Friday, January 31, 2014

Snowpack still only 12 % of normal

   Even with the additional snow the Sierra has received over the past 24 hours, the State of California's snowpack only measured 12% of normal today. The California Department of Water Resources has reduced their output to 0%.

   We are still in a drought and need to conserve water. CalFire is hiring additional firefighters right away. Some rivers are closed to fishing to help preserve the salmon.

Vehicle runs off Hwy 88

   January 31, 2014:  A vehicle has reportedly slid off the road at Hwy 88 and Kirkwood Meadows. No injuries have been reported.

   CHP is en route to the scene.

49er Women in the Gold Rush

   The Angels Camp Museum is presenting a lecture on Women in the gold rush of '49 on March 13, 2014 from 7 to 8 PM at the museum in Angels Camp.

  March is Women's history month. The charge is $10.

83 year old Flamingo dies

   Greater, the world's oldest living Flamingo, was put to sleep this morning, after it was determined
the quality of life was gone, and they could not help rehabilitate.

   Greater was 83 years old, and lived in an Australian zoo. Zookeepers are worried about Greater's longtime partner, who will be the only Flamingo at the zoo now.

Did you see the video of threat in DC?

   We don't know about you, but we were shocked to see the video-taped threat by Republican Representative Michael Grimm of NY, telling reporter Michael Scotto he might throw him off the balcony.

   Today the US Capitol Police say they will NOT be pursuing charges in the incident. Grimm was angry that Scotto wanted to ask him about an investigation.

Another Cruise Ship returns early due to illness

  Another cruise line has been forced to return to port early due to hundreds of illnesses aboard ship. The CDC believes it is a type of Norovirus.

Quite a switch in New York City--Bloomberg vs De Blasio

   Mayor DeBlasio has banned the "stop and frisk" policies of the Bloomberg era, along with plans to end forcing horses to walk the streets of New York.

Did you know that the NFL.....

   It was reported this morning on MSNBC that the NFL is a 501c6 non-profit and does not pay taxes, even though their GM makes around $30 mill a year.

   Also, an Oakland Raider Cheerleader is suing over low pay and now college athletes are wanting a union so they can get paid part of the billions that their schools make in college football.

Help Protect the Birds in California

This is a California Burrowing Owl
There is a nearby Audubon bird sanctuary in Sacramento if you find an injured or orphaned bird. Call 916-709-2308.

Senate Hearings on US Postal Service--Who uses snail mail?

 If you ever get an opportunity to watch CSPAN, do it when the Senate is holding hearings about the Postal Service continuing to lose billions of dollars.

Car ran off road at Pardee

   UPDATE:  Accident cleared as of 9:32 AM.

Traffic Accident in Milton

   UPDATE:  Accident cleared by 9:30 AM.

Ambulance en route to accident in Arnold

  UPDATE:  Accident cleared by 9:15 AM

Amador County Administrative meeting

   On February 3, 2014 at 10 AM the Amador County Administrative Committee meets at the County Administration Center, Conference Room C at 810 Court Street in Jackson.

   On the agenda is the District Attorney's office and the Community Development Director job.

USFS Hiring in Alpine -- All a-twitter

   The US Forest Service is hiring Forestry Techs (engine) temporary at $13.55 an hour in various areas around the state of California.

  Go to USA Jobs to see if you qualify or to apply online.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

CAL FIRE Lifts Burn Restriction

   January 30, 2014:  The Calaveras/Tuolumne CAL FIRE District has just issued a press release lifting the burn suspension it issued a week ago thanks to the rain of the past 24 hours.

   Burn permits are not required and burn hours will not be restricted. Call 754-6600 for burn days.

OP-ED Who is responsible for the Calaveras General Plan debacle?

   There are mainly two people responsible for the unbelievable screw up of the Calaveras County General Plan Update.

City of Angels Camp Wants Grazing Animals for Spray Fields--Goats?

   UPDATE on  January 30, 2014: According to Michael McHatten at the City of Angels, "While I was in favor of the services that were provided I wasn't "happy" with the thought of paying

Calaveras Arts Council 'Happenings'

  The Calaveras Arts Council invites the public to come into their gallery on 22 Main Street in San Andreas to see the showcase called "Auld Langsyn".

   These are ceramic art pieces created by local artists. Many would make wonderful Valentine Gifts.

Steve Kearney comments on Calaveras General Plan upheaval

   "I share the frustrations of many that after a million plus dollars and countless hours of labor, both public employee and citizen participation, the General Plan is not done.

Calaveras County Republican Party (CCRP) meets

   We just received a notice the the Calaveras County Republican Party (CCRP) is meeting on February 12, 2014 for a General meeting at 6 PM to 8 PM in the Fireside Room at Greenhorn Creek Resort, 711 McCauley Ranch road in Angels Camp.

   For more information go to

OP-ED .....Calaveras Supervisors Board Rules & Procedures

       by Joseph Kelly

    It is my belief, this is the largest compilation of fresh streaming BULL MEADOW MUFFINS I have ever seen!

Fire in rural Kentucky kills 9

   A fire that started possible with a space heater, destroyed a small house in rural Kentucky early this morning.

  The father and one child escaped with critical burns. The mother and 8 children apparently died in the flames.

Asian girl run over by TWO fire trucks?

  The City of San Francisco put out a denial of their City fire trucks having killed the Asian girl thrown from the plane that crash landed at SFO last year.

   It was the first time we had seen the report that not just one, but two fire trucks ran over the girl while she lay on the tarmac. She had been thrown out when the tail of the plane broke off. The City says she was already dead. The coroner disputes their report.

Judge Martin retiring from bench in Calaveras?

  It appears that Calaveras County Superior Court Judge John Martin is not running for election again this year. Who else will run?

Major Central Valley marijuana plots need more water

   There is a lack of water for farmers in the Central Valley of California. And one of the major products is marijuana. It is interesting that we now list this under business.

   Crime has risen in the highly agricultural valley, as hundreds of major pot plots proliferate to eet consumer demand.  And they need more water to grow their product.

PIMCO loses El-Arian

   January 30, 2014:  Mohammed El-Arian has made the surprising announcement that he is leaving PIMCO, the world's largest bond fund management company.

   Co-Founder of PIMCO Bill Gross says he is not only surprised but disappointed.  El-Arian is a frequent and popular guest on all the business and stock market TV stations.

CNBC's Jim Cramer says "Facebook's future looks brighter than ever"

   January 30, 2014:  Facebook stock price jumped 10 points in early trading today, following an amazing 4th quarter report.

   CNBC's Jim Cramer feels that their future looks brighter than ever.

Road Hazard--Huge Boulders

   January 30, 2014:  Around 3:45 AM huge boulders were reported on Hwy 49 near Melones. Use caution this morning on all highways, for rocks and debris that may wash onto the roadway.

   And slow down. The roads will all be slippery after the long dry spell.

Two drug arrests in Angels Camp

  On January 25, 2014 at around 2 AM Laurie Dawn Linder (49) of Manteca was arrested by Angels Camp Police at Hwy 49

Drive Carefully~ Chains required on local Hwys

    January 30, 2014:  Chains are now required on all vehicles without 4 wheel drive on Hwy 4 at Cabbage Patch.

   Hooray!! Bear Valley is getting snow!  Also, chains are required on Hwy 88 at Peddlars Hill and on Hwy 108 2 miles east of Strawberry.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Donald "Rex" Payton of Angels Camp

   Donald "Rex" Payton, of Angels Camp passed away on January 27, 2014. He was born on

Traffic Accident at San Andreas Elementary School

   At 2:46 PM on January 29, 2014 a traffic accident was reported at the San Andreas Elementary School on Lewis Ave in San Andreas.

   No injuries were reported. A tow truck has been dispatched to the scene.

Steve Kearney attending Rancho breakfast

   If for some reason you haven't met Steve Kearney, who is running for Supervisor of District 5, he will be attending the breakfast at the Rancho Calaveras Clubhouse this Saturday morning, February 1, 2014 at 8:30 AM.

  He tells us he welcomes anyone who would like to voice their concerns regarding the county, to share this mealtime with him.

Ok, Governor Brown's friends say this will bring water to California......

I cut Calaveras County trees down like they told what's wrong?

Throw out Calaveras County General Plan Update and start Over?

   UPDATE:  Supervisor Chris Wright says that "I thought his report was useful but nothing really new. The biggest challenge from my perspective is how to include the already completed community plans. Something that will have to be worked out as the net planning director comes on board."

Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

   Two Norwegian lawmakers have nominated Edward Snowden for the 2014 Nobel Peace prize. They wrote that he has "contributed to a more stable and peaceful world order."

   Whatever our government says, we agree with the Norweigians on this one. He is a "whistle blower" and not a criminal.

Calaveras Council of Governments meets....

   On February 5, 2014 at 6:30 PM the COG (Calaveras Council of Governments) meets in the Board of Supervisors Chambers in San Andreas.

   There are quite of few items on their agenda, including a written and verbal report on the Wagon Trail.

Pat Garrahan Officially Announces for Calaveras Sheriff

   Valley Springs resident Pat Garrahan today announced he is running for Calaveras County Sheriff.

   Garrahan is a United States Marine Corps Veteran

President Raises minimum wage to $10.10 for Contractors

  During President Obama's State of the Union speech last night, he told the American public that he is raising the minimum wage paid by his Federal Contract workers to $10.10 an hour.

   There is only one problem with this. He doesn't actually pay these workers out of his own pocket like regular businesses do. Mainly, these are people who often don't have high school diplomas or any reading and writing skills or other skills. We, the taxpayers, are paying "his" workers!!

New Gun Law to Protect Children

  Due to some recent shootings of children who were holding toy guns that authorities thought were real, California lawmakers decided to change them.

   The new law, passed by the Senate, would force toy gun makers to make all of them bright colors like orange and blue, so they can be seen at a distance by police.

Rain likely in Calaveras

   January 29, 2014:  The rain is expected to start around noon today in Calaveras County, with the snow level at 8000'.

   Although this is NOT expected to be any kind of a "drought-ender" at least it should help end the fire danger for awhile.

Car Fire on Hwy 99

  January 29, 2014:  At 8:34 AM it was reported that a car near Hammer Lane on Hwy 99 is fully engulfed in fire.

  One person is standing off a ways watching, according to a witness.  Emergency personnel are en route.

State of the Union

   The clear difference between the Democrats and the Republicans at last nights State of the Union speech was shown in the guest list.

   President Obama invited single mothers and an extremely wounded veteran. The Republicans invited Duck Dynasty.

Elderly man on Hwy 12

  On January 29, 2014 around 5 AM an elderly man was reportedly walking in the middle of Hwy 12 near Trethaway in Lockeford.

   CHP was dispatched to the area. Use caution if heading that direction.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Traffic Accident in Burson

   According to a CHP report on January 27, 2014 at around 5:50 PM Kellie Porovich (18) of Burson failed to notice a car was stopped in front of her and rear ended it on Hwy 12 east of Burson Rd in Burson.

   Porovich was transported to Mark Twain Hospital with major injuries. Neither her passenger, 8 year old Jess Porovich of Burson, nor the family in the car she hit were transported, although one had minor injuries.

Breaking News!!! Who is running for Calaveras Sheriff?

   We just heard a rumor that Pat Garrahan, a 23 year resident  of Valley Springs, has filed to run against Gary Kuntz for Sheriff.

   Garrahan is a veteran with two tours in Afghanistan and is a retired Police Officer.   When we hear more we will let you know.

WATER WARS!! Who gets Calaveras County WATER?

  As most of our readers are aware, California is in the midst of "water wars". Especially small counties like Calaveras are intimidated by the "big guys"

FEMA and General Plan on Calaveras Agenda

  On January 28, 2014 the Calaveras Supervisors have both FEMA and the General Plan on the end of their agenda.   Probably after 1 PM some time.

  Since the "rules and policies" they intend to approve state that they don't really matter and do not have to be enforced, WHAT A JOKE!!!

White Cop indicted in killing of black Football player

     A Charlotte, North Carolina police officer who allegedly shot at and killed a black football player was indicted by a grand jury yesterday.

   The white officer had fired at the man 12 times, according to authorities.

Inspection Helicopter crashes killing all aboard

   In a routine power line inspection flight, a helicopter with three inspectors aboard snagged power lines and crashed in a rural Colorado area yesterday.

    All three in the copter were killed.

"The Fifth Estate"

   The new movie called "The Fifth Estate" is about the world of journalism that operates outside the constraints that society has imposed and reports what that controlled society does not want made public.

   Edward Snowden is one of the people that has shown how important the fifth estate is in this "government controlled" world. 

Pete Seeger, legendary singer-songwriter dies

   Pete Seeger, "Where have all the Flowers Gone," Turn, Turn, Turn" "If I had a Hammer" are some
of his popular hits.

   He was 94 when he died Monday evening, January 27, 2014. He was a legend and spanned 70 years in his career.

Calaveras Supervisors have 3 Closed Session Items

   On Tuesday, January 28, 2014 Calaveras Supervisor hold a regularly scheduled meeting. Prior to their meeting are three Closed Session items, one is a Public Employee Appointment, one is Public Employee Discipline, Dismissal, Release, and the third is Significant Exposure to Litigation.

Berryhill Bros, Tom and Bill accused of money-laundering conspiracy--Bill Berryhill "Just a Farm Boy?"

   In a trial where he sat at the defense table alongside his brother Bill, as the alleged money-laundering trial

Monday, January 27, 2014

Traffic Accident avoiding deer in Copperopolis

   On January 27, 2014 at around 6:50 AM Jerry Wayne Cradduck (75) of Sonora was driving a 2003 Subaru northbound on O'byrnes Ferry Road

Cecil Smedsvig Malmin of Angels Camp

   Cecil Smedsvig Malmin, age 96, was born October 8, 1917 in Astoria, Oregon and passed away January 22, 2014 in San Andreas.

All outside burning suspended by CalFire

  We received another press release that due to the extreme menace of wildfire and its potential to destroy life, property, and natural resources; and due to current and predicted fire weather, the lack of precipitation, the dryness of vegetation and the increased fire activity, unusual fire conditions"

William "Riley" Boyd of Avery

   William "Riley" Boyd passed away on January 20, 2014 at his residence in Avery. He was 57 years old.

   Born June 11, 1956 in Modesto, he worked for Arnold Tool Rental

Traffic Accident-3 Vehicles on Hwy 4

   On January 25, 2014 at 9:30 AM CHP reports that Judith Diane Teixeira (69) was traveling on Hwy 4 in a 2007 Toyota just west of Main Street in Douglas Flat at approximately 50 MPH before slowing to a stop to make a northbound turn (left) onto Main.

Kris Johnson to run for 4th Congressional District

   Kris Johnson, a 25-year resident of Granite Bay, has announced that she will be a candidate for the US House of Representatives in California's 4th Congressional District.

   "Over the past several years, I've become increasingly frustrated by how poorly our community has been represented in Congress," Johnson said in a press release.

   "We deserve better

CCWD Secretive About "Enhancing Water" from Stanislaus forests

Let's send more of our
water to LA!!
 UPDATE:  In response to our inquiry, CCWD Director Bob Dean stated that "I heard from several people that they didn't receive

So sad about Tom McClintock

  What is wrong with Rep. McClintock is anyone's guess. It appears to be something very serious. After his brief appearance; arriving late, lashing out, and then leaving immediately the water forestry meeting in San Andreas, some folks are wondering if he has lost his way.

   It is an election year for McClintock, and yet he is unreasonable, inconsiderate, votes against veterans and other important issues, and just makes no sense anymore.  He will lose this election if anyone reasonable files to run against him.  It is so sad.

Half of Sexual Assaults in Prisons are by Guards

   The Federal Government has released statistics that not only are sexual assaults up in prisons by 11%, but that half of the over 8,000 reported are committed by prison guards.

Woman removed from Life-Support

   The woman in Texas who was being kept alive by life-support, was removed from that life support yesterday.  A judge ruled that the woman was already dead and her fetus was not viable.

   She will now be buried by her family.

US MIlitary strikes Somalia

   In somewhat of a surprise, President Obama allowed the US military to carry out missile strikes on suspected leaders with links to al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab terror groups in Somalia yesterday, January 26, 2014.

Marlboro Man dies

   The actor who was famous in the 70's as the Marboro man advertising cigarettes, has died.

    Eric Lawson, 72, died at his home in California of tobacco related illness. This photo is from an American Cancer Society ad for anti-smoking,
that he posed for in 1997.

Rain headed our way

  Believe it or not, after 50 straight days without measurable rainfall, a storm is headed for Calaveras County, according to the National Weather Service.

   By late Tuesday and through Friday, rain will fall off and on and snow is coming to the mountains.

Pope John Paul II's blood stolen

  In the small Church of San Pietro della lenca in the mountains of Italy,  was a relic containing drops of the late Pope John Paul II's blood.

   It was reported stolen from the church, according to authorities.

Republican congressman will resign

   January 27, 2014:    Florida Rep. Trey Radel, who is a first-term Republican congressman, was convicted on cocaine possession charges and is expected to resign from Congress today.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Letter to the Editor....About Forest Animals

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

    The Water Wars that you wrote about is only the beginning of the end for the creatures who live in the forests of the Sierras.

Vehicle overturned on Hwy 120

   January 26, 2014:  A black Rogue has overturned with 3 people inside on Hwy 120 about 17 miles outside Yosemite on the Tuolumne County side.

   As of 11:20 AM the vehicle is still blocking one lane. An ambulance has been dispatched to the scene along with other emergency personnel.

Bonnie's Inn Burglarized

  At 12:07 AM on January 25, 2014 a burglary was reported at Bonnie's Inn in San Andreas. It isn't clear what was taken or if they know who was involved.

   The Calaveras Sheriff's Office took a report.

House burglarized in Wilseyville

   On January 24, 2014 a burglary was reported at a residence on N. Railroad Flat Road in Wilseyville.

   A deputy took the report.

Black Angus Bulls on Hwy 49

   Around 2 PM on January 24, 2014 black angus bulls were reported out on Hwy 49 at Red HIll Rd. in Angels. CalFire and a volunteer were trying to move them, but they refused.

   CHP was notified

Vehicle burglary in Valley Springs

   On January 24, 2014 Calaveras Sheriff's deputies were called because of a vehicle burglarized on Cane Lane in Valley Springs.

    The Sheriff took a report of electronics stolen from the vehicle, which had been locked.

Pack of Dogs in Valley Springs

   On January 24, 2014 at 8:39 AM at Coultrip and Hiromynous Way in Valley Springs, it was reported that a pack of dogs continues to be a problem, chasing deer and livestock.

   Three dogs were identified; a shaggy black lab, a large black terrier and a black and white pit bull. Animal Services was given the report.

French President's "first lady" leaves France

  We have now heard that Valerie Trierweiler, the "first lady" of France, has discreetly left France for India, after ending her communal life with Francois Hollande.

    President Hollande is reportedly having an affair with a young actress, who some have said is pregnant.

Trans-Canada Pipeline explodes

  After a week of hearing promotions that a pipeline is safer that a train for carrying oil, a pipeline in Canada exploded on January 25, 2014.

   There is really no safe way to transport oil. There is always a danger of explosions.

Shooting at Maryland Mall

  Another mall shooting, following a week of school shootings; this time in Maryland. Thousands of shoppers were in the mall at the time of the shooting.

   Two people were killed, one a mother of a two-year old boy. The other was a 25 year old male in the same store. The shooter then turned the Mossberg 12 gauge on himself. So far police don't find any connection between the three.

Beatles to appear at Grammy's tonite

  January 26, 2014:  Both Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, the only two living Beatles, will appear at the Grammy's tonight in Hollywood.

   It isn't yet clear if they will appear together or sing.

Car hits deer in Murphys

  January 26, 2014:  At 7:07 AM a car hit a deer in Murphys at French Gulch Rd and Main Street.

    The injured deer can't walk. A road crew has been dispatched to check on the deer.  The vehicle reports they have no injuries.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Car on Fire on Hwy 99 at Arch Rd.

   January 25, 2014:  At 4:07 PM a car fire was reported on the Arch Rd offramp from Hwy 99. CHP is enroute and fire has been dispatched to the scene.

   Two men are reportedly walking away from the burning vehicle down the offramp.

Like Miniatures or want to show yours?

27 still missing in Quebec Fire

  Emergency crews are still trying to thaw out the solid ice formed by putting out the tragic fire at the Senior home in Quebec.
    27 elderly people are still reportedly missing in the fire where 8 are already known to have died.

OP-ED...Clear Cutting Forests not enough for LA water?

   WATER WARS!!! And this is a WAR!!!

   The USFS is having talks, or what they call a dialogue about forest revision plans and water. The first one is going to be in

Traffic Accident in City of Angels

  UPDATE:  As of 10:30 AM the accident is cleared and Hwy 4 is reopened to two way traffic.

Florida Cops suspended: Escorted Justin Bieber from airport

   In a surprise move, not long after Justin Bieber posted bail for his DUI arrest, three local cops were suspended.

   They apparently agreed to escort Bieber from the airport without permission from their office.

Judgmental religious Calaveras Supervisor Edson chastises voter

  UPDATE January 18, 2014:  Calaveras Supervisor Chair Debbie Ponte sent us an email saying: "I have no comment one way or the other on this situation." referring to the

Bullets Micro-Stamped in California

   The new law which requires micro-stamping so that bullets can be traced back to the weapon it came from, will be a huge help to law-enforcement.

   The Smith and Wesson Company, and of course the NRA, object to allowing law enforcement this tool.

Inmates rebel against Sheriff Arpaio

   At least 38 inmates in Arizona have rebelled against the controversial Sheriff's new policy of putting American flags in all jail cells.

   In some cases the flags have been what he calls "desecrated" and now he has put them on a diet of "bread and water" as punishment.

Car Spins out at Hwy 99 and Hwy 12

     January 25, 2014:   At 7:17 AM it was reported to CHP that a single car had spun out and run off the road at Hwy 99 and Hwy 12 in Stockton.

    No injuries were reported.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Outdoor Burning Suspended

The Tuolumne-Calaveras unit of CalFire has sent out a notice that as of Monday January 27, 2014, all outdoor burning is suspended.

   This suspension is due to low rainfall, low humidity and increased temperatures and fire activity.

Murphys Sanitary District Moving?

  At a special meeting called for January 27, 2014 at 10:30 AM, the Murphys Sanitary District is meeting in Closed Session witho the Davies (the current leaseholders) and Sierra Hills Properties (a possible new office location).

   We will update the information as it becomes available.

New Board Rules and Policies on Calaveras agenda

   The Calaveras Board of Supervisors has worked diligently to take away the publics right to speak, to cut short the public's right to speak, to tell them exactly what words they can speak, and to make everyone feel uncomfortable and awkward if they wish to address the Board, especially if it is not something they want to hear.

   Yet on the January 28, 2014 agenda, in paragraph 4 of the Summary, they state "The Board has actively worked to encourage broader public participation in local government, by adopting a schedule to include evening meetings and by seeking to create an informal and welcoming environment in the boardroom."  How can they lie, many people are asking?

Another change order for Calaveras Jail of $70,000

   Yet another change order is on the Calaveras Supervisors agenda for January 28, 2014. This time another $70,000 increase for inspections.

More work on Murphys Grade Rd.

   Another project on the Murphys Grade Road is on the Calaveras Supervisors agenda for January 28, 2014. Is this one that Ponte is doing for Tryon?

   This one is for $579,000 for guardrail improvements. Now that fewer people use that road, any people thing that seems like a lot of tax money to spend.

Former Governor Mike Huckabee speaks about women

  The former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who is now a FOX employee, says that Democrats are pushing women to believe they cannot control their "libido" or their reproductive system without the help of the government.

  And Mr. Huckabee knows all about these things, right? Is his head screwed on right? It's a good thing men don't have to worry about controlling their "libido", isn't it?

CalFire says need 100' Defensible Space NOW!!

  January 24, 2014:  CalFire has issued a press release asking residents to prepare their defensible space earlier, due to increased fire activity.

   Due to extreme dry conditions, there have been a significant increase in wildfires already this winter, and maintaining a 100' defensible space request is several months earlier than usual.

White Chevy drives under Big Rig

  UPDATE:  Accident cleared.
   January 24, 2014:  At 9:19 AM it was reported that a white Chevy drove into and was pinned under a big rig at I-5 and I-205.

   CHP and an ambulance are enroute. One lane is totally blocked.

Pasadena Bear not Hibernating

There have been many more reports of bear-sightings in California with the warm winter weather. An older couple in Pasadena walked right past a small bear who was on their front porch.

   Apparently the young bear actually walked right up behind them and the man has a tiny scratch on his leg where he says the bear reached up with his paw to get his attention.  Probably hungry. The couple is fine.

Accident at Hwy 12 and Mokelumne River

  January 24, 2014:  At 6:15 AM a white pickup reportedly ran off the road at Hwy 12 and the Mokelumne River.

   Emergency personnel have been dispatched to the scene.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

CalFire warns of high Fire Danger

   CalFire is reminding all residents that fire danger remains high across the Central Sierra and the chance of large and damaging fires still exists, even though we are in the winter months.

    From November 1, 2013 to Jaqnuary 20, 2014 the Tuolumne Calaveras unit has responded to 37 vegetation fires, three times as many as the same period a year ago.

  Fuel moistures within the area are at levels typically seen in late May to early June.

After 63 years of marriage, wife murdered

  January 23, 2014. The 86 year old wife of an 88 year old man died today, three days after her husband of 63 years shot her.

   It was apparently a failed murder-suicide attempt in Carson City, Nevada. The husband is now charged with murder.

Inferno swallows building and trapped residents

   January 23, 2014:  A horror unfolded in front of neighbors in Quebec as a ferocious inferno swallowed the entire building and residents in a Senior Center who were trapped inside.

   Cries for help could be heard as the fire enveloped the entire structure.

DOW loses 170 points

   January 23, 2014:  At the close of the markets today, the DOW average had lost 170 points and the NASDAQ had lost 24 points.

Fire Reported in Burson

  January 23, 2014:  At 2:57 PM a fire was reported at Burson Rd and Camanche Pkwy. Fire personnel have been dispatched to the area.

Traffic Accident at Hwy 12 and Hwy 49--Fire Truck Crashes en route to accident

  UPDATE: At 2:35 PM thee more CHP units have been dispatched to help control traffic on Hwy 12.

Placer County Fire is a warning signal

   The Brewer Fire, west of Roseville in Placer County burned 120 acres before if was fully contained on January 22, 2014.

   This fire is a warning of possibilities of winter time fires in our forests due to the drought conditions.

Representative McClintock black-balled?

   The Speaker of the House of Representatives was in the Central Valley on January 22, 2014 and stood in a farmers field to declare that something needs to be done about the California drought.

  Where was Representative Tom McClintock?  Has his bad voting record caused the Speaker to ban him from photo ops with him? Very likely!

Justin Bieber Arrested

Justin Bieber's mug shot
from Miami Police
   At around 4 AM this morning in Miami, the local police arrested pop-star Justin Bieber for alleged DUI, drag racing and other offenses, when police pulled over his Ferrari.

   Authorities stated that his "posse" had blocked off both ends of a residential street for the race between he and a friend, who was also arrested.

Joe Glass of Valley Springs

   Joe Glass of Valley Springs, passed away in San Andreas on January 18, 2014.

   A native of Louiseville, Mississippi, he was born on March 29, 1942 to Zeb Glass and Stella Rush.

Calaveras Supervisor Callaway should recuse on PG&E issues?

   UPDATE on January 23, 2014:  We just received a lengthy letter from County Counsel Janis Elliott, where briefly, she states that although Supervisor Callaway does receive campaign money

Valley Springs Bank Burglarized

   According to a press release, on January 22, 2014 at approximately 10:25 PM the Calaveras County Sheriff's deputies responded to Umpqua Bank on Hwy 26 in Valley Springs due to an alarm.

Burglary in Mountain Ranch

   A residential burglary was reported on Ponderosa Way in Mountain Ranch on January 22, 2014 around 3:30 PM.

   A report was taken by the Sheriff.

Horse Stealing at Sheriff's Office?

   On January 22, 2014 around 12:30 PM a caller notified the Calaveras Sheriff's Office of a Grand Theft that had occurred at the Sheriff's Office; of a stolen horse.

   A report was taken. We have no indication of whether the horse was recovered or not.

Brick through window in West Point

  On January 22, 2014 around 8:30 AM the Sheriff was called about a brick having been thrown through a window at Hwy 26 and Main St. in West Point.

   A report was taken. No indication is given if there was any theft or if the perpetrator was known.

Dogfight causes People fight

   On January 21, 2014 around 7:30 PM two dogs got into a fight at the Sierra Super Stop on W. St. Charles Street in San Andreas.

    Then the owners of the dogs got into a fight and the Sheriff was called. A report was taken, but no arrests were made.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Did you know California has cuckoos?

  No, we don't mean the prevalent human kind; this is the bird variety called the Yellow-billed

   It is on the endangered species list and lives along rivers. Very few have been seen in the past few years.

Are GOP hopefuls "cursed"?

   After yesterdays shocking revelation that Republican Bob McDonnell, Virginia Governor and his wife, have both been indicted for alleged fraud, conspiracy, corruption; all told 14 counts involving lying to the Feds.

   Apparently it is being alleged that they took gifts and money from a corporate president in exchange for political favors.  There are emails!!! That's now two GOP Presidential hopefuls who have appeared to be "cursed"!


Traffic Accident on Hwy 49 at Glory Hole

   January 22, 2014:  At 1:23 PM CHP received a report of a white Mustang off the embankment near Glory Hole on Hwy 49.

   It is unknown at this time if there are injuries. CHP is en route.

Bridge Gate--Sandy Gate, and now Snow-Gate

  With accusations flying in New Jersey over Governor Christie blocking a bridge intentionally and holding back Sandy money in lieu of a development project, it figures there would be another one soon.

Post Office moves to Staples--Union angry

Angry Postal Workers Union
   In what is considered to be one of the smartest moves the US Postal Service has ever made, you will be able to get stamps, mail packages, etc. at your local Staples soon.

Sheriff Candidate Pat Garrahan visits Ebbetts Pass

   Residents got a pleasant surprise Monday morning if they went to Suzie's Diner Coffee Shop. Pat
Garrahan, who is running for Sheriff was having coffee and listening to all the unhappy people in District 3.

Letter to the Editor: About losing Free Speech

    Dear Editor:

    I was reading about Supervisor Edson's chastising a speaker for using the word "whore" in a political context and decided

Letter to the Editor: The Economy and Jobs in Rural California

    Dear Editor:

   Although I am passionate about getting voters involved, especially the silent majority and many of you have read my past op-eds, my true passion is small business promotion

Traffic Accident in San Andreas

   UPDATE:  By 8:35 AM this accident was cleared.

   At 8:13 AM on January 22, 1014 a traffic accident was reported at Russell Road and Market Street in San Andreas. near the Post Office.

   Two CHP and an ambulance are en route to the scene.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Arleen Joyce Cook of Arnold

   Arleen Joyce Cook was a beloved wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend.

   She was an inspiration to all who knew her throughout her 28 year

Annual Dolphin killing in progress

   Despite outcries from environmental groups and Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, hundreds of dolphins have been driven close to land in Japan and inhumanely killed because they eat fish.

   This is an annual hunt that occurs in Japan. It is very hard to watch!!

Private Jet parking for SuperBowl

   At New Jersey's Teterboro Airport, they are expecting at least 1000 private jets to require parking spots during SuperBowl week.

    All other planes will be diverted to other airports during SuberBowl week. They expect to take in a bit of cash.

Shooting at Purdue University

  One man was killed when a gunman started shooting at a Purdue University classroom in Indiana, earlier today according to authorities.

   The campus was closed down and the police believe they now have the shooter in custody.

California Predators may be disappearing--Clear-cuts and CalFire causing

usfs photo. we rarely see these magnificent creatures,
but they are an important part of the eco-system.
Humans are NOT!!!
  What good are mountain lions in California???  Apparently they help limit the number of two different types of deer which helps maintain a healthy brush area for butterflies

Catholic Archdiocese in Chicago releases cover-up evidence

  On Tuesday, January 21, 2014, the Chicago Archdiocese of the Catholic Church released internal documents on 30 of the 65 suspected child sexual predators in that diocese over 30 years.

    Releasing the information was part of a settlement with victims of the crimes. Documents show how these priests were moved from parish to parish to cover up their predations.

City to Dis-incorporate

   UPDATE:  We heard back from the Mayor Pro-Temp of Jurupa Valley, who told us that they do not actually want to dis-incorporate. Because of the amount of time required in the process

Ovations presents The Family Crest

  On Sunday, February 9, 2014, The Ovations Series presents The Family Crest at the Dr. Elliott Smart Theatre at 3 PM in Angels Camp.

   Tickets are available at or at 754-1774 and are $25 for adults and $10 for youth.

Traffic Collision on Hwy 4

  On January 20 at 2:10 PM Kaylynne Anderson (17) of Avery, was driving a 2002 Ford Explorer eastbound on Hwy 4 approaching Moran Rd

Copperopolis Traffic Accident

   On January 19, 2014 at 3 PM Jessica Chandler (21) of Sonora was driving a 2007 Hyundai Veracruz northbound on Obyrnes Ferry Road approaching Copper Cove Drive

Accident after reaching for coffee

   On January l8, 2013 at 7:50 AM, according to CHP, they were dispatched to an injury traffic collision on Hwy 49 near Union Mine Road in San Andreas.

Traffic Accident in Arnold

  According to a CHP report, on January 17, 2014 at 1:30 PM Gloria Zanarini (53) of Arnold was driving a 2013 Nissan Rogue on Meadow Drive,

Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) meets

  On January 27, 2014 the LAFCo in Calaveras County meets at the Calaveras Board of Supervisor meeting chambers in San Andreas.

   The meeting begins at 6 PM and the public is invited.

Cars collide at 99 and 120

   January 21, 2014:  At 6:37 AM a traffic collision between a red Chevy El Camino and a black Toyota Celica was reported to CHP.

   Emergency personnel are en route to the scene. No injuries have been reported.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Superbowl heartache

  We don't suppose anyone wants to hear much about the Broncos and the Seahawks going to the Superbowl this year.

   The last few seconds of the Niners game yesterday was heartbreaking for everyone who loves them.

Martin Luther King Day--Volunteer to help someone

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Do something nice to help someone out. Volunteer.

   This is the monument built to honor King. It sits in Washington, DC.

Another Calaveras County Department Head Resigns?

    January 20, 2014:   Scuttlebutt tells us that Tom Garcia, the Director of Public Works for Calaveras County, is resigning, effective later this month.

   Garcia has been sought after by several other agencies in California, and the County  really didn't want to lose him.

President Obama clears up Marijuana question--It's about Time!!

   In an interview yesterday, President Obama made quite clear the science of marijuana vs alcohol.

   In fact, he stated that not only is marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol, that in many cases, alcohol is much worse for your health.

Traffic Accident in Mokelumne Hill

   January 20, 2014:  At 7:21 AM a traffic accident was reported at Center Street and Miwok Trail in Mokelimne Hill.

   An ambulance and CHP are en route to the scene.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Traffic Accident in Copperopolis

   January 19, 2014:  At 4:40 PM CHP are still at the scene of a traffic accident at Obyrnes Ferry Rd and Copper Cove Drive in Copperopolis.

   A grey SUV and a Ford Mustang were involved. An ambulance was dispatched for minor injuries.

Katherine Heigl in new drama

   The very popular Katherin Heigl has just been signed to film "State of Affairs" for NBC.

Chris Christie accused of holding back Sandy funds

  Is it true that Chris Christie's staff warned the mayor of Hoboken that she wouldn't get Sandy money unless she approved a certain development project?

Dennis Rodman Check into rehab?

   There are rumors swirling that retired basketball star and close friend of the President of North Korea, has checked himself into rehab.

Colby Fire in Glendora/Azusa area

   January 19, 2014:  The Colby Fire in now 1900 acres, but is 75% contained. Most residents have
been allowed to return to their homes.

49ers vs Seahawks today

    January 19, 2014:   At 3:30 PM the 49ers take on the Seahawks in the noisiest place in the NFL. It will be shown on FOX.

  In case you were wondering the Broncos take on the Patriots at noon on CBS.

Car hits wall and overturns on 99 and 120

   January 19, 2014:  At 6:34 AM a car reportedly hit the wall on the 120 exit off the 99 freeway and overturned.  CHP indicates this was a hit and run without injuries.

   Emergency personnel are enroute to the scene. A person wearing a uniform is walking nearby. The car is on its roof. A tow truck has been dispatched.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Utah Police Officer Murder Suicide

   In Spanish Fork Utah on January 17, 2014, authorities found a 35 year old police officer and his wife, two children and the mother-in-law dead in what they believe was a murder suicide.

   The officers weapon was the apparent weapon used in the crime. Utah authorities are awaiting autopsy results.

Illegal Fireworks or Gunfire in Valley Springs

   On January 16, 2014 several calls were made complaining about fireworks or gunfire in Gold Creek Estates, on Little Dipper and near Hogan Dam in Valley Springs between midnight and 1 AM.

   No report was taken by the Calaveras Sheriff's Department.

Illegal Shooting in Arnold

    Three calls were made to the Calaveras Sheriff on January 16, 2013 that illegal shooting was going on in Arnold around 12 Midnight to 1 AM.

   Complaints were received from the Lakemont area and Black Oak Court area. No reports were taken.

Homeless person living behind real estate office

   On January 16, 2014 the Calaveras Sheriff was called when a person was found to be living behind the C-21 real estate office in Arnold.

   The Sheriff deputy asked the person to leave and not return. No report was taken.

Rash of Burglaries reported in Calaveras County

  Burglaries were reported on January 17, 2014 that had occurred in Valley Springs; several on Baldwin, several on Hartvickson, and on Rippon.

   In the Camp Connell area, burglaries were reported on both Arapaho and Crow Court. The Sheriff took reports but no suspects were identified.

   The burglaries in Calaveras County are making people mad at the Sheriff, who seems to be too easy on the drug users, who are right back out on the street after being arrested.

Arrest at Sequoia Car Wash

   On January 16, 2014 at approximately 10 PM, Debra Jo Irby Anderson (62) of Arnold was arrested by Calaveras County Sheriff's deputies for alleged Possession of a Narcotic Substance, a felony warrant and for Misdemeanor Driving with a Suspended License at Sequoia Car Wash in Arnold.

   Irby Anderson was booked into the Calaveras County Jail.

Russian President Putin makes mean statement

   President Putin yesterday issued a statement that homosexuals who attend the Olympic Games in Sochi "will not be discriminated against."

   He then went on to say however, ..."but please leave our children in peace." as if gays are all child molesters. He can't seem to control himself. Hate is that way with some people.

400 Priests defrocked by Pope Benedict

   We just recently learned that Pope Benedict defrocked nearly 400 priests just during his last two years as Pope at the Vatican. When will it all end?

   And we learned this week that the Stockton Diocese of the Catholic Church, which is in charge of the Catholic Churches in Calaveras County, filed for bankruptcy due to the lawsuits.

Calaveras Supervisor Edson lists his Committees and asks permission--Not Callaway!!

   At the very end of the Calaveras Board of Supervisor meetings, the Supervisors often make unusual comments or brag about what they have been doing.

Car into Ravine near Airport on Hwy 49

   January 18, 2014:  Around 8 AM a traffic accident was reported near the airport on Hwy 49 and Carol Kennedy Rd. A car had gone down into a ravine.

   The injured party is being medi-flighted to Modesto Memorial Hospital. Use caution. CHP is still at the scene.

Calaveras Judge Mewhinney replaced

   January 18, 2014:  After several months of temporary judges in Calaveras County, Hugh Swift was sworn in as the Judge on Friday, replacing Judge Mewhinney, who retired last year.

   Judge Martin conducted the swearing in ceremony. The new Judge Swift lives in the City of Angels.

Fatal accident on Eight Mile Road

  At approximately 11 PM on January 17, 2014 CHP responded to a traffic accident where a vehicle with 14 or 15 passengers went off the road and overturned on Eight Mile near King Island.

   Two passengers were ejected and the vehicle caught fire after rolling around 50' down the embankment.  At least one person was fatally injured in this accident.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Meyers for Office?

Accident on Hwy 49 at Gold Strike Road

   January 17, 2014:  At 12:50 PM CHP are still at the scene of a traffic accident in San Andreas at Hwy 49 and Gold Strike Road.

   A vehicle rolled and is on its side. A tow truck has been dispatched. No injuries were reported.

Traffic Accident on Hwy 49 at Cosgrave

   January 17, 2014:  At 10:53 AM a traffic accident was reported on Hwy 49 at Cosgrave, outside of Angels. Three vehicles, a tan truck, a grey SUV and a red vehicle were involved.

   CHP, fire and paramedics have been dispatched. Use caution if in that area. No injuries have been reported.

Oklahoma teen killed after shooting at officers

   An Oklahoma teen was killed after what authorities called a 24 hour shooting rampage in Oklahoma yesterday.

   Apparently involved in three separate shooting incidents two were reported injured, neither seriously.

4 year old shoots cousin, also 4 years old

  And the gun violence in America continues daily.  Yesterday a 4 year old Detroit child shot and killed an also 4 year old cousin.

   Apparently the children found the rifle in their grandfathers home, where it was not locked up.

Governor Brown declares drought emergency

   This morning Governor Brown declared California to be in a drought emergency, and asked all residents and businesses to voluntarily cut their water usage by 20%.

   Brown did not rule out mandatory restrictions later.

Colby Fire--Terror in Glendora

  The Colby Fire, which was allegedly started by three homeless men in the Angeles National Forest,
near Glendora, has destroyed at least 5 homes.

   The fire is now considered to be 30% contained and is now 1700 acres. 2000 residents are still under evacuation orders. The three men are in custody and could face federal charges.

What is Russ Thomas up to now?

  Russ Thomas, past Supervisor of Copperopolis, who is currently in Somalia, sent us a photo of he and an associate near the ocean. He plans to do some aggregate mining in the area.

Thomas Meyer of Copperopolis wants to be a Calaveras County Judge?

  Responds to criticism at 3:10 AM

   Now that Thomas Meyer has filed to be a candidate for Judge in Calaveras County, the Meyers', who have been embroiled in a lengthy legal battle with their Copper Cove Homeowners Association,

Animal Hazard in Jenny Lind

  January 17, 2014:  At 6:38 AM some type of animal hazard was reported at Milton Rd and Jenny Lind Road in Jenny Lind.

   An officer has been dispatched. Use caution if in that area.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Only 25% admit to being Republican

   All the signs are there!  Abel Maldanado is in the red and can't raise money to run against Jerry Brown, who has around $20 million in the bank.

   A recent poll shows that 42% of Americans claim to be independent, while in California only 25% will even admit publicly to being Republican. The handwriting is on the wall. NO CHANGE! NO WIN!!

City of Angels Council meeting

   The City of Angels is holding their regular City Council meeting on Tuesday January 21, 2014 at 6 PM at the Firehouse.

   On the agenda is approval of the participation in the IRWMP (water board) and awarding the contract for sidewalks on Stanislaus Avenue to MCI Engineering.



Suspicious person at Avery Post Office

   A suspicious person was reported to be hanging around the Avery Post Office on January 15, 2014 around 10:30 PM.

   No report was taken. Perhaps it was the drunken mail clerk looking for a mailbox.

Suspicious Vehicle in San Andreas

   A suspicious vehicle was reported at the Government Center in San Andreas around 9 PM.

   No report was taken when it was discovered to be people looking for the jail.

Explosion reported in Valley Springs

  Around 8 PM on January 15, 2014 two different residents reported hearing an explosion, one on Daphne and one on Sequoia.

   No report was taken by the Calaveras Sheriff.

Donald Wayne Summers arrested

    On January 15, 2014 Donald Wayne Summers, (49) of Mokelumne Hill, was arrested at his home for allegedly Failing to Register with Felony Sex Offense, a felony.

   Summers was booked into the Calaveras County Jail by Calaveras Sheriff Deputies.

Zero containment in Colby Fire

   The Colby Fire, in Los Angeles County near Glendora is now 1700 acres and has 0% containment.

    Discovered around 5:50 AM today near Morris Reservoir, several contingencies of fire crews are on the scene.

Willard (Bud) Center

    Willard (Bud) L. Center,  born 10/06/27 in Cottonwood, passed away on 01/01/2014.

   He is survived by his wife of 57 years, Marjorie M. Center,

Steve Kearney Weighs in on Spellman Shame

   We asked Steve Kearney, candidate for District 5 Supervisor if he had any comment on the actions that took place at the Board of Supervisors meeting on January 14, 2014.

   Spellman was totally shamed by the other Supervisors, none of which would even nominate him

"The way of today's society" per Indiana State police

   An Indiana State Policeman stated the fact that America has changed and that "the way of today's society" that there are killings every day either in a school or in a grocery store like the one in Elkhart, Indiana, where he was investigating three deaths.

   He also stated that you can't change your way of living, but must be aware that there are people out there everywhere, who may be planning to shoot others.

Our Representative Tom McClintock votes NO on budget?

   Shocking as it may seem, Calaveras County's Representative to the House does not have a clue how the residents feel about him. He was one of the FEW to vote NO on the budget!! Goes to show lack of intelligence only!!!

   Is he so STUPID that he doesn't see that he is a DO NOTHING, anti-job, loser, who knows nothing better that to vote no and be against everything (except cutting down our forests)!

  If no one intelligent comes forward to run against him, we could be stuck with this moron for 2 more years. Can Calaveras County take more time with McClintock???

Woman from Double Springs wants "LOVE"

  A woman from Double Springs who makes all kinds of weird statements at the Calaveras Board of Supervisors meetings, was at it again Tuesday, January 14, 2014.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Spark from car causes grass fire

  January 15, 2014:  At  1:02 PM a grass fire was reported at Hwy 88 and Buckhorn Ridge Road in Pioneer.

   CalFire was dispatched. A spark from a car started the fire.

City of Angels man arrested

    On January 11, 2014 Calaveras Sheriff's deputies arrested Dustin James Pruden (27) of Angels in San Andreas for alleged Battery with Serious Bodily Injury, a felony and for Violation of a Domestic Violence Order, a misdemeanor.

   Pruden was booked into the Calaveras County Jail and released on bond.

Two arrested on Hwy 12 in Valley Springs

  According to the Calaveras Sheriff's office, on January 9, 2013 Jeremy Vernon David Costa (35) of Valley Springs was arrested on Hwy 12 for  allegedly Transporting a Controlled Substance,

John Gosselin gets "fixed"?

   Is it true that John Gosselin, of John and Kate plus 8 has had himself fixed. He says that he would like to get married again, but wants no more children.

   His current girlfriend has 3 children.

West African Lion going extint?

Yes, the ferocious lion is definitely the face of African wildlife and one of the most feared predators in the world.

   Despite being at the top of his food chain, however, the lion is a vulnerable species and is facing extinction across the entire West African region. Only 250 of the lions are estimated to still exist.

Bitcoin accepted at

   We just heard that the online store is now accepting Bitcoin as payment.

      John Stossel of FOX News says "That is good news for lovers of liberty, because Bitcoins give us an alternative to government-controlled money."

Rancho Calaveras Supervisor Spellman shamed

   UPDATE:  January 15, 2014:  We asked Supervisor Spellman if he had a comment for the record about his being intentionally passed over to become 2014 Calaveras Supervisors Chair.

  Spellman states that

Big Rig stuck on Hwy 12

    UPDATE:  Big rig now off roadway.

Traffic Hazard: Branches on Hwy 4 in Murphys

   January 15, 2014:  At 6:40 AM CHP received a report of branches on Hwy 4 near Indian Springs in Murphys. Use caution until cleared.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So this is what happened to the dinosaurs

Political corruption everywhere

  A 65 year old ex City Councilman in Moreno Valley, which is in Riverside County pleaded guilty yesterday to accepting a record $2.36 million bribe from an undercover FBI agent.

   Marcelo Co, who could get 15 years and a $350,000 fine, took the bribe in trade to get the votes to rezone a piece of land in order to increase its value substantially.

Marilynn Meyers makes complaint about Judges?

      UPDATE on January 15, 2014:  We just obtained a copy of a letter from attorney Thomas Meyer to the Calaveras Superior Court.

French still accept casual sexual affairs?

   Despite the fact that many French are infamous for their casual acceptance of sexual affairs, the impact of it becoming public on the French President's first lady, is illness.

   Valerie Trierweiler was admitted to a hospital after her husbands betrayal became public. Psychologists who specialize in infidelity verify, that the act can make a person sick. Will anything in France change as a result. We'll have to wait and see.

Did you know this about cops? A sad time in America?

   Did you know that the FBI keeps careful statistics on how many law enforcement officers are injured or killed by a member of the public, but keeps NOTHING on how many of the public

Michael Douglas wins Golden Globe for Liberace role

  Not only did Michael Douglas win a Golden Globe for playing Liberace in HBO's "Behind the Candelabra", but yesterday it was announced that he will have a starring role in the 2015 superhero move "Ant-Man".

   Not bad for one of the oldest men in the room at the Globes.

Beanie Baby billionaire in court

   The creator of Beanie Babies steps in front of a federal judge today to learn if he'll spend time behind bars for allegedly evading taxes on $25 million in income.

  He could be sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Retired Police Captain accused of shooting "texter"

   At a Mark Wahlberg war movie in Florida, a retired Tampa police captain allegedly gunned down a man who was texting during the movie.

   He apparently had complained to the management without result. The captain is being arraigned in court for 2nd degree murder.

OP-ED....Failed dream for journalism

    The Ideology Problem:  Thomas Patterson's failed technocratic dream for journalism

    by Robert Jensen

    Thomas Patterson's new book on the current crises in journalism is organized around six specific problems,

Car runs off roadway in Double Springs

     January 14, 2014: At approximately 8:10 AM CHP received a report that a vehicle had run off the roadway on Double Springs Road.

    CHP is at the scene. An ambulance and tow truck have been dispatched.

Photography Contest Winners Announced

   The winners of the InFocus Photography contest for 2014 have been announced by the Tuolumne County Arts Alliance.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Amador County Board of Supervisors meets tomorrow

   On Tuesday, January 14, 2014 the Amador County Board of Supervisors holds their regular meeting in the Administrative Center on Court street at 8:30 AM in Jackson.

Poll shows McClintock is beatable!!

   During the couple of days that Walt Gray of Channel 10 was considering and being encouraged to run for Congress against Tom McClintock, we took an informal and unscientific poll.

   The result was overwhelming. Nearly 70% of the people we asked said they would vote for Walt Gray as opposed to Tom McClintock.  This proves to us that McClintock is not doing his job for the residents of our district.

Does your restaurant worker wear gloves?

   Although chefs hate the new law, the Governor did sign that all chefs must wear gloves when handling food for customers.

    This is due to the problem with foodborne illnesses. The law states "food employees shall not contact exposed, ready-to-eat food with their bare hands."

Top 1% of population pay 40% of California taxes--What about Calaveras?

   Before Prop 30 the top 1% of the population in California paid 40% of the tax revenue. Now the government is watching to see if the wealthy, like golfer Phil Mikkelson, will actually move away.

   If this happens, then what everyone talks about, California becoming a "welfare state" could very well happen in the near future. In Calaveras County, this has already been shown to happen.

     Called a "welfare county" due to the Board of Supervisors encouraging more and more to become low income and offering unlimited assistance, Calaveras is in bad shape.

Calaveras Arts Council receives grant

   We just received information that the Calaveras County Arts Council has received a $1500 grant from the Calaveras County Office of Education.

   This money helps fund their Arts in the School Program for the 2013-13 year.

Assemblyman requests "Emergency drought designation"

   We just received a copy of the letter that Assemblyman Bigelow wrote to Governor Brown, requesting an emergency drought declaration for the entire state of California.

Wayne Michael Antonovich

   Wayne Michael Antonovich of Valley Springs passed away at his home on January 13, 2014. He was  72.

Who buys Sean Penns gun collection?

   Quite an evening was had by many celebrities in Hollywood who attended the Sean Penn fundraiser for Haiti on Saturday night.

   The relationship of Charlize Theron

Mia Farrow and son not happy with Woody Allen tribute

   Although Woody Allen did not show up for the Cecil B DeMille Award, Diane Keaton spoke of the iconic filmmaker and her 40 year friendship with him.

Golden Globe Winners

   The room was packed with stars from both the movies and television when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler took the stage last night.

Another jet lands at wrong airport

   Authorities from the FAA are investigating why a Southwest Airlines flight landed at a small airport 7 miles from the correct airport.

   This one had over 100 passengers aboard, who had to be bussed to Branson Airport in southwest Missouri. Another jet, a cargo plane, made a similar mistake a few weeks ago.

GM makes clean sweep of awards

   Today is the first day of the International Car Show in Detroit. It was just announced that General Motors won both the North American car of the year award for the 2014 Corvette.

   The Silverado won the truck honors, despite a recent recall.

Calaveras Supervisors elect Chair tomorrow January 14, 2014

    The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors will choose a new Chair for 2014 on Tuesday January 14, 2014 at their regular meeting. Should be interesting.

    Supervisor Spellman of the 5th District at Rancho Calaveras is currently Vice-Chair and we have never seen a Vice-Chair passed by for Chair. There are a lot of rumors that Callaway doesn't want Spellman to be Chair. 

Big Rig being chased down after Fatal Accident on Hwy 99

     UPDATE at 9 AM: Per CHP this accident has one fatality. Caltrans and CHP are investigating. Five CHP units are at the scene.

Poll Results for Rep. McClintocks Logging Bill

   Last week we ran a poll on Rep McClintocks logging bill for the Rim Fire area. We asked our readers if they think it should pass the way it is or if it should have an environmental review first.

Controversial Auction raises $350,000

   The Dallas Safari Club is under quite a bit of controversy due to their auctioning the right to kill a rare black rhino.

   The auction raised $350,000, but animals rights groups say they want rhino to be allowed to live.

Truck loses trailer at Toyon on Hwy 12

   January 13, 2014:  Around 5:22 AM it was reported to CHP that a pickup lost its trailer near the Toyon water tower on Hwy 12.

     Another pickup hit the debris in the roadway.  CHP is onscene cleaning the scene. A tow truck was dispatched. No injuries have been reported.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Who is the Conservative Victory Fund or Project? Not Karl Rove?

   When we saw a campaign email for Igor Birman, where he said he had been endorsed by the Conservative Victory Fund, we wondered "who in the heck are they?"

Central Sierra Economic Development District meets

   The governing Board of the Central Sierra Economic Development District (CSEDD)  meets on Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 9 AM at their office on Washington Street in Sonora.

   Supervisors from three counties sit on this governing Board which is working to figure out what to do about our bad economy.

Niners Colin Kaepernick gets booed!!

    UPDATE:  Niners beat Panthers! Now they have to go back and play in Seattle again! Where the noise was so deafening, Kaep couldn't even hear himself call plays.

Dog on Hwy 49

   January 12, 2014:  At 9:33 AM CHP received a report that a tan and white dog is running on Hwy 49 near Cosgrove outside of the City of Angels.

    CHP is en route to the area. Use caution if headed that direction.

Sunday morning Sunrise in Calaveras County


Vacancy in Arnold business area staggering-Its so sad!!

    Everyone knows about it, but no one seems to admit what has caused the businesses in the Arnold area to close or leave the area.

     The business owners who are left

David Cassidy arrested

  70's heartthrob David Cassidy has been arrested in Southern California for alleged DUI.

Alex Rodriguez not happy with suspension

  Alex Rodrigues says he is still going to appeal the 1 full season suspension from baseball after being investigated for drug use.

   He could lose $25 million in salary, although he will hardly be a poor man.

Despite evidence, 18% of Americans still smoke

   The number of Americans who smoke has been cut in half, yet 18% of the public still smokes. In California 14% are smokers, while in Kentucky 28% smoke.

   800,000 fewer people die of lung cancer now and that's a big number. However, it is estimated that 2000 teenagers a day take up smoking.

Overturned Bronco in Copperopolis

  UPDATE:  This accident apparently occurred somewhere on Rock Creek Rd near the Cement Bridge and party walked to Copper side of Salt Springs Reservoir for help.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Letter to the Editor...About a bad Sheriff in Calaveras County

   Dear Sentinel Editor:

   Are you allowing letters on politics or are you charging like I hear one publication is doing in the county?

   You seem to be the only publication who is telling what is really going on at the Calaveras Sheriff's

Copper Cove Homeowners Association Wins in Court

  After a length battle in court, the Copper Cove Homeowners Association apparently was awarded $18,540 in legal fees for the expenses incurred in defending the Association against a lawsuit filed by a homeowner.
   In an order signed by Thomas A Smith, Judge of Superior Court on December 26, 2013, it was ordered that the litigants pay back the Homeowners Association for their legal expenses.

Murphys Sanitary District meets January 13, 2014

   Murphys Sanitary District Board of Directors meets on Monday January 13, 2014 at 9 AM at thei office at 90 Big Trees Rd in Murphys.

   Two employee evaluations are scheduled for 8 AM in Closed Session prior to the meeting.

49ers vs Panthers Sunday January 12, 2014

   At 10 AM on FOX the 49ers vs Carolina Panthers game will be televised.  QB Colin Kaepernick says this will be a get even game for the last time they played the Panthers.

   GO NINERS! After the conditions in Green Bay last week, fans are hoping this one will be an easy win.

Calaveras County Water District meets January 15, 2014

   CCWD (Calaveras County Water District) meets at 9 AM on Wednesday January 15, 2014 at their offices on Toma Rd. in San Andreas.

   Scott Ratterman took over as President of CCWD with Jeff Davidson as Vice-President for 2014.

Calaveras Supervisors Meet January 14, 2014

   The Calaveras Board of Supervisors will hold a regular meeting (hopefully filmed after two of what we feel were secret Study Sessions without public filming for Public Access) on January 14, 2014.

   At 8 AM three Closed Session items are on the agenda, two involving litigation and the third an appointment to replace Howard Stohlman, who retired, as Technology Services Director.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Breaking News: Disability Fraud by over 100 1st Responders

    UPDATE:  It was just reported that there may be hundreds more fraudulent claims. So far the total amount of money taxpayers paid these frauds is estimated at $400 million,

Did you see "Modern Family" last night?

   Everyone knows that "Modern Family" is one of the hottest sitcoms on TV these days. Last night we caught a re-run of the show where Mitch and Cam put a giant stuffed elephant and a giant stuffed gorilla on top of the car.

   I can't remember laughing so hard at anything on TV for a long time.  That show is amazing!!

Vocal Minority vs hardworking majority--Supervisor Edson

  Calaveras  Supervisor Edson at the Strategic  Planning meeting on January 7, 2013, mentioned the vocal minority; those who are loud, attend every meeting and the Supervisors cannot avoid.

   Does Edson realize the loudmouths are the Environmental groups, who NEVER shut up, who always DEMAND no growth as the Supervisors goal? Who are they? We see them at every single BOS meeting, every planning meeting; loudmouth busybodies?

Evelyn Faye Wilson passes

   Evelyn Faye Wilson passed away on Monday, January 7, 2014. She was 80 years old.

   She was born Evelyn Geto

City of Angels lawsuit costs

   The City of Angels has two lawsuits ongoing that we know of.  The case of Hadley vs the City of Angels (Museum Director) has cost $31,293.00 in attorney fees to taxpayers as of December 31, 2013.

   The Difu, Croletto vs City of Angels and the City of Angels Lighting District lawsuit has cost us $12,133.00 as of the end of 2013.  There is no real end in sight that we can see.

Politically motivated " traffic jams" common

   The scandal of Governor Chris Christie, who's staff apparently called their "NJ highways" friends and had two lanes blocked off in order to cause trouble for political foes, is not surprising.

Calaveras Supervisor Cliff Edson wants to continue at Economic Development

   During the lengthy Strategic Planning Session at Calaveras Supervisors on January 7, 2014, Cliff Edson stated that he wanted to continue meeting with the EDC.  Apparently there has been no board approval.  Supervisor Ponte said that other areas of the county need EDC help too. 

      The main one that needs help is Arnold. Ebbetts Pass has absolutely no group to work on helping local businesses. It is so sad.

Foster Farms shut down for Roaches

   The government shut down the Foster Farms chicken processing plant in Livingston due to roaches. It isn't clear how long it may be closed.

Calaveras Supervisor Chris Wright Contradicts self

   During the Calaveras Strategic Planning Session of Supervisors on January 7, 2014, Chris Wright stated that he wanted everything to stay the same and he could drive elsewhere.

   In the next breath, he stated that people should have the right to do what they want with their land without government regulation.  This guy has no clue what he is doing or saying???

Justin Timberlake headed for Taco Bell

   After winning a People's Choice Award last night, we hear that Justin Timberlake headed for the local Taco Bell for a Taco Supreme fix.

   Apparently he also took a photo with the staff while he was there.

Why Supervisor Edson went to Calaveras Unified Board meeting

   At the January 7, 2014 strategic planning study session, several conflicting items came up. Cliff Edson went to the Calaveras Unified School District meeting, saying he wasn't there as a Supervisor.

Why didn't the Tea Party defend their buddy JOE?

   During the January 7, 2014 Strategic Planning Session at the Calaveras Supervisors, the CSAC speaker condemned Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona for bankrupting his county.

  Mr. Spellman, main Tea Party Supervisor, said nothing to defend Arpaio, which is very interesting.  The Tea Party loves Arpaio and all of his ideas, to my knowledge.

Kardashian-Odom Mansion on Market

   The former home of Khloe Kardsashian and Lamar Odom is now on the market. They are asking $5.5 million. 

   They paid $3.9 million when they bought it in 2009.

Calaveras Supervisors discuss Rim Fire--Hunter caused

   During the January 7, 2014 Strategic Planning Session the Rim Fire was discussed and how to prevent such a horrid fire from happening.

   Not one of them said the truth "BAN HUNTERS FROM THE FOREST!!"  That is the best way to prevent fires in the forest. NO HUNTING ALLOWED!!! Without the HUNTER, there would have been no Rim Fire. Face the truth!!!!

Fire Restrictions on BLM Land

   According to the BLM , effective January 10, 2014, the Bureau of Land Management is implementing fire restrictions on public lands managed by the Mother Lode Field Office.

Calaveras Supervisor Callaway responsible for FEMA in county

   At the January 7, 2014 Strategic Planning Session of Calaveras Supervisors, Callaway brought up FEMA, as if someone else was responsible and she was trying to fix it.

   The fact is that Supervisors Callaway and Thomas are the ones responsible for bringing FEMA into our county to extract monies from our property owners.

IRWMP example of Consolidating?

   At the January 7, 2014 Strategic Planning Session the Calaveras Supervisor Chair used the IRWMP (Integrated Regional Water Management Plan)  as an example of consolidating to save money on the water side. Huh??

   Where is her mind? IRWMP is a totally separate and additional water board that the taxpayers must pay for; not a consolidation to save us money.  Where is Callaway's mind?

Burglary arrest in Arnold

   On January 8, 2014 at around 12:30 PM Calaveras Sheriff's deputies arrested Spencer J. Breinig of Arnold at 2182 Hwy 4 for alleged 2nd Degree Burglary, a felony.

   Breinig was booked into the Calaveras County Jail and was released pre-trial for lack of space.

Calaveras Supervisor Chris Wright doesn't mind driving

   At the January 7, 2014 Strategic Planning Study Session Supervisor Wright said he doesn't need to have more people come here, that he doesn't mind driving to another area to shop instead of allowing development here. He votes that way all the time, against every possible development.

   Darren Spellman said the opposite; that people shouldn't have to drive and if they shop here the tax money stays here. But Spellman votes the opposite; against every possible development that has come forward this year.

Arrest in City of Angels

  On January 7, 2014 at around 4:08 PM City of Angels Police arrested Alfredo Licea, (38), with no known address, at Lee and Stanslaus for allegedly Threatening a Crime and Terrorizing and Possession of a Narcotic Controlled Substance, both felonies and being Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance, Battery on a Spouse, ex, date and Possession of Unlawful Paraphernalia, misdemeanors.

   Licea was booked into the Calaveras County Jail.


Burglary Arrest in West Point

      On January 5, 2014 Calaveras Sheriff Deputies arrested Robert Charles Carll (40) of West Point on  Barney Way for alleged 2nd Degree Burglary, a felony.

   Carll was booked into the Calaveras County Jail.

CSAC Strategic Planning friend of Callaways talks about transparency

   During the January 7, 2014 Calaveras Strategic Planning Study Session the man who was leading it said that "transparency" is extremely important in this day and age.

   Callaway immediately changed the subject, and said she was speaking for all of them and that she is proud of staff. And that was the end of any talk of transparency.


Calaveras Supervisor Ponte says Campaigning for next election is her proudest achievement

   At the Calaveras Supervisors Strategic Planning Study Session Debbie Ponte stated that she is proudest of her recognizing groups and citizens at Board meetings (THIS IS CAMPAIGNING FOR HER NEXT ELECTION!!)

   Chair Callaway is another who campaigns constantly, going to community meetings and bringing them to Board meetings so they will vote for her in the next election. Now she has a sister in Ponte.

Calaveras Supervisor Spellman says respect is important

  At the January 7, 2014 Study Session the most disrespectful person on the Calaveras Board of Supervisors, Darren Spellman,  stated that respecting each other is the most important aspect of their job.

   The Sierra Sentinel has a email letter (in fact, several) that Spellman wrote that prove he is the last person to ever ask others to be respectful.  That is why he should NEVER be re-elected as Supervisor!!

Calaveras Supervisors Strategic Planning Study Session (continued)

   Calaveras County Council Janis Elliot stated at the January 7, 2014 Strategic Planning Study Session that her first job was at Knotts Berry Farm.

Calaveras Supervisors Study Session dreams

   On January 7, 2014, the CSAC friend of Calaveras Chair Callaway who came to present them with the Strategic Planning ideas to the Board of Supervisors compared them to DOCTORS and then DANCERS. What a joke!!!

Traffic Accident near Airport

   Update at 7:45 AM:  It was necessary to shut down the roadway for a short time to pull the car that was dangling up. A tow truck

Clover Fire Arson and murder case delayed

   The trial of Zane Peterson, a former 7 year USFS employee has been delayed in Redding. Charged with 71 felonies, including alleged arson and murder, authorities say they believe he started 7 fires altogether in September and October. of 2013.

   The Clover Fire destroyed 60 homes and killed one man, burning nearly 5 square miles of forest land. The Public Defender is questioning their possible conflict of interest in the case.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Calaveras Arts Council Scholarships

   The Calaveras County Arts Council is announcing their scholarships for 2014. Applications are due March 31, 2014.

Lily Tomlin gets married

   We just heard that Lily Tomlin, most famous for her portrayal of the "Telephone lady,"  married Jane Wagner, her partner for 42 years, in LA on New Years Eve. Congratulations.

Calaveras Fair Board meets Today

   We just received notice that the Calaveras Fair Board meets today January 8, 2014 at 5:30 PM in the Board Room at the Fairgrounds.

Op-Ed.....Another Sad Day for California Politics--Walt Gray

Walt Gray getting ready for
charity motorcycle ride.
   When we read the letter that Walt Gray's boss wrote, saying Gray won't be running against Tom
McClintock, several things immediately came to mind.

CCWD announces line flushing in VS area

   Calaveras County Water District has announced that during February, March and April of 2014, they will be flushing the water lines throughout the Rancho Calaveras, Jenny Lind, and commercial areas of Valley Springs.

    Water pressure will be low during the time your lines are being flushed, but should return to normal within a few hours, according to their press release.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tree Limb Causes Traffic Accident on Hwy 49

   According to CHP on January 6, 2014 at around 8:45 PM Louis Schmitz (73) of Valley Springs, was driving a white Lincoln Navigator on Hwy 49 northbound, north of Cosgrave Road in the City

Traffic Accident in Mountain Ranch

   On Monday January 6, 2014 around 6:40 PM CHP reports that Gary Maines (63) of Mountain Ranch was driving his 1991 Ford Bronco northbound on RailRoad Flat Road, south of Jesus Maria

Jerry Sandusky wants retirement benefits

   Jerry Sandusky testified from his jail cell by video link as the hearing began deciding whether he will have his retirement benefits reinstated.

   These benefits were taken away by Penn State after Sandusky was convicted of child molestation.

Letter to the Editor....About Walt Gray

   Dear Sentinel Editor:

   I can't begin to tell you how happy I was to see that Walt Gray is at least considering running against Tom McClintock for Congress.

Class Clash in "the City by the Bay"

   The cost of buying a home in San Francisco is now over $1 million and rent is at least $3000 a month.

   This, the poor say, is due to the  "tech rich" moving into the "city by the Bay".  There are some angry people being evicted to be replaced with Googlers and such.

Larry D. Mann passed away

   The voice of Yukon Cornelius in the animated Christmas favorite "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", Larry Mann, died yesterday at the age of 91.

Lyndsey Vonn out of Sochi Olympics

   This morning, skier Lyndsey Vonn made a statement that she will not be able to compete in the Sochi Olumpics due to the instability of her knee.

   After her re-injury in September, Vonn had hoped to be able to come back and compete, but now she says she will need surgery.

Press bombard Walt Gray with questions

Walt Gray and his wife with
their three daughters at home.
Photo taken by Sacramento Magazine
   UPDATE: On January 8, 2014 Walt Gray's boss distributed a letter to the press stating that