Friday, October 16, 2020

Unsurprising Calaveras Grand Jury report

    The Calaveras Grand Jury just issued a press release that they investigated the Calaveras

Animal Services department in San Andreas.

   They found it to be inadequate, understaffed, unsanitary, underfunded, overcrowded, in dire need of repair and lacking sufficient outdoor facilities.

   No surprise here!  The county has tried to get a new facility built there on the county grounds for years now, to no avail.

   The Grand Jury says it must be done within the next two years, but previous Grand Juries got nowhere with there reports, which were just as bad.


Anonymous said...

Talk to your supervisor, they hold the purse strings, create the BOS agenda and the priorities. Merita's Board Chair and says she loves animals - just get it done!!! Oh! We just spent $750,000. of the taxpayers money from the general fund on the Department of Cannabis with no hope of recovering it. So I guess the poor animals will have to suffer a little longer - you know, priorities!

Anonymous said...

I think the real waste was that million dollar air conditioning system for everyone at the county EXCEPT the animals.

Anonymous said...

The million dollar air conditioning for the government center buildings was actually $2.4 million dollars and we had to borrow the funds to pay for this upgrade! Who knows what the final price will be, but I'm guessing it will set back the animal shelter another 5 years.