received.

   This could be the same fire reported a little earlier, but we aren't sure.  An ambulance is responding to the collision. PG&E has been notified.

Fire on Hunt Road

   September 15, 2019 at 10 AM:  A fire has been reported on Hunt Road at Hogan Dam Road in the Valley Springs area.

   Several fire units are responding, including a water tender.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

UPDATE on helicopter

   We spoke with Supervisor Callaway earlier. She had received complaints about the low flying helicopter that has Sheriff apparently written on the side.

   The Calaveras Sheriff denies having any of his people in the air. He says its PG&E, checking the lines, even on Saturday.

Pedestrian on Hwy 4

   September 14, 2019 at 11:30 AM:  A pedestrian has been reported walking in and out of the roadway on Hwy 4 in Douglas Flat.

   CHP has been notified. Be extra cautious until they can make sure the road is clear.

Boil Water order in Big Trees Village

   UPDATE:  The BOIL WATER order has been extended to at least September 17, 2019.

Hike to Cougar Rock

   Ed Langan sent us this photo, joining the group on the Arnold Rim Trail to Cougar Rock last night, after

Eddie Money dies

   "Two Tickets to Paradise" rocker Eddie Money died yesterday September 13, 2019. He was 70 years old.

   He had been suffering from cancer.

Helicopter circles in Arnold

What appears to be a Calaveras Sheriff's helicopter circled the
Arnold area around the Meadowmont Shopping Center
on Hwy 4 for hours on Friday September 13, 2019,
making dangerous sudden U-turns, etc, as residents and
shoppers watched!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Calaveras Planning Coalition (CAP) holding dinner

   On October 19, 2019 the Calaveras Planning Coalition will hold their annual fundraising dinner at the Metropolitan in San Andreas.

   The dinner is from 5 to 8:30 PM and you can get tickets by calling 559-2455 or going to

"Frogtown Hoedown" theme chosen for 2020

   After reviewing 110 entries of possible slogans for the 2020 Calaveras County Fair, the Board chose one

Public trails along waterways filled with sewage and e-coli

How long before Angels Creek looks like this?
   The Angels Camp City Council has been adamant that they want the public to have access to Angels Creek via a pathway

Caltrans doing tree work in Angels Camp

  On Monday September 16, 2019 Caltrans will be doing tree work on Hwy 49 in Angels Camp.

   The work is from Angels Creek to Park Avenue. There will be 15 minute delays during the work day.

Cannabis Study Session in Calaveras

   On Tuesday September 17, 2019 the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors will hold a Special Meeting for a Study Session on proposed badges for Cannabis farms.

   Also on the agenda is approving the response to the 2018-19 Grand Jury report.  The meeting begins at 9 AM.


Vehicle vs. tree in Paloma

   September 13, 2019 at 8:30 AM:  A vehicle has reportedly struck an oak tree on Paloma Road in Paloma.

   Emergency vehicles, including an ambulance, are responding to the scene.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Major injury 4 wheeler collision in Arnold

   September 12, 2019 at 2:20 PM:  A 4 wheeler has been in a collision on Antler Drive in Arnold.

   Major injuries have resulted. An ambulance is responding to the scene.

Guided hike to Cougar Rock

  On Friday September 13, 2019 there will be a guided hike to Cougar Rock on the Arnold Rim Trail.

   Hike begins at 5:30 PM at the intersection of Lakemont Drive and Valley View Drive. There will be a full moon.

Angels Camp woman arrested

   On September 9, 2019 Angels Camp Police arrested Stacy Len Cardenas (46) of Angels Camp at her residence on Dogtown Road.

   Cardenas was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for allegedly Threatening a Crime with Intent to Terrorize, a felony.


T. Boone Pickens dies

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Walker Fire update

   The Walker Fire, burning in the Plumas National Forest, is now 48,321 acres and is 20% contained.

  The cause of this fire is yet to be determined.


Tree down in Mountain Ranch

   September 11, 2019 at 2 PM:  A tree is reportedly down and blocking the entire roadway at Whiskey Slide Road and Mountain Ranch Road in Mountain Ranch.

   Calaveras Public Works has been notified. Be cautious if you are headed that way.

Overturned car in West Point

   September 11, 2019 at 10:20 AM:  A vehicle is reportedly overturned on Hwy 26 at Centennial Mine Road in West Point.

   Vehicle is on its side. An ambulance and tow truck are responding.

Flags at half staff

   Today, September 11, 2019 is the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attack in New York City.

   Flags are being flown at half staff in memory of those lost that day in 2001.

SUV vs. child at Tracy school

   September 11, 2019 at 8:45 AM:  A child has been struck by an SUV on Escuela Drive at Bethany School in Tracy.

   An ambulance responded to the scene. A tow truck has been dispatched.

Cooler mornings: Signs of fall coming

    According to the weather service, we can still get some near 100 degree days in the valley, but these cooler mornings are a good sign.

   Fall is coming. Days are getting shorter, so get ready for snow! and enjoy the more comfortable days we are enjoying now.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Walker Fire grows

   As of September 10, 2019 at 11 AM the Walker Fire in Plumas National Forest is 47,340 acres and is 12% contained.


Tractor starts fire in Linden

   September 10, 2019 at 11:20 AM:  A grass fire at Hwy 26 and Fine Road near Linden was started by a tractor, according to the report.

   Engines are responding to the scene, along with water tenders.

Insurance Town Hall meeting

   There will be a Town Hall meeting with Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara on September 16, 2019 at 6 PM.

   It will be held at the San Andreas Town Hall in San Andreas. Homeowners insurance in the Wildland Urban Interface will be discussed.

A sign of the times....AGAIN???

                             UPDATE:  This sign has now been RIPPED down and left hanging!!!
...this sign advertising a fundraiser for the NRA on Hwy 4 in Arnold
was found to have some added color Sunday morning!!
Now again after the Labor Day weekend, SPLATT!!!

These are STRANGE times!!!!!

   San Francisco declares the NRA to be a TERRORIST organization, our President invites the TALIBAN to Camp David near the 9/11 anniversary and Trump makes sure to give airport near his hotel U.S. Air Force gas business.

   These are the STRANGEST times of our lives in the USA. 

Candidates night cancelled

Sean Frame dropped out of race, so the candidates night
has been cancelled. Brynne Kennedy will be the primary choice!

Mark Sanford running against Trump

   Former Governor Mark Sanford ha announced that he is running against Trump for the GOP nomination for president.

   Last night at a rally in North Carolina,

Housekeeper wanted

  Housekeeper needed in Arnold. Large house, 2 story, must have experience and references.

   If interested, respond

Arrest for burning in Glencoe

   It isn't often that we see anyone charged with illegal burning in Calaveras County, but on September 8, 2019

Trump fires John Bolton

   National Security Advisor and FOX-Trump supporter John Bolton was apparently fire by Trump this morning.

    Known as almost a big a fool and idiot as

Elder abuse arrest in West Point

   On September 6, 2019 Calaveras Sheriff deputies arrested Zachariah William Conder (25) of West Point on John Eaph Trail.

   Conder was booked

Monday, September 9, 2019

Structure fire in Ebbetts Pass

   UPDATE:  Additional crews cancelled. Fire under control.

    UPDATE:  Crews are attempting

Chicken adoption at Calaveras Fairgrounds

   On Fri day September 13, 2019 and Saturday September 14, 2019 over 100 chickens will

Traffic collision in Columbia

   September 9, 2019 at 5:50 PM:  A traffic collision has been reported on Parrotts Ferry Road at Union Hill Road in Columbia.

   An ambulance is responding to the scene.

Three vehicle crash in Murphys

   September 9, 2019 at 2:30 PM:  A three vehicle collision has been reported on Hwy 4 near Tanner Road in Murphys.

   An ambulance and tow truck are responding to the scene.

Get up and VOTE!

Don't let any racist, religious red-neck Republicans
back into office!!
If we don't ALL vote, they will take over!!

Motorcycle collision in Escalon

   September 9, 2019 at 1 PM:  A motorcycle trying to split the lanes on Hwy 120 at Yosemite Avenue in Escalon struck the mirror of an SUV and crashed.

   No injuries have been indicated.

Walker Fire in Plumas National Forest

   As of this morning September 9, 2019 the Walker Fire, located in the Plumas National Forest, is nearly 44,000 acres.

   It is only 7% contained at this time.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

49ers in Tampa Bay

  UPDATE:  49ers won 31-17!  Way to start off the season, Niners!

Evacuations in Butte County

  TV shows were interrupted last evening when evacuation orders were shown for Butte County due to the Swedes Fire near Lake Oroville.

   The fire is now 400 acres in size and 20% contained. The cause is under investigation.

Walker Fire near Quincy

   As of 9:30 AM on September 8, 2019 the Walker Fire in the Plumas National Forest near Quincy had

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Traffic collision in Clements

   September 7, 2019 at 10:45 AM:  A traffic collision has been reported on Hwy 12 at Clements Road in the Clements area.

   It isn't known if there are injuries Be extra cautious if headed that way.

LIsten to Smokey

This is the most dangerous time of the year!!

Friday, September 6, 2019

Kanye's new Monster Lake Ranch

Kanye West just bought this 4500 acre ranch, called Monster Lake Ranch
near Cody, Wyoming.. The asking price was $14 mill.

Flood Fire near Rancho Calaveras

   The Flood Fire, southwest of Rancho Calaveras started on September 5, 2019 near Flood Road in San Joaquin County.

    44 acres are reportedly burned. CalFire shows 0% containment, but we have to check on that and will post when we learn the details.  The cause is under investigation.

Walker Fire in Plumas National Forest

  UPDATE at 9 PM:  This fire is now 17,800 acres in size and is still

Fire in Oakdale

  A grass fire has been reported on Stearns Road at Hwy 108 in Oakdale.  Several engines and water tenders are responding.

   Be extra cautious if headed that way.


Two out of state residents arrested in Sheep Ranch

  On September 5, 2019 Calaveras Sheriff deputies arrested Patrick James Owens (64) of

Fire in Santa Cruz Mountains

  CalFire reports that they battled a fire on Deer Creek Road near Boulder Creek on September

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Friends??? of McClintock???

   Congressman Tom McClintock SENT us this photo, complaining of all the protesters

Water company, Mi-Wuk tribe and Enterprise in battle

   Calaveras County Water District has been accused of discrimination against the Calaveras band of Mi-Wuk Indians after CCWD apparently refused to hire

Burglary in Angels Camp

   Calaveras Coins and Collectibles was burglarized during the night of September 5, 2019, burglars ransacking

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Calaveras Fair 2020 needs a theme

   The Calaveras County Fair is looking for theme name for the 2020 fair, May 14-17.

   If you have an idea, send it to by September 9, 2019.


Assault arrest

   On September 3, 2019 the Calaveras Sheriff's Office arrested Dennis Willard Fields, Jr. (30) of San

Three car collision in Pioneer

   September 4, 2019 at 9:35 AM:  A three car collision has been reported on Hwy 88 near Marilyn Lane in the Pioneer area.

    An ambulance and tow truck are responding to the scene. Be extra cautious if headed that way.

Abandoned and starving horses need your help

   Friends of Calaveras Animal Services (FOCAS) and Calaveras Animal Services need your help to feed the possibly 30

Hwy 4 crash victim dies

   CHP has just informed us that  Kevin Horigan (59) of Murphys, who was injured in the August 25, 2019 head-on crash on Hwy 4 in Murphys has died from his injuries at Doctor's Hospital in Modesto.

   Horigan was the driver who, for some unknown reason, crossed the double yellow line and struck a Subaru head-on.  The driver of the Subaru also sustained major injuries.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Commercial diving boat ablaze

   A 75-foot diving boat out for the holiday with dozens below deck sleeping, caught fire and was

FOX Business News Stuart Varney says TRUMP Never LIES????

What a shameful, horrid person he is!
   In an interview with Joe Walsh, who recently entered the Presidential race on the Republican side, Stuart Varney of FBN, got into an

Arrest for Rape in San Andreas

   On September 2, 2019 Calaveras Sheriff deputies arrested William Allen Wilkerson, Jr. of San Andreas at his residence on Fricot City Road.

   Wilkerson was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for allegedly Rape by Force or Fear, a felony.

Woman arrested at O'Reilly's

   On September 1, 2019 Angels Camp Police arrested Brooke Lynn Hines (21) of Angels Camp at the O'Reilly's Auto Parts Store on Main Street.

   Hines was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for alleged Vehicle Theft and Receiving Stolen Property, both felonies and for a Warrant for allegedly Failing to Appear, a misdemeanor.

Angels Camp Police arrest 2 from Antioch

   On August 31, 2019 around 4:15 PM Angels Camp Police arrested Victor Aumud Lumsey, Jr (29) of Antioch on Hwy 49 at the Humane Society

Traffic collision on Hwy 12

    September 3, 2019 at 8:30 AM:  A traffic collision has been reported on Hwy 12 at Toyon Circle near Toyon Middle School.

   It isn't yet known if there are injuries. A tow truck has been dispatched to the scene.

Smokey says....

Enjoy the forest, but be careful. Fire season is year round!

Grass fire in LInden

    September 3, 2019 at 6:20 AM:  A grass fire has been reported at Hwy 26 and Wimer Road in Linden.

   Several engines are responding to the area.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Collision in Bear Valley

   September 1, 2019 at 6 PM:  A traffic collision was reported on Hwy 4 at Bear Valley Road.

   An ambulance and tow truck are responding to the scene.

Collision in Lockeford happened during the night

   September 1, 2019 at 8:50 AM:  A man reportedly walked to a door with injuries, telling of running off Hwy 88 during the night and into the field nearby.

   CHP is responding as well as an ambulance.

Dead now number 7 in Texas mass shooting

   Beto O'Rourke seems to be the only candidate making this a main issue in