Tuesday, July 7, 2020

June 2020 Marriage Licenses in Calaveras County

   Those who received marriage licenses in Calaveras County in June of 2020 include:

   Ryan David
Teeter and Stephanie Michele Hall on June 1, 2020

   Robert Lee Carter and Aimee Sara Louise Trotter on June 4, 2020

   Jeffrey Lane Morrey and Pauli Jeanne Greer on June 5, 2020

   Jeremiah Joseph Costa and Victoria Carolee Rhodes on June 10, 2020

   Caytlyn Elizabeth Dornbush and Daniel Joseph Schaner on June 11, 2020

    Richard William Duarte, Jr. and Sabrina Leann Gillum on June 12, 2020

   Holly Suzanne Gerken and Marc Angelo Speed on June 12, 2020

   Renee Marie Gunderson and Mickayla Trysta Cochran on June 12, 2020

   Julia Rose Fernandez and Timothy Lee Gretter on June 12, 2020

   Grady Owen Moore and Tzveta Kirolova Stoimenova on June 15, 2020

   Wilbur Dean Sensenig and Emily Faye Mast on June 17, 2020

   Michelle Lee Ann Peters and Steven John Biondi on June 18, 2020

   Cary Ann Busterna and Paul Philip Camilleri, Sr on June 19, 2020

   Ashley Elisabeth Warner and John Heston Marelich on June 25, 2020

   Jodie Clint David and Jaymie Christyn Hormel on June 25, 2020

   Douglas Craig Dalton and Beverly Ann Kleiner on June 26, 2020

   Justin Avery Reed and Annette Marie Cheney on June 26, 2020

   Guy Arthur Andress and Eileen Ann Smith on June 29, 2020

   John Samuel Stevenson and Nancy Jo Sublett on June 29, 2020

   David Craig Kelly and Taylor Ann Vlavianos on June 29, 2020


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