Thursday, September 24, 2020

Calaveras Public Works destroys, doesn't build anything!!

   UPDATE:  We have been told that these men were making between $16 and $24 per hour for


This morning around a 10 man crew from Calaveras County Works  began causing a traffic hazard

on Manual Road, with improper traffic controls, cutting down trees and bushes.

   When we asked who was in charge, they said no one, no business cards, no name. They directed us to a Jason Perry as the man in charge of them at the county.

   We have left a message with Supervisor Callaway and tried to contact Perry and the head of Public Works, Josh Pack, with absolutely NO success.

   We are waiting for Callaway to return our call and will publish the answers we receive.

   This crew,  making way too much money, was NOT repaving the road or doing anything positive, only destroying property.

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