Friday, December 7, 2012

What is the California Fire Board?

  Someone told us today that it was the California Fire Board who got the idea to tax the citizens another $150 a year per house, so we thought we ought to check them out.

  Turns out, if you look at their website, that they are a politically appointed board, made up of Foresters (those who make money telling SPI what to cut) and other SPI employees, plus another logging company employee and a couple of others, but a majority are lumber industry interests.

   Now it all makes sense. They make money by cutting trees for lumber; the industry is very slow right now, and this will really help make up that loss.

   Clearcutting, even the brush not only gets the trees and all brush cut down right to the earth, but it gets rid of any wildlife, and makes it easier to get in there to cut.

   Hence, Mr. Wilensky's CHIPS program, which is a big part of this $150 tax we pay.  We attempted to get some answers from the head of CalFire in Sacramento, but he told us he is not allowed to discuss it.

   Anyway, this Fire Board took this idea to the state legislature, and convinced them that with all this extra money, they can keep every little clerk sitting around all winter, in addition to paying foresters and CHIPS people to destroy our forests. (Which pocket does CHIPs get its money? The right pocket or the left pocket or both?)

   Did all the big fires this season scare you? Hmmmm....and when their budget was all used up did they start putting the new fires out quickly?  And we all know what their clerks in the offices do all day!

    Is everyone afraid to ask these questions? You bet they are!  Is CalFire the honorable organization we once thought it was? They are taking our money--NOT FOR FIGHTING FIRES!!!

   They call this a fire prevention technique, when it really is a money making scheme!  Why did the Democrats do this to us?

   Because they were pressured to create any jobs--and these are not good jobs--they are stinking jobs!  And who is paying? Us, the taxpayers!!!! As usual!!!!


Anonymous said...

Please show a funding link to the CHIPs program. CHIPs was funded long before the $150.00 fee was put in place. Wilensky's program was from federal grant money, not state.

Anonymous said...

The latest news, it's going to be changed from a fee to tax authorized by the state legislature and governor. The lawsuits will go away and selective taxation takes place.
California is such a special place.