Saturday, August 19, 2017

Be careful who you donate to....

  We have recently become aware of a couple who has been taking donations for years after minor illness, fraudulently not reporting them to the IRS, fixing up their home, buying new cars, etc.

   Be very careful and always write a check or ask for a receipt when you offer to donate. Many are out there ripping hardworking people off.  Report them to the IRS as we do. Let them do a complete investigation.

If you associate in any way with a RACIST, you ARE a racist!

   If you have coffee with, booze with or chuckle over dirty jokes about women and minorities with a racist, you ARE a racist!

   If you are a veteran

Now Hiring!! Screen worker!

ALCAL Glass hiring screen worker --
to repair and build new screens for customers!
Call 795-9240 for interview!
Pay commensurate with qualifications!

Big lawsuit against state for Twin Tunnels!

   In several massive lawsuits water districts and municipalities, counties are filing lawsuits against the state of California over the twin tunnels, Governor Brown's pet project!

   We couldn't find Calaveras County or CCWD listed in the press releases, so we have sent an email to them, asking if we are fighting against this project to give LA our water or not.  We have received no reply yet.

Cubbies have to eat, too!

These 4 cubs are sharing salmon their mom caught them at Brooks
Falls in Katmai, Alaska. You can watch the bears live!!

Billionaire Mercer family got Bannon and Conway their jobs -- new TV show?

   We have now learned that both Steve Bannon and KellyAnne Conway were Mercer employees in their right wing media empire when the Mercers

Trumps Arts Council disbands

  In the wake of Trumps rant against the left in a press conference this week, where he defended the racist right wing, alt-right, white supremacists, his CEO support disappeared.

   Now his Arts Council has disbanded after many resigned in disgust.  Trump will not be attending the Kennedy Center honor night this year, as other Presidents have done in the past.

All White Supremacist racists should lose their jobs!

   It is not against the labor laws, either to refuse to hire a racist or to fire a racist for

Did City of Angels Camp help CAO get new job without firing?

   It took the Calaveras Grand Jury to force out into the public that there was a question of misappropriation of funds against the former CAO, McHatten, who got a new job last fall.

   It was perfectly clear from the incompetent press release

Friday, August 18, 2017

Melissa Lynn Cortez-Earl of Valley Springs

  Born April 5, 1975 in Fresno, Melissa Lynn Cortez-Earl passed away on August 13, 2017 at home with her family at her side.

South Fork Fire grows

   As of August 18, 2017 the South Fork Fire in Yosemite National Park has grown to 2407 acres and is only 7% contained.

    Smoke from this fire wafts into Tuolumne and Calaveras County when the wind is just right. The cause of this fire is still under investigation.

The WHOPPER about Gen. Pershing!!

   Everyone knows that Trump is a pathological liar. It's much more than a joke on late night TV. He can't seem to stop himself. He really needs professional help!

  Yesterday he repeated a lie about General Pershing, talking about bullets dipped in pigs blood and Islamic terrorists in the Phillipines, huh??  Do his supporters believe this bullsh**?

Steve Bannon OUT of Trump cabinet

   NBC just announced that Steve Bannon is no longer Chief Strategist in the Trump cabinet. Apparently he planned to resign before the Charlottesville debacle.

   Trump and his cabinet are at Camp David today in a sort of RETREAT. Bannon is not with the President. Will he return to Breitbart??

Two fires in two days on Hwy 108

   CalFire has had two fires along Hwy 108 in two days due to faulty vehicle catalytic converters.

   They found parts

Hwy 4 still closed in San Joaquin County

   August 18, 2017 at 10 AM:  Caltrans still has Hwy 4 closed through Victoria Island in San Joaquin County due to an early morning fatal crash.

   They are attempting to clear the roadway at this time so they can reopen to traffic.

First time California AG reports deaths by police

   The CA Attorney General has just released a report of deaths by police in 2016.  800 Police departments provided information for the report, which is the first of its kind in CA.

   Altogether 782 incidents resulted in serious injury or death, and use of a firearm. 157 of those civilians were killed.  This report is due to a new law that the legislature passed to be  more transparent with the public.

Per honor code, if you TOLERATE racism

   If you have any honor at all, you do not tolerate any RACISTS, THIEVES, LIARS or CHEATERS!!

   If you voted for Trump,

ADOPTED!!! Meet Thomas the Cat of cats!!

Go to the San Andreas Animal Shelter at the
Calaveras government center to see all the kitties who
are up for adoption!

No casino for now, but valuable heritage for Mi-Wuks

  Since the owners of the Jackson Rancheria bought over 100 acres of land along Hwy 4 in Vallecito, there has been a lot of speculation (and hopes) that a casino may be coming to Calaveras.

   Nothing is planned by the group, but due to their purchase it has become known that not only was it a settlement for Mi-Wuks (Six Mile Rancheria), but that a WWII victim is buried in the tiny cemetery on they hill under the single tree.

Calaveras Hate Groups publicly listed by SPLC

Mark Rushdoony is the
head of Chalcedon
       The Southern Poverty Law Center tracks hate groups and has for many years in the U.S. Only one group is listed in Calaveras County at this time,

Remember: Racists don't just want to kill minorities

  Everyone needs to remember about racists one important fact:

Passing on Hwy 4 causes head on fatal crash- Roadway closed

   Around 4:30 AM on August 18, 2017 a sedan tried to pass on Hwy 4 at Victoria Island in San Joaquin County.

   The car crashed head-on

Thursday, August 17, 2017

U.S Military Cadet Honor Code--West Point--Racist scumbags!

  The West Point Cadet Honor Code:

   A Cadet will not

Lot of bull on Hwy 4

   August 17, 2017 at 7:25 PM:  A bull has been reported on Hwy 4 and Main Street in Vallecito. Be cautious if in the area.

   A man on a motorcycle was able to get the bull to one side of the roadway, but the owner will need to get it back across and into the pasture.

Supervisor Mills cries during secret meetings at Kautz?

  We have received information that Supervisor District 4 Dennis Mills began crying during the later part of the first day of the Calaveras secret meetings at Kautz.  Now we know why he wanted the meetings to be secret, no film, no proof!!

   He seemed inconsolable, something about his cannabis garden being discovered after he worked so hard to hide it from the cops? Mills is a right wing wacko who is opposed to any cannabis publicly. What will he do now?  We already had heard he was being recalled.

13 dead, 100 injured in Spain terror attack

   While the United States is suffering from domestic terror attack from crazy Nazi or KKK nuts, other parts of the world are also being attacked.

   In Spain today, ISIS took responsibility for a van that plowed through a crowd in Barcelona, Spain, killing 13 and injuring 100. 

Car vs power pole in Jackson

   August 17, 2017 at 2 PM:  A car has reportedly struck a power pole on Argonaut Lane in Jackson.

   Emergency responders, including an ambulance are en route to the scene.

TRUMP stinks!! DOW dumps 275

   The smell all the way from the White House to Wall Street suddenly wafted into the DOW today.

   275 points were lost and tomorrow is expected to be about the same, according to analysts. TRUMP stinks and DOW dumps!!

Does Amador County have KKK??

Lock him up!
Lock him up!
Lock him up!
   People have been asking us if we believe Amador County has a KKK faction?  We honestly

Fat Pork White boys not even good gardeners??

   There has been a lot of talk about the White Supremacists and other Nazi type racists who cannot get or keep jobs.  There is a reason.

Bitcoin AGAIN reaches all-time high

   Bitcoin has now climbed above $4500, to a record high today, August 17, 2017.

   This gain gives it a market valuation larger than that of Netflix. 

Coward, spineless McClintock avoids Trump racism

  Our cowardly, spineless Congressional Representative McClintock sent out a big news message this morning to all his followers. 

   It said Trump got us out of Paris Climate Accord, Good, send me money!  He avoids address his racism and that of his dear leader.   Since he doesn't even live in his own district, he's nothing more than a racist, spineless coward!!

OP-ED: When will US transcend white supremacy?

        Now that the violence in Charlottesville has forced "white supremacy" into our political vocabulary, let's ask an uncomfortable question:  "When will the United States transcend white supremacy?"

Tiki Torch Company embarrassed--Issues statement!

   Although it was a big sale, the Tiki Torch Company was so embarrassed and ashamed by the nationwide videos of their backyard torches being used by KKK and Nazi's they issued a statement:

   "Tiki Brand is not associated in any way

Electrician fired after Charlottesville riots

   A union electrician from Berkely lost his job as a result of participating in the Nazi and kkk rallies in Charlottesville over the weekend.

  Hiring a racist is probably not

White Supremacist interview: I'm a victim!!

   In an interview shown on CNN last night, a woman journalist was allowed access to a White Supremacist, even into the motel room with a cameraman.

   This White Supremacist made crude statements about the "bastard Jew" 

Letter to the Editor: Statues

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

   I'm so sickened by the crazy Nazi's, KKK and other White Supremacist AltRight rioters

Why is Calaveras CAO protecting temp Sheriff DiBasilio??

   No one should be surprised with the amount of malfeasance and corruption at the Calaveras Sheriff's Office, that DiBasilio, Supervisor Oliveira's CHUMP, is misusing

Who are the officers of the local KKK??

  After we reported hearing that the local racists were trying to form their own branch of the KKK in Calaveras County, we've been waiting to hear who

Cow on Hwy 120

   August 17, 2017 at 9 AM:  Be cautious if headed for Groveland on Hwy 120. A black and white cow has been reported on one of the sharp curves near Yosemite Lakes Road.

   CHP is responding to the scene.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Burglary at Valley Springs Pharmacy

   According to the Calaveras Sheriff's Office on August 16, 2017 at about 6:20 AM deputies responded to Foothill Pharmacy at

Traffic collision in Jamestown

   August 16, 2017 at 5 PM:  A T-bone traffic collision has been reported between two Toyotas on Hwy 120 and Jacksonville Road in Jamestown.

   An ambulance and two tow trucks are responding to the scene. One vehicle is blocking the roadway, so be cautious if in the area.

Amador County forms anti-racist group

   A group of people from Amador County have formed an anti-racist group recently. In their flyer they state that they intend to stop racism from infiltrating the foothill

Can you tie it all together??? To Trump??

    It has taken awhile for the public to make the realization that certain things are tied in with certain elected officials.

   If you know a person is anti-cannabis, they are most likely religious extremists, intolerant of others opinions, anti-womens rights, racist, trumpers, Oliveirites pro-domestic terrorism and dirty cops!  Think about it and be careful who you associate with in this dangerous time.

As more CEO's quit, Trump disbands councils

  In the wake of more CEO's quitting his JOBS and Manufacturing Councils, Trump has been forced to disband them both.

  Trump has no one to blame but himself.  No one wants to be associated with racists!!! It will hurt their businesses.

Dave Bean of Mountain Ranch

   David Ray Bean (Dave) of Mountain Ranch, was born April 18, 1939 in Belle Fourche, South Dakota to George Burdette and Violet Margareet (Tope) Bean.  He succumbed to

City of Angels Camp admits wrongdoing questions?? Corruption!!!

Give me new truck!
I'll keep quiet, not
investigate, allow
racists to continue, etc.
   The Angels Camp Police Chief has released a statement to try and quell questions about him and his department regarding the Calaveras Grand Jury findings

Who are Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira's favorite RACISTS???

   Everyone knows that last campaign District 3 Supervisor Oliveira ran a racist and purely gun thug campaign,  led by a man we know to be a low-life racist Mike Preston and others, like dirty racist cops.

   Now that we have a known racist President, will Oliveira try to hide his racism and kkk friends?  We are watching to find out!  We think he will continue his white supremacist ways!!

   We are also told that our temporary Sheriff DiBasilio hangs out with them, meaning that he is also one of them. We do NOT need racists in elected office in Calaveras.  Is the Foothills Rising group going to fight them???

Shopping for new computer??

  In case you are shopping for a new computer, you should know that the CEO of Dell is staying on Trumps business council.

   We cannot support anyone or their company who thinks Trumps racist beliefs and policies are beneficial to America. 

Alt-Right economy and jobs??

   Early this morning, a woman we could not identify was being interviewed on Squawk Box as Joe Kernan looked straight ahead.  The Alt-Right economy--Is it to avoid taxes or dealing with the average company CEO's?

   She talked about an Alt-Right economy, including Bitcoin, but far more. Companies started with right-wing money, hiring racists who can't get or keep jobs in normal companies.  Scary and fascinating at the same time.

The day Rock and Roll died...40 years ago!

   It was 40 years ago today that Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, died at his home at Graceland.

    Hard to believe its been that long! Do you remember where you were?

McClintock = TRUMP = McClintock!!!

   They are the same. The same racists, mysogenists, domestic terrorists and hate groups that Trump supports? 

   McClintock is in lock-step with Trump in every way. Ask him if he denounces TRUMP after his insanity rant of August 15, 2017?  He won't!

From the creation of the "Birther" movement, you've known...

   All the people who supported and voted for Trump are not racists?  Now that's a good joke!  I didn't know he was such a racist? 

Monuments hauled away in darkness

   Baltimore, Maryland City Council decided they weren't waiting for Trumps friends and supporters like the kkk, the white supremacists, neo-nazis and alt-righters to descend on their city.

   In the middle of the night last night, all confederate statues were quietly removed and taken to a place out of sight.   Smart move, Baltimore!!

It's not Trumps fault!! They're NICE Nazi's!!

   The GOP has failed the voters of the United States of America. Neither McConnell nor Ryan will name Trump in their statements against Neo-Nazis. (but he says they're NICE Nazis)

   Republicans blame Bannon and Duke and Spencer, (known white Supremacists) for Trumps insane rant in New York yesterday.  What we'd like to know is, what do Jared Kushner and Ivanka think? And what does Netanyahu now believe?

South Fork Fire in Yosemite grows

  August 16, 2017:  The South Fork Fire in Yosemite National Park has grown to 1700 acres overnight.

   There is apparently no containment at this point.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

In a KKK march on Memorial Day, 1927...

   There were large numbers of white sheeted and hooded Klansmen marching on Memorial Day in 1927 when riots broke out.

  One of those arrested that day was a man named FRED  TRUMP!!  Imagine that???  This was all made public by several reporting agencies today.

Michelle Obama said......................

   In a speech earlier this summer, Michelle Obama said " The office of President does not make the man, but the true man is exposed by being in the office of the President!"

   So true. Thank you, Michelle!!

Trump comes unglued: Future of his Presidency in question

   Trump came out of his golden bathroom to take questions on his tax reform and infrastructure plans in New York, where there were thousands of protestors

Fire in Yosemite sends smoke our way

   The South Fork Fire in Yosemite National Park is over 1600 acres and is sending smoke into Calaveras County.

   Located near Wawona on the Merced River, it is being fed by dead drought trees in steep terrain.

Letter to the Editor: Answer to climate change

   Dear Editor:

   This may be off topic today, but I feel that people are totally missing the real reason for climate change on earth.

  Can't they see that the cause of the earth's demise is due

Secret Supervisor meetings--NO Cameras allowed!!

  After getting the agenda for the Calaveras Supervisors Special Meetings today and tomorrow, we logged in to watch the video this morning.

  We should NOT be surprised

Pine Mountain Lake man missing...

   CHP has issued a Silver Alert for a man who has been missing by the Pine Mountain Lake Hardware Store in Tuolumne County.

   Various reports have been given about

Art Novotny of Mokelumne Hill

Art Novotny
    Arthur John Novotny, cherished Dad, Grandpa, Friend, passed away on August 12, 2017 at

Police Officer who laughed at death, now being investigated

   A Springfield, Massachussetts police officer, who laughed at the death of the young woman by a Trump white supremacist in Charlottesville, VA, is now being investigated.

  Conrad Lariviere wrote on Facebook, "Hahahaha, love this. Maybe people shouldn't block roadways" ,.. Now Lariviere is trying to say he's a nice guy!!!  He should be offered psychiatric treatment or fired immediately if he refuses.

Overturned dump truck on Hwy 4

   August 15, 2017 at 7:05 AM:  A dump truck and trailer has overturned on Hwy 4 at Borbe Ranch Road just outside Angels Camp.

   No injuries have been indicated, but be cautious if headed that way as they attempt to upright the truck.   

"I am scared..but I refuse to be scared!!" TRUMP, not '45'!!

   This was a comment by a female MSNBC news correspondent this morning, after hearing about David Duke and the other Alt-Right racists stepping up their

Monday, August 14, 2017

Traffic collision in Pine Grove

   August 14, 2017 at 11:30 AM:  A traffic collision has been reported on Irishtown Road at Clinton Road in Pine Grove.

   CHP is responding. It isn't yet known it there are injuries.

Music in the Park in Murphys

Coyote Hill will perform at Murphys Park on
August 16, 2017 from 6:30 PM to 8 PM

GOP force Trump to denounce KKK, etc.

  After a weekend of pressure from his fellow GOP legislators and governors, Trump finally came out this morning to speak and condemn the KKK, White Supremacists and other hate groups.

  Trump now says that these neo-Nazis and Alt-Righters are criminals and thugs!  We could have told him that before last Saturday's violence.  DUH!!!!  There are quite a few in Calaveras too!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Racist Pro-Trump chimps group Patriot Prayer in Seattle

Here I come
walking down the
street, chump-chimp!
   The Alt-Right racist extremists group who calls themselves the pro-Trump Patriot Prayer is marching in Seattle this afternoon.

   Protest groups against the racists are being kept back away from the TrumpChumps to try and prevent more violence.  Trump sends these groups out for one thing only!!!

Self-destruction of the Trump Alt-Right Presidency

   Anything built on hatred, racism, violence and extremism is doomed to fail.  Such is the Trump Alt-Right Presidency.

   Call it Alt-Right, White

Three vehicle crash on Hwy 88

   August 13, 2017 at 3 PM:  A three car crash has been reported on Hwy 88 near Waterloo Road in Stockton.

   An ambulance is responding due to major injuries.  Avoid the area as the roadway is blocked.

Confederate statues erected in 1960's

   During the time of the federal governments fight to end school segregation in the 1960's many governors had civil war monuments erected.

   The purpose was to solidify white supremacy in the south, and try to fight segregation. Just tear the stupid statues down. Stop talking about it!!! These people were traitors to our country!

One dead in car crash with cow

   On Friday August 11, 2017 around 8:40 PM three cows reportedly walked in from of a car on Clements Road and Stampedes Road outside Clements.

   The driver was unable to avoid hitting one of the cows. One person in the vehicle died and otherss were taken to a hospital with injuries.

Sierra Sentinel: The ANTI-TRUMP of the Sierras

Racism: A mental illness--Incurable??? LOCK THEM UP!!!

  Over the past year we've heard a lot of Trumpchump chants, including the famous

Kelly Moore Paint

                                ....At Arnold True Value in Meadowmont Shopping Center.

If your birthday is today August 13... share it with Annie Oakley,  Cuba's Fidel Castro, NBA's DeMarcus Cousins and Director Alfred Hitchcock !

   Happy Birthday!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

"Dixie" new theme of Calaveras Post Offices?

New symbol of the U.S. Post Office.
   The wants to thank the person who first gave us this information about our local Post Offices.

   Believe it or not, the U.S. Post Offices in Calaveras County have a new theme song.  If you would like to hear it, go to the San Andreas Post Office.

Terrorist attack: White on black??

Who?  Who ME???
  A domestic terrorist attack was reported when a white male drove his vehicle into a crowd of anti-racist protestors in Charlottesville, Virginia today.  There are white supremacist terrorists all

Collision in Jamestown

   August 12, 2017 at 6:30 PM:  A traffic collision has been reported at Hwy 108 and Hwy 120 in Jamestown.

   Traffic is backed up as emergency vehicles attempt to get to the scene. Avoid the area if possible.

City of Angels (Camp) mayor impugns Calaveras grand jury

Who is the more evil, the city council
or the administrative officer and staff??
  Thought you would never see the day that a sitting (although unelected) Mayor in the City of Angels (Camp) would impugn a Grand Jury??  The shocking truth is,

Trump's brother Duke spoke for him today...

   David Duke attended the violent KKK and White Supremacist Alt-Right crazies in Charlottesville, Virginia today as Trumps spokesperson. One dead, 35 injured!!!

  Duke said " Today is the turning point where everything Trump promised us comes true. We are taking our country back!"  How many of the Calaveras KKK Project's Super Cannabis BAN Committee attended?

True Value dog 'Sparky'

"Sparky" is the official mascot of the Arnold
TRUE VALUE Hardware Store in
Meadowmont Shopping Center!
He likes cookies!!!!

Car stuck in ditch in Valley Springs

   August 12, 2017 at 11 AM:  A car is reportedly stuck in a ditch at Lime Creek Road and Petersburg Road in Valley Springs.

   A woman was seen walking away from the scene, but the engine is still running in the car. CHP is en route to the scene.

Canyon Fire in Napa County

   As of 9 AM on August 12, 2017 the Canyon Fire in Napa County is 114 acres and is 60% contained. 

   Evacuations still remain in place in the area of Turtle Rock.

Union Public Utility District meets

   UPUD (Union Public Utility District) will hold a board meeting on August 16, 2017 at their Main Street office in Murphys.

   The meeting starts at 7 PM.

Bears Fishing at Katmai

The bears are fishing at Katmai, Brooks Falls, Alaska

Cow on Poole Station Road

   August 12, 2017 at 7:30 AM:  A black and white cow is reportedly on Poole Station Road near Russell Road in San Andreas.

   Be extra cautious until CHP can locate the owner and get it removed from the roadway.

Trumps' White Supremacists wave torches

White Supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia
light up their torches to protest removal
of a Lee statue!

Overturned vehicle in Ione causes fatality

   UPDATE:  This collision has caused fatal injuries to at least one person.  CHP is investigating.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Who will Governor Brown appoint as Calaveras judge??

   Much speculation surrounds the empty Superior Court judge position in Calaveras County.  One person we know is trying to get it is lawyer Ken Foley.

     He insists he is  not too old at 68,

Canyon Fire at Lake Berryessa

   August 11, 2017:  Per CalFire  100 acres has been burned in the Canyon Fire at Lake Berryessa this afternoon in only two and a half hours.

   The fire is 10% contained. Hwy 128 is closed in the area. This is in Napa County.

Calaveras Strategic Planning Sessions!! NOT SECRET??? TWO DAYS!!!

   Special Meeting of Calaveras Supervisors at Ironstone in Murphys

     After Dennis Mills was elected District 4, he immediately began harping

Caltrans work on Hwy 4 at Big Trees continues

   We receive many complaints about the Caltrans work on Hwy 4 at Big Trees in Ebbetts Pass. One is a question of 'why can't they do this at night'?

Traffic collision in Mokelumne Hill

   UPDATE:  Minor injuries were indicated in this collision.

Fire in Sonora area

   A fire off Hwy 108 at Green Springs Road has caused smoke to scare people in Calaveras County.

   The fire is now stopped at 5.2 acres and crews are mopping up. Whew!

River accident in Dorrington

   August 11, 2017 at 10:45 AM:  The Calaveras Sheriff is responding to a call regarding a river accident at Big Bar outside Dorrington.

   We don't have any other details at this time.

Calaveras Grand Jury investigating Sheriff DiBasilio??

   We sent an email to the Calaveras Board of Supervisors and CAO Tim Lutz questioning the actions of temporary Sheriff DiBasilio regarding monies used and the raiding

Boulder on Hwy 4

   August 11, 2017 at 8:55 AM:  A boulder has been reported on Hwy 4 near Avery Hotel Road in Avery.

   CHP has been notified, but be cautious until it can be removed.

Calaveras Sheriff brings more BAD publicity for County!!

   All over the news last night for Northern California was the Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio, crying "they're everywhere", 'just everywhere', referring to cannabis farms. Bad judgment, poor fiscal policy, theft from the public???

   He was attempting to defend what has been called illegal activity and misuse of taxpayers funds in order to give his deputies more overtime CUTTING MARIJUANA PLANTS, not going after METH
freaks and labs!   Does everyone see something is wrong with this temporary Sheriff???

Traffilc collision in Valley Springs

   August 11, 2017 at 8:25 AM:  A traffic collision has been reported near the Hwy 12 and Hwy 26 intersection in Valley Springs.

     One vehicle is overturned. CHP is en route to the scene. Be extra cautious in the area.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thank you Calaveras County Auditor Callen! It's malfeasance!!

    One department in much laughed at Calaveras County that has gained much respect over the years is the office of Auditor/Controller Rebecca Callen.

   Last month she refused to allow District 3 Supervisor Oliveira

Collision on Hwy 4

   August 10, 2017 at 5:45 PM:  A traffic collision has been reported on Hwy 4 at Northwood Drive near Forest Meadows.

   Minor injuries have been indicated. Emergency personnel are responding to the scene.

U.S. Post Office BADLY run business???

   Nothing surprises us anymore about the U.S. Postal Service.  They pay OUR postage money on millions of dollars in advertising

Hit and Run reported in San Andreas

   August 10, 2017 at 9:05 AM:  A hit and run collision has been reported on Hwy 49 and Belleview Street in San Andreas.

  CHP is responding to the scene. We don't have any other details at this point.

Calaveras Sheriff vehicles in Douglas Flat

   August 10, 2017 at 8:15 AM:  Several Calaveras Sheriff vehicles have been spotted on the back road in Douglas Flat this morning.

   We are investigating the purpose of the seeming raid on someone in that area and will report when we discover the purpose.

Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira campaigns from the chair!!

   At the end of the August 8, 2017 Calaveras Supervisor meeting, District 3's Michael Oliveira began his first campaign speech for his 2018 re-election.

      In the speech he did not admit

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

FBI raids Trump chairs home!!!

  In a pre-dawn raid, the FBI served and searched the home of Trumps campaign chair Paul Manafort.

   They went away after hours with boxes of documents, etc.  What's next or who's next??

Three vehicle collision in Arnold

   August 9, 2017 at 12:30 PM:  A three car collision has been reported on Hwy 4 and Lakemont Drive in Arnold.

   No injuries have been indicated, but be cautious as emergency vehicles arrive at the scene.

Butte Fire victim speaks out: Tree removal abuses! Disaster companies CLEAN UP!!

   We've heard privately many complaints about the fact that the mostly out-of-state tree removal contractors in the Butte Fire clean up, really cleaned up financially!


....only you can make Smokey this sad!

The Five Ex-Wives Club

"Oh Hon, Mikie!! You and  Trump could be
brothers, except that you have him beat
in wife numbers!  Does that mean you, too
could run for President??
Give us a kiss, Sweetie, and send us MONEY!"

Vehicle rollover on Hwy 4

   August 9, 2017 at 9:45 AM: A vehicle has rolled over on Hwy 4 near Poole Station Road below Angels Camp.

   An ambulance and CHP are responding to the scene. Be careful in that windy roadway.

Nearly all Calaveras Mr. BIGPOT arrests are out on bond!!

I'm just a robo-cop, tell me what you did.
And are you as white as me? 
    Those who were arrested for felonies in the Mr. BigPot arrest widely

Mostly citations in Calaveras County Mr. BIGPOT bust???

Go get those pot growers,
but let my friends who have
been turned into Secret Service and
the FBI, go FREE!!!
   Mr. BigPot and temporary Sheriff DiBasilio were bragging about the horrible 35 criminals they arrested during their so-called "terminus" busts!

   We just counted 13 arrests with nothing more than a citation

Calaveras Temporary Sheriff encourages violence between neighbors???

   Sad, but true!  If you read the Calaveras Sheriff's daily log you will see that the temporary Sheriff Dibasilio is simply not fit to be a Sheriff.

   Over and over again we see, like we do on August 7, 2017 of neighbors calling for help, whether its a verbal altercation in Burson or eggs

Traffic collision on Parrotts Ferry Road in Vallecito

  UPDATE at 8:50 AM:  Parrotts Ferry Road is now reopened.

CalFire shows how many lightning strikes

  On August 6 thru 8, 2017 CalFire kept a map of all the lightning strikes in the Sierras.

   There were 3000 of them, most not causing fires, thank goodness.

Angels Camp Police still on trail of dog abuser??

I'll get that frog abuser!
Oh, you said dog???
   If you have been following the story of the Angels Camp Police Department's searches, arrests, warrants, searches, examinations, necropsies, etc. regarding three dogs who went missing

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Draft Dodger Trump says 'fire and fury' to North Korea??

   There's no question that Trump dodged the draft while many of our finest boys were dying in Vietnam. His DADDY had money!!

   Today, the old man

Glen Campbell, 'Rhinestone Cowboy " dies

  He was the lineman of the county, and he was the rhinestone cowboy, singing his was into many people's hearts.

  His fight with Alzheimers finally claimed his life today. He was 81 years old.

If your neighbor shoots onto YOUR land....

In this case, a pellet gun was used by a
lazy bored scumbag who never liked to
work for a living, and thinks breaking the
law is lots of fun, especially
torturing innocent animals.
   If you are unfortunate enough to live near a mentally unstable person, who breaks the law freely without fear and shoots onto your land, what can you do? You have a right to shoot

Calaveras Community Foundation gives Nursing Scholarships

   Two students received $500 scholarships for nursing from the Calaveras Community Foundation at an awards ceremony at Bret Harte High School.

   Natalie Huddy will be attending Dominican University and Amanda Hummel, currently studying at Columbia Jr. College, are the two recipients.

Renting Moose-Gate Bridge for District 3 Supervisor Oliveira

   District 3 in Calaveras County's Supervisor Oliveira tried to sneak the new Moose-Gate Bridge agenda item onto August 8, 2017 Consent Agenda secretly.

   Mr. McManus pulled the item

Al Segalla says " how to keep good Calaveras County employees "

   Al Segalla stated at the Calaveras Supervisor meeting on August 8, 2017 that we, the taxpayers, should make sure to offer good employees, like deputies, a raise so they don't leave.

   Segalla apparently doesn't know that good deputies leave and bad deputies get promoted, at the desire of the temporary Sheriff DiBasilio.  The worst of the worst stay in Calaveras. They good ones go elsewhere, to avoid the corruption of Calaveras County.

Strange woman says only cannabis causes child death???

   A very strange sounding woman got up at the podium at the Calaveras Supervisors meeting on August 8, 2017 to say that only CANNABIS is causing children to die as a result of their parents using cannabis.

  They don't die from neglect due to parents that use METH, BOOZE, and other drugs. The woman who spoke sounded like she was related to Mr.  BigPot!  Would she like to hear how many kids have had to deal with the BOOZERS just in Calaveras County???

Big Pot McmAnus...BAN COMMITTEE???

Come on everyone!
Let's go have a mind-altering
bottle or can of booze!!
  Mr. BigPot McmAnus stood at the podium at the August 8, 2017 Calaveras Supervisors meeting, to speak for Supervisor Oliveira, on whose campaign committee he serves.

  He identified himself as the Ban Committee?  What ban committee? What does the IRS have on Ban Committee with MR BIGPOT's name?  What church is funding his behavior??   The public has a right to know what corruption is going on!!

Trump signs, signs of Trump...

  You've seen many of the signs of Trump ... but have you seen this one in Sac??

International Cat Day

Monday, August 7, 2017

Hwy 4 work done at night

  We are fortunate that Caltrans has decided to do most of the scheduled work on Hwy 4 between Murphys and Angels Camp at night.

   Watch for a few bumps as you drive through the area, however.

MLB star and manager Don Baylor, dies

   Don Baylor, once Major League Baseball great, who transitioned into coaching and managing has died.  He was 68.

   Baylor's family confirmed his death today from cancer.

Calaveras Supervisors meet to AGAIN approve Moose-Gate Bridge

   How many times has the Moose-Gate Bridge on Blagen Road been on the Calaveras Supervisors agenda already?  Oliveira just can't seem to get things right! Here you go again, Ollie!!

   He knows that he must get the nearly $300,000 approved in order to get re-elected in 2018 though. We have heard he will lose the Loyal Order of the Moose vote if he doesn't, so here it is again on the Supervisors agenda.

Music in the Parks in Valley Springs

Slade Rivers will be performing in the Valley Springs
Veterans Hall Gazebo on August 9, 2017
from 6:30 to 8 PM as part of the Music in the Parks series.

What was Karen Strohmeyer doing at 5:45 AM? Calaveras Sheriff report!

       Our cameras alerted us at 5:45 AM that Karen Strohmeyer, wearing some type of MOOMOO, or possibly a nightgown, was standing on the property line, seeming to take photos of our property.  She did not appear to be trespassing, but was getting as close

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Rolling car collision in Murphys

   August 6, 2017 at 3:15 PM:  One party has reported that another car rolled into his on Algiers Street in Murphys.

   It isn't known where the owners of the rolling car are presently. Fortunately no one was injured.

Cal Fire: One less spark, one less wildfire!!

  The people:  One less GUN, one less SPARK, one less wildfire!!!

Car into levee on Bacon Island

   August 6, 2017 at 2:45 PM:  Emergency vehicles are en route to a reported vehicle that left a levee road on Bacon Island and went into the levee.

   One person said driver appeared to have been drinking.  The car was sinking and the driver was attempting to get out, but going under.  An ambulance is responding.

Calaveras Building Department to get $450 K permit system???

    On August 8, 2017 the Calaveras Supervisors will approve a $450K electronic permit program for the Building Department.

   Where is all this money coming from??  Was this in the budget?? What is going on??

Thanks to Hubble : Gravity's Grin

Known as the Cheshire Cat galaxies, this is a Hubble photo
of Gravity's Grin!!

Temporary Calaveras Sheriff says he was a 'POTHEAD'!!

   Since the temporary Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio admits he was a "POTHEAD" but says he is no longer, something is definitely amiss.

   He now chases after anyone with cannabis, but let's meth labs, dealers and users go free?  See the connection?  What is he now hooked on?  Why does District 3 Supervisor Oliveira have 'on him'  that he keeps him as a sheriff in Calaveras County, when he is obviously so bad at it??

There really was a true Smokey the Bear!! Report gun activity!!!

He survived terrible burns in a fire to become our national
icon for fire prevention. Please report any gun activity
or other careless behavior you see in our forests!
Help save all the other Smokey's out there!!

Code Word: Populism

   Sounds like such a welcoming, warm and inviting word from a person running for office. Republican Jeff Flake just released his book on what has happened to Conservatism.  Is TRUMP a CANCER on Conservatism??   So many questions!!

   We now know, however, that POPULISM, like some other code words, stands for RACISM!!! No more hiding behind secret codes, racists!  We will expose every one we find.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Apple owns more US securities than most countries

   Apple Computer owns $52.6 billion in U.S. Securities per the most recent regulatory filing.

    $20.1 billion is in short-term securities and $31.35 billion is in long term securities.  Only 22 countries own more. Amazing! Keep buying those iphones!

Moose-Gate Bridge costing $297,961--Secret item???

   A secret item in the Consent Agenda portion of the Calaveras Supervisors meeting of August 8, 2017 meeting is to AGAIN approve a Moose-Gate Bridge for Supervisor Oliveira's