Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cal-OSHA Shows Up At Jenny Lind School?

   Unconfirmed reports have surfaced that Cal-OSHA showed up unexpectedly at Jenny Lind School.  Our sources revealed that the governmental agency's surprise inspection and informal investigation via interviews was conducted regarding suspected ongoing health concerns and environmental issues at the school.

Delinquent County Dog License Fees Waived

    Sheriff Kuntz is pleased to announce that his office has been successful in obtaining an amnesty program to help aid the residents of Calaveras County, whose dog licenses may have lapsed due to the tough economic times.
     Therefore, Calaveras County will have its first dog license amnesty program beginning Saturday, June 23, 2012, and will run it for 35 days until July 28, 2012.

Calaveras Builders Association Weigh In On Next 4 Years

An Op-Ed by the Calaveras Builders Association

It may be a long time before we see nice new
 homes again being built in Calaveras County.
 There are three Supervisors positions up for election in the near future and it will be very important to us in the construction trades and all the related businesses that benefit from construction activity.
     The Calaveras Builders Association cannot endorse any candidates, per our bylaws, but we can encourage our members to ask themselves what they want to see for the next four plus years.

Free Gold Rush Day at the Angels Camp Museum

 On Saturday, June 9, 2012 from 9 AM to 5 PM, the Angels Camp Museum will be hosting "Gold Rush Day", the one day a year that the museum will be open FREE to the general public.
     Numerous special programs on the gold Rush era of the 1840's and 1850's and programs by period dressed living historians will be presented, including:

Sierra Nevada Arts and Crafts Festival

     The 40th Annual "Sierra Nevada Arts and Crafts Festival" will be held over Independence Day weekend – June 30 and July 1 – in the beautiful mountain resort town of Arnold on Highway 4 (Ebbetts Pass).

Debbie Ponte For District #4 Supervisor

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wagon Trail on Council of Government Agenda

         At the Monday, June 6, 2012  Council of Governments meeting, the Wagon Trail Project, the widening of Hwy 4 between Copperopolis and Angels Camp, is on the agenda, and the County is expected to report on the status.
     The meeting begins at 5:30 PM and is held at the Board of Supervisors Chambers at the Government Center in San Andreas.
    Also on the agenda is the quarterly report of Calaveras Transit by the County.

Special Murphys Sanitary District Meeting

   A special meeting has been called of the Murphys Sanitary Disrict Board of Directors for tomorrow, May 31st at 6 PM at their office, 90 Big Trees Rd. Suite B in Murphys.
     On the agenda is a review of Board Member applications and appointment of a new Board Member. Frederick Kett and Joyce Bruce Swanson are the two applicants.
     Also there will be an election of officers,along with  job descriptions of a Finance-Office Manager and Administrative Assistant, a salary schedule and the 2011-2012 Budget.

Updated Dog Nuisance Law Could Effect You

   If you are a dog owner there is new language in the county's dog nuisance ordinance that may effect you. This revised ordinance is aimed at encouraging responsible pet ownership and allow the comfortable enjoyment of life and property to all in a neighborhood. The law was ratified by the Board of Supervisors on May 22nd and will go into effect June 22nd. It rectifies a “considerable number of persons” loophole in the former law, allows for Officers to be witnesses in certain cases, and now have a procedure in place to abate the nuisance.
   The revised law states: 6.10.110 - Nuisance 
   A. No person shall keep, maintain or permit either willfully or through failure to exercise proper control, on any lot, parcel of land, or premises under his/her control, any animal(s), including livestock, which disturbs the peace and comfort of the inhabitants of the neighborhood, or interferes with the

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Court Case Results In Stricter County Dog Law

   After countless animal nuisance complaints throughout the county and even a case lost by the Calaveras Deputy District Attorney a loophole in the law has now been closed. Through the cooperation of Sergeant Laura Murray of Calaveras Animal Services and the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors a ratified dog nuisance law has passed.  

Man Arrested in Copperopolis for Possession of Heroin

     Calaveras County Sheriff's deputies assigned to the Special Enforcement Unit were patrolling the area of Copperopolis at approximately 10:15 PM on May 26, when they received a tip from a citizen who reported illegal use of narcotics inside a vehicle in the 200 block of Thompson Lane.

Man and Woman Arrested for Vehicle Theft

     At approximately 1:30 AM on May 19, 2012, Calaveras sheriff's Deputies assigned to the Special Enforcement Unit located an occupied suspicious vehicle.

Law Enforcement and Cell Phone Use

   We received a call from Sheriff Kuntz regarding law enforcement and hand-held cell phone use. According to the Sheriff, during the regular business of the day law enforcement must follow the same law about hand-held devices, (cell phones, etc) as regular citizens.

Letter to Editor: Sheriff Talking On Cell Phone While Driving

Dear Sierra Sentinel Editor:
Police Officer In LA talking on cell.
   I wanted to share how disturbing it was to see one of our Calaveras County Sheriff Officers talking on his cell phone (I assume personal) while driving.  It was approximately 7:30pm, Friday evening at the corner of Copper Cove Dr. and O'Brynes Ferry Rd.  I could see clearly it was a cell phone as I approached him from behind at the stop sign.  I confirmed my fears as I pulled next to him at the intersection to make a right on O'Brynes Ferry as he prepared to turn left.

Angels Camp Museum Holds Gold Rush Era Lecture

    The Angels Camp Museum will present. as part of their lecture series, a special lecture on the tools and material culture of the Gold Rush era of the 1840's and 1850's on Thursday June 7, 2012 in the Carriage House at the Angels Camp Museum, beginning at 6:30 PM.

The Law Regarding Cell Phone Use In California

Recent accusations against the Calaveras County Sheriff department and the use of hand held cell phones raises questions among California drivers.  What is the law on cell phone use, who does it effect and what does it mean to me?
Current California law states "a person shall not drive a motor vehicle while using a wireless telephone unless that telephone is specifically designed and configured to allow hands-free listening and talking, and is used in that manner while driving."

Motorcycle/Car Collision in Copperopolis

     According to a report released by CHP, a 1996 Toyota driven by Sean Hale, 17 of Copperopolis, was traveling on Copper Cove Drive, preparing to make a left turn into the KWIK Gas Station.
     Hale apparently didn't see Albert King, 63, also of Copperopolis, driving a 2002 Harley Davidson, approaching the same location, and began making his left hand turn.
     King attempted to stop, but was unable to do so and struck the Toyota in the right front passenger door.
     King was transported to Sonora Regional Medical Center with minor injuries.

Sheriff Calls For Copperopolis Town Hall Meeting

     The Calaveras Sheriff's Department has issued an advisory message through it's Nixle program, to let the residents of Copperopolis know that there will be a Copperopolis Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, June 7, 2012 from 6 PM to 8 PM.
     The meeting will be held at the Armory on O'Byrnes Ferry Rd.
   The invitation is by Sheriff Gary Kuntz to discuss law enforcement related issues surrounding the community.

Summer Cabin - Elvis Hasn't Flown The Coop

     We've been asked by our readers for an update on Henrietta and Elvis, the Sierra Sentinel pet hen and rooster.
    They are together at their summer cabin in Ebbetts Pass, where Elvis is king of his little forest, and Henrietta lays an egg in her nest every other day.
    They will return to their winter home when the weather turns cold in the fall.

Accident in Ebbetts Pass Results in DUI Arrest

    According to CHP, Michael Stuth (23) of Camp Connell was driving his Toyota on Hwy 4 around 2 AM on Memorial Day, at an unknown rate of speed.
     When he approached a curve, he drifted over onto the shoulder and then overcorrected, crossing back across both lanes of traffic before plunging down a steep embankment.
     Mr. Stuth was transported to Sonora Regional Medical Center by Ebbetts Pass Fire Department for moderate injuries he sustained.
     He was subsequently arrested for Driving Under the Influence and released to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. 

Men in Black III tops Avengersi

    After weeks of being the top box office draw, the" Avengers" was bumped out of first place by "Men in Black III".

45,000 Postal Employees Offered Buyouts

     In an effort to control bad business practices, the United States Postal Service is announcing that is it offering 45,000 mail handlers a $10,000 buyout this summer.
    Most we've spoken with don't expect many to take the offer, unless it comes with a layoff notice. Jobs are hard to find, and the Post Office doesn't actually prepare you to work in what is called the "real world"!

Tim McGraw Donates 25 Homes

     Country singing star Tim McGraw has donated 25 mortgage free homes to wounded or needy veterans.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Letter to Editor: Knew Something Was Amiss in 2011

    Dear Sierra Sentinel Editor:
    I remembering that something was obviously not right in January of 2011 when Rebecca Callen took over the job of Auditor/Controller from Linda Churches, who retired.
     The first discovery was that the financial reports due in 2010 had not been completed, causing Callen to have to request $25,000 to hire someone extra to complete them.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Clint Eastwood a Libertarian?

     Did you know that Clint Eastwood is a Libertarian?

        In his wife's new TV show, Mrs. Eastwood, they were having dinner at Mission Ranch, a restaurant Eastwood owns in Carmel, when he explained that he is a Libertarian because he believes the government should just leave everyone alone.

Letter To Editor: About Time 2.7 Million Dollar Error!

Dear Sentinel Editor:
     I've been waiting to see what you at the paper thought about the $2.7 million error that only came to light to the public at the last Board of Supervisors meeting.
    I agree that both Supervisors Tryon and Callaway, along with County Counsel Jim Jones were aware once the accountant discovered it.  Why they kept it a secret so long is my question?
                                          Dumfounded in Valley Springs

Public Access Television: Wrong Info & Partial?

     As most of you are certainly aware, the Sierra Sentinel has been in a battle with Public Access (cable channel 9) to present more accurately the meetings, at what time, in a more detailed and accurate fashion, to no avail.

Letter to Editor: Sheriff, Guns & Shooting

Dear Editor:
   I am not taking your poll about the Sheriff, but I do have observations, since I spend most of my time in Ebbetts Pass. 
   I have not needed a Deputy in awhile so I can't comment on how quickly they respond, etc.

Letter to Editor: Love The Videos

     Dear Sierra Sentinel:
     Not only do my wife and I love your new website, but we want to thank you for putting certain videos on the website.
   We especially enjoyed the Boeing lawnmower repairman and the 4 eggs, 4 weeks.
   You've got new regular viewers. Keep it up, and give those elected officials heck ......
                             M and B in Ebbetts Pass

A Great Sign Talks About the Candidate

     In every election, advertising dollars are spent on having signs made, and getting candidates names and faces in the news.
    Therefore, designing a sign or ad that is clear, to the point and is pleasant to look at matters.

Calaveras County Water District Meeting

        This Tuesday, May 29, 2012, the Calaveras County Water District will hold what is listed as a regular meeting  at 12:30 PM, with a closed session, with their new Interim and Outgoing General Managers. They will open the meeting to the public to report any action taken immediately following the session.
    There will then be only one  open item, that of board reports and information. CCWD's next meeting will be held on Thursday, May 31 at 9 AM, a Budget Workshop.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Doggie's Night Out

Join Sierra Sentinel On Facebook, Twitter, Your Phone

    The Sierra Sentinel is excited to announce that you can "LIKE" us on Facebook now.   You can also take us with you for the latest updates on your phone just scan the code provided.  Or you can follow us on Twitter.  

AMC Theaters Sold

In a $2.6 Billion deal, Wanda, a Chinese conglomerate, has purchased the United States' 2nd largest movie theatre chain.

Do You Really Think They Know We're Watching?

Copperopolis Homecoming & Parade

Trinitas Golf Course

    Trinitas is what many golf magazines and course critics have called a possible future pro-golf tour destination. Off Hwy 26 on the opposite side as Comanche Lake, it's pristine layout and gorgeous design are a plus to the Calaveras County golf community.

Lake Comanche

Down on Hwy 12, near the town of Wallace, lies Lake Comanche, which is a popular camping, boating and fishing destination for the entire Central Valley.

La Contenta Golf

 Just below Hogan Dam on Hwy 26 lies the La Contenta Golf Course. With a great golf course and restaurant, people come here to play golf and relax.

New Hogan

    New Hogan Reservoir lies on the other side of Valley Springs, which is actually surrounded by three lakes, and is called the Tri-Dam area of Calaveras County. With all water sports, boating and camping, Hogan is a destination for many visitors from the valley.

Pardee Reservoir

     Just outside of Valley Springs, off Hwy 12, is Pardee, and is a premier fishing and camping spot in that area, although no swimming is allowed, as it is part of the East Bay Municipal Utility Districts water supply.

Saddle Creek Golf and Country Club

     On our tour of all the great places in Calaveras County, we reach Copperopolis, with its Saddle Creek Golf and Country Club, offering both tourists and residents a lovely golf course and exquisite homes on and nearby the links.

Melones Reservoir

     On the county line between Calaveras And Tuolumne Counties, and accessible from Hwy 49, is Melones Reservoir. This aerial view shows why it is such a popular fishing destination with so many inlets.

Greenhorn CreeK Golf

     Greenhorn Creek offers a gorgeous and popular golf course, and many retirees live on or nearby the links. A great restaurant called Camps is right on the course and offers meals on the porch overlooking the course.

Forest Meadows Golf

    A little further down Hwy 4, and just above Murphys, lies the Forest Meadows Golf Course, which offers a gated community and public golf course.

Sequoia Woods Golf and Country Club

    The Sequoia Woods Golf and Country Club is just northeast of Arnold, and offers golfing and dinner in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
   With homes right on the beautiful golf course and a restaurant where watching it snow outside through the giant windows is an experience in itself, this is a popular destination even though a heavy snowstorm can cause the course to be closed.  

Big Trees State Park

The Giant Sequoias at Calaveras Big Trees State Park are amazing, a must see, and a popular camping spot in the summer months. 

Why Do Visitors Come to Calaveras County?

     We who live here often don't think about the infinite reasons why visitors come to Calaveras County and then often want to live here permanently.
   Whether you're a golfer, a fisherman, boater or just like to walk in the forest, Calaveras County offers nearly everything a busy family needs to relax on the weekends or for vacations.
  Today, the beginning of the summer season, we're giving you a few examples of the beauty and fun places we take for granted; we who are lucky enough to live in such a wonderful place. 

Wine Tasting?

     Live in or near Calaveras County and haven't yet gone on a wine-tasting expedition? There are a myriad of wineries, especially in the Murphys area.
      Many varieties are available for you to taste, and then you can take home your favorite to serve to your guests at your next BBQ.

Scenic Lake Alpine

     A little too cold for swimming, fishing and kayacking are popular at the top of Ebbetts Pass pm Hwy 4 at Lake Alpine.

     Just above Bear Valley, there is also a restaurant where you can sit out on the deck looking out on the Lake.

Indy 500

The annual Indy 500 begins at 11 AM Eastern  on Sunday May 27. This is a Ferrari Formula 1 driven by Michael Schumacher. It can reach a speed of 400 MPH.

"Dragon" Docks at ISS

     After securing a $1 Billion contract with NASA, the Dragon, a spaceship owned by Spacex, a 10 year old company, docked with the International Space Station.
    Located outside of Los Angeles, Spacex employees average age is 30.

Friday, May 25, 2012

What famous person used this secret door?

Happy With Sheriff's Department?

     Due to a letter we received from one of our readers, we are taking a poll about the Sheriff's Office. Tell us how you feel. See the poll at the bottom of the page.

Thunder in the Boardroom!

     There was quite a bit of yelling out when Gary Tofanelli refused to let Public Comment run at it's scheduled time. Since he and Tryon are running for re-election, everyone knows why he ignored the yelling.

Thunder in District 4

If you've watched the debates on TV, you've seen how Debbie Ponte told the commentator that she had no questions of either candidate. She's right! We already know what these two incumbents have on their record.

It's Cold Outside, Papa Bear!

     The word in Ebbetts Pass is that the bears may go back and hibernate if this cold lasts very long.

Butterfly Bush in the Snow at 3500' May 25

Who knows what the proper name is for a butterfly bush?

Thunder in the" Works"

     It's no wonder Tofanelli and Tryon want to stifle Public Comments; during one agenda item regarding Public Works, a member of the public stated "It's amazing what Public Works can do just before an election."

What Am I?

Get Ready For a Storm!

     No, not the election type, the rain and snow type. If you look out your window towards the mountains you will see dark clouds gathering.
     The weather service even is predicting snow in the higher elevations. We will probably get some rain tonight and tomorrow. Bring in the cushions from the patio.
    We can use more rain, so be glad!

Little Moneymaker

     When a member of the public got up to make a comment on the proposed Public Works takeover of the private road association duties, he stated that "It's a nice little money maker for Public Works, but the shaft for the public, who is already paying taxes for roads."

David Singer For District Attorney

One in Three Gets Off Free!
Paid For By David Singer For District Attorney 2012

Henry Herbert "Hank" Middleton

   Henry Herbert ( Hank ) Middleton died peacefully on May 23, 2012. Surrounded by his loving wife and Children.  Hank was born May 30, 1919 in Redlands CA to Henry and Mattye Middleton.  He Lived in Thermal, CA on a date farm until he entered the Navy during WW II in 1942.  After his Military Service, he moved to Los Angeles area until his