Friday, July 10, 2020

We try not to watch, but....

...something has to be done about the abuse of racehorses in
the U.S.  This mare was found
starving and injured 9 months
after a fall during a race.   The poor thing had to be put to
sleep. Why is this allowed to continue,  permanently injured
or dead horses all over America due to racing.
END Horseracing forever!!!
  Her name was Willow and she had been a promising
horse on the race circuit. However, when she was injured,
she was literally abandoned, as not worth the money.
How can we allow this to happen????

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Anonymous said...

This happens at the lowest level of racing, especially at the local fairs. It is awful and so is the way people treat dogs and cats in puppy mills. Just not enough is being done. A lot happens behind closed doors. Stopping racing isn't going to stop abuse.