Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Don't like to admit when Carl Stoughton is correct, but....

   At today's Board of Supervisor meeting, July 21, 2020 Dr. Kelaita gave a report on the status
of the COVID 19 situation in Calaveras County.

   He reported 1 death and 94 cases currently in the county. After his report, the Sheriff, Debasilio, came to the podium to say he "re-itifies" his statement, not to enforce the face mask issue.

   We had not received an agenda, and we wondered why no one in the public (there are usually around a dozen or so) made any comments.

   At the very end of the meeting, having few, if any comments on the agendized topic of restaurants and outdoor dining, Carl Stoughton made a public comment over the phone.

   We don't often agree with Carl, but this time he was correct.  The report by Kelaita was not on the agenda, and he raised many questions about the handling of cases and contact tracing that we have.

   We have sent an email questioning this meeting and will let you know the response we get.

   We also want to know why Kelaita is not required to post the entire report on the website for the Health Department.

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Anonymous said...

Another butchering of the English language by DiBasilio.