Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Question: Do you have neighbors who SUE? Nieghbors from HELL # 399?


   Do you have neighbors who have actually sued the doctor who cured them, taking the best

possible care of them?  Have they tried to sue before? Have they threatened to sue ANYONE and EVERYONE around them?

   Did their spouse tell you how wonderful the doctor was at the time to save the life of their loved one, only to turn around a sue for malpractice just because they screwed up their lives and NEED MONEY?

   Is that a fraud and should they be in prison?  Can something be done about it?  Who could be able to testify.

   Are these Neighbors From Hell # 399?  Should they be exposed for the scumbags they are?

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Anonymous said...

I heard rumors some poor doctor was being screwed by a lowlife?