Thursday, July 2, 2020

Why does Calaveras allow dangerous fireworks??? Not in Ebbetts Pass!!

   For many years, the question has been asked why Tuolumne County has wisely
banned all fireworks but not Calaveras.

   Many say it's political, that non-profits pressure the 5 Supervisors in Calaveras to allow them to make the big money fireworks bring.

   Others say the 5 Calaveras Supervisors really don't care if Calaveras burns down.

   All we can say is; KUDOS to Tuolumne County Supervisors for their ban.  They truly care about the land and people they serve.

    Fortunately, Ebbetts Pass Fire District bans fireworks everywhere above Murphys.  Thank you, Ebbetts Pass Fire!!

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Anonymous said...

Take my word for it, it is the non profits that cry to the supervisors that it's the only way to make money for the year. Why don't they have some dinners? Too much work?